The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 792 - Not an Accident

Chapter 792: Not an Accident

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Moments like these were the opportunity for the assault system battle soul masters to display their strengths. Spots of starlight burst forth from Ye Xinglan’s body. A dazzling energy sword shot out. In an instant, her body and the sword fused into one. She pulled on Xu Lizhi with one hand. The train rolled sideways, but she floated loftily in the car and did not move. The rolling car was instantly cut open by the sword which burst forth from her body. She carried Xu Lizhi with her as she leaped.
The others also reacted to this incident. Wings unfurled behind Yue Zhengyu. As he did a sideways leap, his pair of wings protected him. At the same time, Holy Light burst forth, forming a shining barrier which enveloped him within it.
On the other side, Yuanen Yehui’s body suddenly enlarged. She spread her arms out and placed Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan into her embrace. Having transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, she curled up her huge body as she protected both of them. With her body’s powerful defensive ability, she bounced about in the rolling car. However, when Ye Xinglan cut open an exit on the car, she also leaped out in an instant.
Tang Wulin was the most unfortunate one. Due to him being in a deep sleep before it occurred, he was completely unprepared for it. Even if the first jolt of the train was unable to wake him when the train was flung horizontally, Tang Wulin’s body was also catapulted out, and he crashed heavily onto the side of the car.
He only opened his eyes at that moment. He was welcomed with the sight of his companions being tossed out of the car.
Tang Wulin’s body rolled uncontrollably within the car. He reached out with sleepy eyes and quickly grabbed hold of the car’s wall.
Golden scales appeared on his body. Tang Wulin shook his head as he tried desperately to regain consciousness. Then, he parted his hands and tore the car open with his bare fists. Although his body was jettisoned out, it was much easier for him when he was outside.
His body was flung into the air again. He could already see the situation before him clearly.
The entire soul train had been derailed and was sent flying. The cars broke apart in the air and scattered all around. What was more terrifying was that many people were thrown out from the cracks.
Those ordinary people were not soul masters nor did they have the abilities to adapt like Tang Wulin and the others. Almost all the people who had been flung out were instantly reduced to a bloodied mess upon impact. It was a gruesome sight.
Tang Wulin was speechless. Why? Why was this happening? Why must he be faced with such unexplainable situations whenever he took a soul express train? Was every soul train accident in the Federation’s history connected to him? He was practically the soul trains’ jinx, and a powerful one at that.
He curled his body in midair. The instant he landed, Tang Wulin put all of his strength into his strike. He threw a heavy punch onto the ground and used the powerful reaction to dampen the momentum he built up while flying out of the car. With one roll, he dropped to the ground.
With the defensive abilities of his body, naturally he would not have been injured during the process just now. However, being yanked from one’s sleep was never a pleasant experience.
Whatever the case, Tang Wulin dared not slack off now. He looked for his companions at the first opportunity.
Fortunately, it was easy to spot everyone, especially the spots of starlight on Ye Xinglan’s body. Tang Wulin hastily ran toward his companions. He had to make sure that his friends were safe.
Of course, the Shrek Seven Monsters would not have been harmed by this. Tang Wulin was the last one to assemble.
The seven of them looked at each other. Finally, their gazes were focused on Tang Wulin. Their gazes communicated a thought that was more than words could convey.
Tang Wulin coughed. “Let’s hurry up and rescue the people.”
“Wait,” Ye Xinglan suddenly said with a deep voice, “Something isn’t right. The level of security for a soul train is extremely high, so how could it derail all of a sudden? Could this have been done on purpose?”
The entire soul train was already off the tracks. The cars were flung onto the open field all around them. The sixteen cars had broken into seven or eight segments. For a time, all sorts of cries could be heard from all around.
A soul train had the capacity for more than five hundred passengers. The number of casualties from such an accident would not be low.
After hearing Ye Xinglan’s words, Tang Wulin was also on alert. He said with a deep voice, “Everyone, retract your martial soul for now.”
He had faced the evil soul master before, and the experience was definitely not a pleasant one. If the derailment this time was not an accident, then it would not stop there.
At this exact moment, they saw beams of light shining silently far away. The light was not strong and seemed to be purplish in color.
Xie Xie said in a low voice, “I’ll go take a look. You guys hide yourselves.”
As he spoke, he swayed and his body immediately turned illusory. It was as if he had melted into the air and vanished without a trace.
