The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 787 - Extreme Thousand Refinement

Chapter 787: Extreme Thousand Refinement

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Due to the high speed of his pair of forging hammers, the Heavy Silver was enshrouded by the hammers’ shadows. At present, Tang Wulin did not feel like a Blacksmith but more like an engraver. He appeared to be engraving that piece of metal cautiously.
His precise control was made easier because of his familiarity with the material. Tang Wulin’s forging skill had already reached the level of coming from within his heart. To allow a piece of rare metal to truly display all its special characteristics and even allow it to be upgraded, it had to be brought to life. For this, its original characteristics must be maintained so that it would not be damaged.
The old forging methods were all aimed at removing impurities and refining the metal. However, Tang Wulin felt that all the metals were alive in reality. They were even alive before they were vitalized through spirit forging. Every piece of metal had its physical form, and hammering forcefully during the process of refining impurities would inevitably damage its inner structure. Even though all sorts of methods would be performed later to make it strong, the truth was that the result would not be refined perfectly in its final form.
Thus, one would need to refine a piece of rare metal cautiously and with great care and precision from the beginning in order to forge well.
For example, one could forcefully squeeze out an impurity from a human’s body meridian, but overexertion of force could possibly damage the meridian. However, if one were to use a gentle method to expel the impurity little by a little and then wash it away with pure blood, the impurity would be removed and the meridian would be cleared while one’s body was still flawless and perfect.
Tang Wulin’s forging method was different from the past as such. He would control his spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers with extreme caution during the forging process to carefully refine the Heavy Silver. Moreover, he was infusing a little of his bloodline aura into the Heavy Silver with every knock, such that the piece of Heavy Silver could sense his aura even better.
With his current strength, the Heavy Silver would immediately turn into a metal sheet if he were to strike with full force. His spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers may not even withstand his power.
This was an important reason as to why he was cautious during the forging process.
At present, he was completely immersed in the experience. He was supposed to complete the Hundred Refinement at an extremely fast speed, but he tripled the time in order to complete the refinement. One would discover that the Heavy Silver refined using Tang Wulin’s method through meticulous measurement was similarly Hundred Refined, but its size was actually slightly larger than ordinary refinement. In other words, ordinary refinement would also add some other qualities to the metal, but he did not.
Mu Chen watched Tang Wulin’s every single movement with a burning gaze. His eyes were filled with gratitude.
Tang Wulin’s current hammering method was not taught by him or by Feng Wuyu. It was his own hammering method which he had created.
Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was impressive, but it was so aggressive that the blows to the metal itself were too powerful. Even though it would forge well, it would be extremely arduous to advance the forged metal even by one level.
There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had found the forging path that was right for him. Moreover, he was advancing with steady steps.
It took a whole hour when suddenly, a stream of dazzling silver light arose.
The forging room was even echoing with a distinct dragon’s roar just as that silver light appeared. The stream of silver light surged skyward just like a dragon.
It was Thousand Refined with Spirit!
Yet an ordinary thousand refined metal with a spirit that was capable of arising five feet in height was already rather remarkable, but Tang Wulin’s silver light managed to rise to over ten feet tall. It rose upright and was even swaying rhythmically akin to a silver dragon flying in the wind.
Mu Xi widened her eyes. She was a rank-6 blacksmith, but she could confirm that she was absolutely incapable of doing what Tang Wulin just did.
“Perfection!” Mu Chen muttered to himself.
Yes, Tang Wulin had already completed the Heavy Silver’s Extreme Thousand Refinement. He was at the most pinnacle of what could be done with a piece of metal’s Thousand Refined process.
Nevermind Mu Xi, even Mu Chen himself was not confident that he was capable of doing this. Perhaps the saint craftsman Zhen Hua could pull it off.
Forging required strength, but with the exertion of more strength, it was less easy to exercise control. Mu Chen could never possibly rely on the strength of his wrists to forge like Tang Wulin because his strength was inadequate. If he were to use his soul power then it would affect his control. Physical strength was much easier to control in comparison.
However, it was apparent that Tang Wulin was capable of doing so because his strength exceeded ten thousand kilograms, so even his wrist’s strength was tremendous. He had not used even an ounce of his soul power since he began to forge until now. He had only used a little of his bloodline power and mainly relied on pure physical strength. Only then was he capable of forging a piece of Heavy Silver with such care and precision.
Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as his pair of Heavy Silver hammers spread out to the sides of his body accompanied by the silver light that shot upward. His eyes were glowing brightly as well.
The Heavy Silver hammers in his hands drew an arc in the air, and the hammers swung forward without waiting for the silver light to descend.
There was already a fine and dense moiré pattern over the piece of Heavy Silver. The pattern was emitting a dazzling glow with light rings circulating about. It was as if it had already turned into another type of metal.
Tang Wulin was no longer only using the strength of his wrists. The inner structure of the Heavy Silver was already completely refined through Thousand Refined with Spirit’s refinement process and was many times stronger compared to its previous state. It was finally strong enough to withstand Tang Wulin’s power now.
His eyes were bright as his spiritual world completely unfolded. Tang Wulin’s spiritual power began to surge out like a swarm of bees and gently infused into the Heavy Silver through his pair of forging hammers.
His spiritual power and blood essence merged together. Mu Chen’s ears moved because he could distinctly hear a soft dragon’s roar every time Tang Wulin knocked against the Heavy Silver. The moiré pattern on its surface would also shift ever so slightly.
His soul power and spiritual power infused into the Heavy Silver! Tang Wulin initiated the most important part in spirit forging that was known as Life Enlightenment.
The biggest difference between spirit forging and Thousand Refined was its spiritual intelligence. There was no doubt that the level of a piece of rare metal’s spiritual intelligence determined its value.
Most rank-5 to rank-6 blacksmiths had no way to ensure that they could complete spirit forging every time they forged.
Yet Tang Wulin and even Mu Xi could do it because they were the best of the rank-6 blacksmiths. Their goal was far beyond rank-6.
However, Mu Xi could sense that Tang Wulin’s spirit forging was completely different from his own. His summoning method was more comprehensive than hers. His soul power was infused at a normal rate, but he seemed to be releasing much much spiritual power and something else indistinctly. The dragon’s roar was the evidence. Under normal circumstances, there should not be such peculiar sounds coming from the metal at this stage.
This could only mean one thing. It was because Tang Wulin had added his own skills during the forging process.
Tang Wulin swung his spirit-forged Heavy Silver hammers in an extremely steady manner. It was no longer as dextrous as before, but it did not appear as heavy either. It was just like an ordinary hammer that was knocking onto the Heavy Silver again and again.
The moiré pattern on the Heavy Silver gradually changed from smooth to warped. It began to rhythmically fluctuate with rings of light following the infusion of Tang Wulin’s soul power.
So it had already begun to have spiritual intelligence? That was too soon!
As compared to the slow pace of Hundred Refined and Thousand Refined earlier, Tang Wulin’s speed in spirit forging was so shockingly swift such that Mu Xi’s mouth was agape in surprise.
She would need at least one hour to complete the process of spirit forging with the most ordinary rare metal, for it was not at all an easy task to stimulate a rare metal’s vitality. On the other hand, even though Tang Wulin had yet to complete his spirit forging at present, the appearance of spiritual intelligence on the metal signified that spirit forging was about to be completed soon.