The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 791 - Unwilling to Forgive

Chapter 791: Unwilling to Forgive

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Yue Zhengyu went over and sat down beside her.
Xu Xiaoyan did not turn her head.
“I’m sorry. If you’re still upset about what happened during the Sea God’s Fated Date Festival, I apologize to you again. I was too impulsive back then and too full of myself. I offer my apologies. It’s been half a year now, and I’ve been thinking more clearly. You’re really very important to me. I’m willing to put down my pride. We…”
He was halfway through his speech when Xu Xiaoyan abruptly turned around. She looked at Yue Zhengyu with cold eyes and said, “Are you doing this for charity? I don’t need your pity. I don’t need the charity from the high and noble Holy Angel Clan. Yue Zhengyu, you know what? I’ve seen through you on that day back then, the real you. I’ve always thought that I’d be very happy to be with you. But I only understood on that day, in your eyes, I’m nothing. In your heart, I’m just a woman who’s no different from a serving girl who should forever be at your beck and call.”
“You’re very outstanding. You come from a well-known family and are very powerful. But I’ve told you, I’m not interested in all that. I don’t care about all that. You’re apologizing to me? If you really realize your own mistakes, you won’t wait for half a year and only come to talk to me today. There’s no way that you can put down the pride in your heart. It’s impossible. Your inner heart is always high in the air above everyone else. I will not and will never be the girlfriend of a guy who’ll never place me at the same level as him, leave alone let him become my future husband. So, forget about us.”
Xu Xiaoyan’s voice was noticeably slightly agitated. Even the passengers in front and behind them could not help but shoot them sideways glances.
Yue Zhengyu sounded slightly exasperated when he spoke, “What more do you want from me? I’ve already said my apologies. Xiaoyan, who says that you’re not on the same level as me in my heart? I like you. I really like you.”
Xu Xiaoyan raised her hand and made a cold gesture that meant ‘pause’, “I’ve said it. Forget about us. Please leave. You’re making me uncomfortable by sitting beside me.”
Due to his rage, the rise and fall of Yue Zhengyu’s chest became noticeably intense. He never expected Xu Xiaoyan to reject him with such cold and emotionless words. It was already extremely difficult for him to have uttered words of apology. However, what he got in return was such an outright rejection.
“Xu Xiaoyan, I know that you’re rejecting me because you feel inferior. You’re feeling inferior, right? Why can’t you just face the problem between us straight on? I didn’t come and find you for half a year because I was unable to calm my feelings. You’re right, I do value my pride greatly. That’s why I was really angry and hurt when you rejected me in front of so many people back then. However, I’ve thought it through for these six months. I’ve understood that love is more important than my pride to me. I’ve also come to say that I’m sorry to you. What more would you have me do?”
Xu Xiaoyan snorted, “I don’t want your love that feels like charity. And I’ll have you know that I’ve never felt inferior. Let me remind you that I’m also one of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Why should I feel inferior? Go away!”
Yue Zhengyu stood up abruptly, “You better not regret this!”
Xu Xiaoyan turned her head in the other direction stubbornly. She did not even spare him a glance.
Yue Zhengyu fumed as he returned to his original seat. Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui frowned as they listened to the conversation between the two of them.
“Can’t be any gentler?” Xie Xie said helplessly. “You must know how to appease girls.”
Yue Zhengyu roared, “Mind your own business!”
“Who wants to mind your business?” Yuanen Yehui stood up. She pulled on Xie Xie and returned to their original seats. She comforted Xu Xiaoyan who had reddened eyes.
Yue Zhengyu sat down with a thump beside Tang Wulin. He was still unable to extinguish the flames of rage within him. It was as if a large rock was on his chest which made it hard for him to breathe.
Xie Xie was not angered because of his beratement. He was even starting to feel sorry for Yue Zhengyu.
