The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 793 - The Golden Dragon Unleashes Its Prowess

Chapter 793: The Golden Dragon Unleashes Its Prowess

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The commotion immediately attracted the attention of the people in black further away from the scene. Concentrated lines of soul beams suddenly shot toward them.
“Look out, soul cannons!” came Xie Xie’s voice.
Tang Wulin instinctively turned to look. He saw a person in black hoisting a cannon on his shoulder which was coincidentally aimed at him.
In the next instant, with a whistle, a mass of bright purple light flew straight toward him.
Tang Wulin snorted. His body flashed with golden light. Four golden soul rings surfaced on his body. The first soul ring lit up, Golden Dragon Body!
His entire body was covered in golden scales. He reached out with his left Golden Dragon Claw in an instant to grab the mass of light.
Exploding with a loud boom, the soul cannon was detonated by Tang Wulin. The powerful force of the blast pounded him. It only made his golden dragon scales shine brightly. It did not even make him falter backward.
At the same time, the soul master who fired the soul cannonball fell limply to the ground. Xie Xie had already launched his attack when he warned Tang Wulin.
In terms of speed, Xie Xie was undoubtedly second to none among the entire team. When they went up against these people in black who mostly had cultivation bases of a Soul Elder, an agility system soul master clearly had the upper hand.
Shadow Dragon Dagger flitted between illusion and reality. Scores of black figures fell to the ground, never to get up again.
Tang Wulin took charge of the middle. He protected Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi behind him as he kept an eye on the overall situation. On the other hand, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan rushed out to fight the other people in black.
No threats were detected. Dozens of people in black fell like the fragile dead branches breaking off a tree in the face of Shrek Seven Monsters’ powerful attacks.
Suddenly, fear flashed across Tang Wulin’s heart. He turned around without any hesitation. He hugged Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan behind him and rolled to the side, all three of them together.
A greyish-black shadow disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It left a chasm that was five meters long and a meter wide on the ground. It was so deep that they could not see the bottom.
What was more terrifying was that sides of the chasm were breaking away with blinding speed.
“Evil soul master!” Tang Wulin yelled in a deep voice.
“You dare stop us. Your souls will be offered as sacrifices,” a cold voice resounded in the air.
A silhouette began to appear slowly. He hovered in midair and was completely covered in a grey outfit. He had the smell of haze on him.
There were a total of seven soul rings on his body. Two yellows, three purples, and two blacks!
Soul Sage!
This was shockingly an evil soul master of a Soul Sage’s rank. He was not the only grey figure. In the darkness, a time door seemed to have been opened. A number of grey figures appeared silently. There were more than ten of them in total! They had at least four soul rings, but there was only one with seven soul rings, the one who was facing Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin’s heart sank. If the grey outfit represented a soul master, then the concurrent appearances of a dozen evil soul masters were undoubtedly a huge threat to them.
The evil soul masters were evil because they would use vicious methods to improve themselves. Not only could they improve themselves quickly, but their abilities were also far superior. Compared to a soul master of the same rank, the evil soul masters were much more powerful.
Their existence was solely to bring destruction and ruin. Their evil cultivating methods would inevitably distort their personalities that they might even be beyond control.
“You guys go help the others. Leave this to me,” Tang Wulin gestured to Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi behind him.
Both of them understood the extent of Tang Wulin’s strength. They ran toward the others without hesitation.
The Shrek Seven Monsters had collaborated together for a long time. When the others noticed the evil soul masters, they swiftly gathered about Tang Wulin.
The evil soul masters had launched their attacks at this moment. They did not have any intention of communicating with them. Only about twenty people in black were left from the large group that had appeared earlier. When they saw the evil soul masters, they immediately scattered and rushed toward the train.
It was obvious that their massacre mission was planned. The presence of the group of evil soul masters seemed to be reinforcements.
The evil soul master in the air spread out his arms. A puff of greyish mist suddenly burst forth from his body. He moved swiftly and pounced toward Tang Wulin. A pair of greyish-black sharp claws went straight for Tang Wulin’s head.
What incredible speed!
This person in grey was even more agile than Xie Xie. Tang Wulin felt his vision blur for an instant when the sharp claws were already upon him. One of them went for his face while the other went for his chest.
If he was scratched by those sharp claws, the result would be horrific.
Agility system evil soul master?
Tang Wulin did not retreat. When faced with such a swift opponent, it would not have made any difference if he had moved backward.
His body flickered with golden light. Tang Wulin crossed his pair of Golden Dragon Claws in front of him to protect himself.
So what if he had seven rings? When he only had four rings, he was already bold enough to take on the six-ring Long Yue head on. Currently, his cultivation base was already at five rings, and his overall strength had also improved by leaps and bounds.
His second golden soul ring lit up. The scales on Tang Wulin’s body instantly transformed into a mirror-like state in an instant.
“Ding! Ding!” Two crisp sounds were heard. One of the evil soul master’s sharp claws scratched Tang Wulin’s chest whereas the other scratched his arm.
Tang Wulin only felt two cold sensations tunnel into his body like surging water fountains. However, his mighty Golden Dragon King bloodline aura erupted instantly. He forcefully blocked the cold sensations and did not allow them to invade his body.
The evil soul master felt as if his pair of sharp claws had scratched an iron board. Then, the scales on his opponent flickered quickly.
“Roar!” Amidst a dragon’s roar, a huge golden dragon head burst forth from Tang Wulin’s hands. At the same time, the third soul ring on his body lit up.
“Roar!” a violent dragon’s roar quickly followed the previous one. The evil soul master felt his body shake as the blood essence within him started surging as if it was no longer under his control. In the next moment, the golden dragon head had already reached him.
Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens plus Tang Wulin’s blood essence soul ring skill, Golden Dragon Roar.
Faced with an evil soul master with a seven-ring cultivation base, Tang Wulin had to end the battle as soon as he could. Only then would he be able to assist his comrades. That was why he held nothing back the moment the fight started.
Golden Dragon Roar was a stopping skill. It had a formidable controlling power. It was especially effective when his opponent possessed a dragon-type martial soul.
This evil soul master’s martial soul was not a dragon-type, and his cultivation base was higher than Tang Wulin’s. However, Tang Wulin was no longer the boy he was four years ago. He had obtained the support of so many dragon spirits in the Dragon Valley. The density of his blood essence aura greatly exceeded his previous levels. The sound of the Golden Dragon Roar shook the entire field. Every evil soul master slowed down, not to mention the one who was fighting him.
However, this evil soul master’s strength was equally formidable. The instant Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens hit his body, he was sent flying backward by the impact. He quickly reacted to the situation. The fifth soul ring on his body flashed, and he turned into a puff of greyish mist. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens shot through the mist not landing on anything solid.
The mist solidified far away. The seven-ring evil soul master was obviously angered. He let out a sharp howl. The greyish mist around him suddenly increased in intensity.
The third soul ring on his body lit up. When the purple soul ring was shining, there seemed to be a thick smell of blood in his nostrils.
Tang Wulin felt dizzy. Shortly after, the blood within his body seemed to be riled up as if it wanted to burst out of his body.
“Eh?” This was his first time encountering such a situation. His opponent’s soul skill seemed to be able to control his blood.
Despite being shocked, Tang Wulin snorted. Blood essence reversal! He forcibly controlled the blood within him. His entire body shone brightly with golden light. After he was stimulated by his opponent’s soul skill, he felt it easier for him to utilize his bloodline power. A faint golden haze appeared around him.