The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 790 - Take Care, Wulin

Chapter 790: Take Care, Wulin

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Tang Wulin nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you, teacher. Teacher, in your opinion, how much can I sell this block of Heavy Silver for?”
Mu Xi could not help but curled her lips at the side, “You haven’t changed at all in this regard. Have you grown into a money grubber already?” She did not know what Tang Wulin and the others required for their current mission.
Mu Chen shot his daughter a glare. Then, he chuckled. “Why would you sell it? I’ll keep this block of Half Step Soul Refined metal in my collection. You’re my most outstanding disciple, I’ll flaunt this piece of metal at the headquarters. I think even your uncle master will be terribly envious. Hahaha! Since you’ve reached the stage of Half Step Soul Refinement, you’re already qualified to give your own metal a name.”
Tang Wulin’s heart moved. He hastily said, “Teacher, why don’t you think of a name for it?”
Mu Chen looked at Tang Wulin with shock. For a Saint Craftsman, naming one’s own metal was an extremely glorious event. It was rare for one to give this honor to others.
Although he saw Tang Wulin’s sincerity, Mu Chen was still hesitant. However, Tang Wulin had already said, “Teacher, I won’t be standing here today if it weren’t for your teachings and guidance. Please don’t turn me down.”
Mu Chen laughed. “Alright, alright, alright! There’s nothing that makes me happier than this. Well then, let teacher think of a name for you. I see that dragon scales covered this Heavy Silver you refined, why not call it Dragonscale Heavy Silver! After this, all your Soul Refined metals will be known by the name Dragonscale. How about that? There’s the character of ‘lin’ from ‘Qilin’ in your name. That counts as a homophonic character.”
From this moment on, all of Tang Wulin’s future metals of Half Step Soul Refined level and above would have their own names. A Heavy Silver would be named Dragonscale Heavy Silver, Dragonscale Essence Gold, and so forth.
Once a rare metal got its own name, its value would become unimaginably high. Besides, the special properties of every Saint Craftsman’s Soul Refined metal were different. Not every Soul Master could use the Soul Refined metals from a single Saint Craftsman.
Tang Wulin’s Soul Refined metal was infused with his Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. Once it was truly and completely Soul Refined, it would be of the highest grade in the Saint Craftsmen’s world. That was how high its quality would be. It would be suitable for all Battle Armor Masters. It would be especially suitable for assault system and strength system Battle Soul Masters.
Tang Wulin had carried out some experiments before this. The metals which were Half Step Soul Refined by him could even resist the imposing pressure from his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura. This was because they shared the same roots.
In the future, if his comrades wore battle armors crafted from his Dragonscale metals, he could at least make sure that they would not be affected by his bloodline aura during a battle.
Mu Chen gave Tang Wulin five hundred Federation Coins. That would be enough to cover all their expenses throughout their journey. If he had truly wanted to sell the Dragonscale Heavy Metal, its value would have certainly been more than that. Furthermore, this was only a Half Step Soul Refined metal. In any case, Mu Chen had bought this metal to keep as a collectible. It was significantly different!
“Senior disciple sister, I’ll be taking my leave.” Tang Wulin waved at Mu Xi who had walked them out the door.
Even though Mu Xi had never quite warmed up to him, she would still walk Tang Wulin and his comrades all the way to the door when it was time for them to leave.
As she looked at Tang Wulin who waved at her with a smile, Mu Xi bit her lower lip. Suddenly, she rushed forward and gave him a hug.
Tang Wulin was shocked by her action. Mu Xi’s slightly sobbing voice reached his ear, “Take care, Wulin.”
Mu Xi did not wait for his reply when she let go of him. She ran back to the Blacksmith’s Association in a hurry.
Her fragrance lingered, but a deep sense of loss surfaced within him. This sense of loss was not merely due to their parting, it was also because Tang Wulin suddenly felt, at this moment, that he was no longer a young teen nor was he a child anymore. He was already an adult. The youth of his teenage years were gone for good while the responsibilities were growing heavier.
“You hate to part with her?” Xie Xie snickered beside Tang Wulin’s ear.
Tang Wulin smacked his head angrily.