As the saying went, ‘the spectators see the chess game better than the players’. Xu Xiaoyan was not wrong. Yue Zhengyu was too proud. His pride was embedded in his bones, born out of a lifetime’s upbringing in the Holy Angel Clan. It was not something he had acquired just recently. There was no doubt in his heart that he liked Xu Xiaoyan, but there was also no question that his words during the Sea God’s Fated Date Festival had left a deep impact on Xu Xiaoyan. If he had realized it in time back then and immediately went to talk to Xu Xiaoyan, he might still have stood a chance. However, he did not. Pride had blinded his heart. The problem of losing face even made him ignore Xu Xiaoyan for six whole months.
Maybe Xu Xiaoyan was not as proud as he was, but she was still a lady! After being given the cold shoulder for half a year, how could she not have fury and flames of anger within her heart? The only thing that Yue Zhengyu should have done at this moment was to speak gentle words, maybe even appease her doggedly and shamelessly. Naturally, his chances would have been far greater. He must let the lady vent her anger one way or another.
However, Yue Zhengyu even felt that he was wronged in his heart. After Xu Xiaoyan fought back with a few words, he naturally blew it. This undoubtedly escalated the conflict between them.
In such matters, the advice from outsiders was useless. In fact, they would make matters worse.
Tang Wulin was really exhausted, which was why he had slept soundly. Even Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan’s loud conversation was unable to wake him up.
Yue Zhengyu glanced at Tang Wulin beside him. Suddenly, he felt as if they shared the same fate. Gu Yue had left in a baffling manner, and Na’er was also missing. How great of an impact did it have on Tang Wulin? What about himself? He was not in a better state.
The soul express train sped along, was stable and fast. Their destination was very far away, it was the seaside on the northeastern region of the entire Douluo Continent. Even by train, it would take them a full three days to reach there. Hence, this was a long-distance journey.
Very quickly, daytime was over. The world outside the window gradually fell into darkness.
Xu Xiaoyan’s and Yue Zhengyu’s moods were not good. The two of them had not eaten anything for the whole day. The others did not try to advise them too much. At this point in time, they were still in fits of anger, thus counseling them would only be in vain.
Tang Wulin had already divided the money he got from his teacher with everyone. Long-distance trains were equipped with dining cars. After they ate their dinner, Xu Lizhi asked Ye Xinglan in a slightly worrisome tone, “Sister Xinglan, Captain has been sleeping for an entire day now. Should we wake him up?”
The seats of the long-distance train were much more spacious than ordinary trains. If one reclined the back of one’s seat, one could almost be lying down. There was no issue with the level of comfort.
Ye Xinglan shook her head. “Let’s not wake him. I think he’s not exhausted physically, but mentally. Ever since Gu Yue left, he has been pushing himself a little too hard. Let him have a good rest. He’s the one who needs to relax the most among us.”
Xu Lizhi touched his own chubby cheeks, “I really don’t understand why Gu Yue wanted to leave. Captain is such a nice guy. What is it that can’t be talked through between them? Even if it’s really something related to Spirit Pagoda, we don’t even have any conflicts with Spirit Pagoda!”
Ye Xinglan shook her head again. “I don’t understand it either. But I don’t think it’s that simple. In the few years when Captain went missing, Gu Yue had become very silent. Also, if there were no classes, she wouldn’t stay in the academy. She was even keeping her distance from us on purpose. As for the exact reasons… I’m afraid that they’re the only ones who’d know about them. Maybe Captain doesn’t even fully understand it himself. Let him have a good rest. There’s nothing that can’t be solved. We’ll have to face it sooner or later.”
As they were talking to each other, suddenly the soul train shook violently. Everyone was first astonished. In the next moment, the entire soul train suddenly inclined to one side. An ear-piercing sound of friction and the shrill screams of fear filled the entire car in an instant.
The slender soul train seemed to have been flung upward while charging forth at high-speed. It had been sent flying.
It traveled at an extreme velocity. The sudden change seemed to have disconnected all sixteen cars in an instant.
What just happened?
Everyone was greatly shocked. Even though the Shrek Seven Monsters had frightening strength, this unexpected change that came out of the blue had caught them completely off guard. They were almost sent flying from their seats in an instant.