Agility system battle soul masters were most suited to conceal themselves and be in charge of the investigation at times like these.
Tang Wulin made a gesture. The others quickly found some cover in their surroundings and concealed their bodies.
Rescuing the people was a must. However, if there was an enemy present, taking care of the enemy was of higher priority.
Within a minute, Xie Xie had returned. “Someone did this. They’re massacring the casualties. There’s fifty to sixty of them. They’re all equipped with beam assault rifles, and they’re killing everyone within their sights. Captain, what should we do?”
Tang Wulin said, “Can you tell how powerful they are?”
Xie Xie said, “I can confirm that they’re all soul masters, but I couldn’t tell how high their cultivation bases are. If they’re only using beam assault rifles, they didn’t unleash their martial souls. But, judging from their speed, they’re not weak.”
“Come, let’s go!” There were no unnecessary words. In situations such as this, faced with these terrorists, how could they just sit by and do nothing?
Tang Wulin rushed forward quickly, the others followed behind him. Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui flanked him, and they were followed by Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi. Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie brought up the rear.
Xu Lizhi mumbled some soul spells, and he rapidly produced buns which he passed to his companions.
Agility Xiaolongbao (a type of steamed soup dumpling) could increase everyone’s the agility. He also prepared some Bloodthirst Bean Buns for when they needed a sudden burst of energy.
Very quickly, Tang Wulin saw the enemies mentioned by Xie Xie. These people wore black outfits. In the darkness of the night, they appeared like ghosts. Lines of purple beams were fired from the beam assault rifles in their hands. They were shooting at the cars.
The men in black wore helmets over their heads, which effectively covered their faces.
When Tang Wulin and the others rushed to the scene, and they were immediately spotted by someone among the figures in black. The three to five shooters who were closer to them immediately aimed their rifles at them at started firing soul beams.
Tang Wulin took a step and golden scales covered his body. At the same time, blades of Bluesilver Emperor shot forth and formed a barrier in front of him.
The soul beams could only give off patches of light when they hit the Bluesilver Emperor. Tang Wulin tapped on the ground with the tips of his toes and his entire body shot out like a cannonball.
He was still in midair when he scratched at the empty air with his hands, an intense suction force erupted from each of them. They were like two whirlpools as they pulled two stumbling men in black toward them.
Golden Dragon Claws jutted out of his hands. He slashed at the two of them at the same time.
The two in black had lightning reflexes. They immediately unleashed their martial souls. One of them had three yellow soul rings, while the other had one white and two yellows. They were both surprisingly Soul Elders.
The soul master on the right had a beast martial soul. His body suddenly toughened up, and a pair of bull’s horns even grew out of his head. With the suction force of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws, he lowered his head and charged in Tang Wulin’s direction.
The other man in black’s martial soul was a broadsword. He raised the blade and slashed at Tang Wulin.
“Puuh!” Tang Wulin’s left Golden Dragon Claw sent the bull-type martial soul master flying with a single smack. The terrifying force disintegrated the man’s body in the air.
Tang Wulin’s right Golden Dragon Claw grabbed the broadsword that swung toward him and it shattered instantly. A soul master was connected to his martial soul. The soul master instantly grunted. Tang Wulin made a fist with his right Golden Dragon Claw and struck directly on his chest.
His back arched up immediately. His entire body flew away like a cannonball, and then he also exploded into a mass of bloody mist in the air.
What Tang Wulin hated the most were ruthless terrorists like them. He would never show them any mercy. After he took care of the two of them with lightning speed, he immediately charged toward the other and more numerous men in black farther away from him.
Beside him, Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan also launched their attacks. Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword in her hands drew sharp lines in the air. Spots of starlight burst forth from the Stargod Sword. How could the men in black who had the average cultivation bases of Soul Elders, withstand her attacks? She was not as violent as Tang Wulin, but her every stroke seemed to take out one of them.
Yuanen Yehui unleashed her Fallen Angel Transformation. She transformed into the Fallen Angel which was more suited to battle in the dark than the Titan Giant Ape. Her Shadow Demon Sword hacked lines of purplish lights in the air. She also took out her enemies swiftly.
The four persons behind them did not even have the opportunity to attack. The trio of Tang Wulin, Ye Xinglan, and Yuanen Yehui was just too fast. With a show of their faces, five or six men in black had already met with their deaths.