A 20-seater minibus halted in front of them. It was the transportation Mu Chen had arranged specifically for them. It would send them directly to the soul train station.
Truth be told, Tang Wulin had a natural dislike toward soul trains. It was because the few incidents he encountered while taking the soul trains had left him speechless.
However, he could not deny that soul trains were currently the quickest means of transportation for them to get to the military training venue.
The academy had set the time for their arrival, and from Elder Cai’s tone and expression when she last spoke to them, he could tell that it would not be easy for them to get to their destination. Naturally, it would be best if they could save some time during the early stages of their journey.
Moreover, they were no longer teenagers. Everyone was a one-word Battle Armor Master. They were seven one-word Battle Armor Masters in total! Their combined battle strengths were exceedingly powerful.
After thinking it through, Tang Wulin made the decision to take the soul express train.
They arrived at the soul train station and bought their tickets. Tang Wulin did not utilize his special rights. He bought a ticket and boarded the train. The train had not started moving when Tang Wulin’s breathing became slow and sluggish.
The seats were arranged in pairs on one side. Tang Wulin sat together with Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi with Ye Xinglan, while Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and Xu Xiaoyan sat on the other side where there were three seats in a row.
When Yue Zhengyu heard Tang Wulin’s sluggish breathing sounds, he could not help taking a peek. He was surprised that Tang Wulin had already fallen asleep.
He was definitely exhausted. Six months of cultivation in the academy was truly tiring. In addition to that, there was the Soul Refinement which he attempted just now. Tang Wulin was not only tired physically but mentally as well.
He sat beside the window deep in his sleep. His handsome face appeared serene, his long eyelashes distinct on his lowered eyelids. Even when he was sound asleep, he still looked good.
Yue Zhengyu glanced at Tang Wulin. He sat there and started spacing out.
Throughout these six months, he too felt tired. Ever since he was rejected by Xu Xiaoyan at the Sea God Lake Date Festival, he had changed quite a bit.
The letdown had affected him greatly. After he helped Tang Wulin search for Gu Yue in vain, he did not step out his room for a whole month. He secluded himself in his room and felt ashamed to face anyone. The pride in his heart would not allow him such a defeat.
Gradually, he began to understand what his problems were during that fateful day. Nevertheless, his pride was unwilling to admit the mistake.
From the beginning until the end, he thought that Xu Xiaoyan would still come to see him, to give him an opportunity to explain himself.
However, it did not turn out that way. Half a year had gone by and Xu Xiaoyan had not come to meet him. The both of them seemed to have grown apart.
He would not have been in so much pain if he did not like her so much. This could not have been truer for Yue Zhengyu. He had truly fallen for Xu Xiaoyan. He had fallen for the young lady who was eccentric but gentle as a lamb.
However, the Holy Angel Clan’s pride had stopped him from apologizing. That was what pained him the most.
Yue Zhengyu sat there blankly. Perhaps, he should find an opportunity during this outing to have a good talk with her.
He subconsciously turned to look at Xu Xiaoyan. He noticed with surprise that Xu Xiaoyan was also looking at him. Their eyes met. Both of them instinctively avoided the other’s gaze.
There and then, there was an indescribable urge in Yue Zhengyu’s heart. He stood up suddenly.
He crossed the aisle and walked to the side of the three-seaters. Xie Xie sat on the outermost seat with Yuanen Yehui beside him. Xu Xiaoyan sat nearest to the window.
Yue Zhengyu said to Yuanen Yehui, “Yuanen, can I swap seats with you for now? I have something to say to Xu Xiaoyan.”
“Hey!” Without waiting for Yuanen Yehui to reply, Xie Xie had looked at Yue Zhengyu with a slight dissatisfaction. However, when he saw the depressed look in Yue Zhengyu’s eyes, he got up feeling a little helpless.
Yuanen Yehui said nothing. She stood up and went to sit beside Tang Wulin. Xie Xie simply stood beside her. He gave up his seat to Yue Zhengyu as well.
Xu Xiaoyan heard Yue Zhengyu’s voice. She raised her head, glanced at him, but immediately turned her head toward the window.