The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 794 - Golden Dragon Flies

Chapter 794: Golden Dragon Flies

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With a single step, Tang Wulin had already leaped into the air. Having just seen that his opponent was able to use a soul skill to turn into mist, he did unleash his martial soul as it would not be of much use. Given the circumstances, he could probably do just fine without it.
In the air, Tang Wulin threw a punch, and a dragon’s roar sounded again from his body. The instant his simple and seemingly insignificant punch was thrown, all watching felt as though he was stretching his body, from his feet to his tailbone and then along his spine. It was as if a huge dragon was awakening.
All that was stretched would eventually be put into his punch.
The right fist made by the Golden Dragon Claw hit out. Everything within three meters of Tang Wulin’s body suddenly turned a brilliant golden color. In the next instant, with the momentum from his right-hand punch, his entire body suddenly flickered in the air.
A golden band of light dozens of meters long suddenly appeared in the skies. The three-meter wide band seemed to vanish as quick as it had appeared.
The evil soul master just managed to turn into a puff of mist in the nick of time. Even so, he still let out a wail. When he solidified into his human form again, his body swayed as it fell to the ground.
Golden Dragon Flies!
Tang Wulin’s bloodline power erupted after being compressed. He used the momentum from the explosion to move his body. Under such conditions, Tang Wulin seemed to be invincible. The energy of his entire body was concentrated into a single point. It was similar to becoming one with one’s sword. His attack was restricted to a diameter of thirty meters and could only be fired in a straight line, but the explosion caused by the impact was three times greater than his usual attack power.
This was Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi’s Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves, third move, Dragon Flies! To be more precise, what he taught Tang Wulin was supposed to be the Divine Dragon’s Nine Moves. When it was applied to Tang Wulin, it became the Golden Dragon’s Nine Moves. Hence, it was Golden Dragon Flies!
In that instant, Tang Wulin was like the Golden Dragon King extending his dragon claws. Under the impact from his body, his imposing manner seemed to say that he would kill any gods or buddhas that stood in his way.
This was Tang Wulin’s first time actually using the Golden Dragon Flies technique in combat. The effects were apparent.
Because this move contained not only soul power and bloodline power, it was also mixed with spiritual power at the same time, hence it was an all-rounded attack. Even if the evil soul master turned into mist, he was still hit by the impact.
After he fell to the ground, the evil soul master dared not be careless anymore. Spots of greyish light lit up on his body. Pieces of armor that resembled leaves covered his entire form. On his back, a pair of grey wings extended. He resembled a huge bat.
Battle armor! Battle armor with wings! It was two-word battle armor!
Without question, this seven-ringed evil soul master with the rank of Soul Sage was also a two-word battle armor master!
After his body was covered by the battle armor, the evil soul master’s aura became completely different.
It was known that battle armor could raise a soul master’s ability by two ranks. Although a seven-ringed Soul Sage who donned two-word battle armor could not attain the powers of a Title Douluo, he could still surely surpass the ranks of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo.
The world around them suddenly darkened. The evil soul master let out a shrill howl toward the sky. Immediately, Tang Wulin felt as if a sharp needle had stabbed into his spirit as his head was wracked with intense pain. At the same time, the bloodline within his body which had been under his control suddenly surged madly.
What frightened Tang Wulin even more was that because he temporarily lost control of his bloodline, it started charging toward the Golden Dragon King’s ninth seal.
He was in the middle of a fight! How could it charge at the ninth seal at this moment? This was akin to committing suicide.
Tang Wulin hastily bit his tongue as he desperately tried to increase his consciousness. Spots of golden light lit up on his body as he unleashed his own battle armor.
Pieces of golden battle armor covered his entire body. Immediately, the surging bloodline aura was suppressed by external forces. His soul power was greatly enhanced, and Tang Wulin finally regained control of his bloodline. The visor dropped down and covered his handsome face. Tang Wulin wiped his forehead with his right hand. With a strong gust of wind, the Golden Dragon Spear appeared, and he caught it in his grasp.
A golden helmet, golden armor, and a golden visor! With the addition of the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, Tang Wulin’s body descended slowly to the ground. His valor was extraordinary.
He slashed horizontally with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands. His gaze burst forth with light. He bent his knees slightly, and in the next moment, he had charged toward the evil soul master again.
The Golden Dragon Spear thrust out like lightning, forming phantom spears with its movements. However, a peculiar scene occurred. Under the cover of the Golden Dragon Spear, the evil soul master’s body flickered swiftly in the air as if he had no weight. He could always dodge the attacks from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear by a hair’s breadth.
His pair of sharp claws were now under the enhancement of his two-word battle armor. They were now a foot long and took on greyish, crystalline forms. While he dodged the attacks, he occasionally snuck in attacks with an upward scratch.
He was truly too agile. His movements were so quick that Tang Wulin was unable to dodge him. Where the claws landed, white marks were left on Tang Wulin’s one-word battle armor.
However, Tang Wulin’s battle armor, which was given the name Dragon, displayed incredible defensive capabilities. Wherever the evil soul master’s attacks landed on his battle armor, light patterns in the shape of scales would appear, which greatly diminished the damage from the sharp claws.
Usually, two-word battle armor would be able to completely overwhelm one-word battle armor, but this evil soul master clearly was not able to achieve that effect. This was inevitably connected to Tang Wulin’s one-word battle armor which was crafted from spirit alloys. However, the more important factor was Tang Wulin’s own shocking defensive strength.
Even so, Tang Wulin was at a disadvantage. His opponent was too fast, and his movements were unpredictable. His own attacks had no way of hitting their target and he could not fully utilize his immense energy. Such an opponent was the most troublesome for him since he could not make the most of his own strengths.
In turn, it was not an easy task for the Soul Sage-ranked evil soul master to defeat Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin’s defenses were too strong. Also, with the deep impression Golden Dragon Flies left on him before this, the two-word battle armor evil soul master was being now very cautious. He fought conservatively and continuously as he attempted to weaken Tang Wulin’s soul power. He kept looking for an opening for him to launch an attack.
They were now in a winding battle. On the other side, the remaining six members of Shrek Seven Monsters were not in optimistic situations either.
A total of eleven evil soul masters had surrounded Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and the others and started launching a barrage of wild attacks.
The evil soul masters were of a completely different system within the soul masters’ realm. This was also the case for their martial soul. If one followed the cultivation paths of the evil soul masters, the abilities that one learned would also be starkly different.
A six-ringed evil soul master at the forefront was the most troublesome. They were all one-word battle armor masters, and each martial soul they unleashed was more baffling than the last.
There were four six-ringed evil soul masters. The first one’s martial soul was a huge armored skeleton, as tall as eight meters. Its bones were extremely thick and strong, and it had the protection of one-word battle armor. It came at them from the front, wielding a massive seven-meter long hacking knife.
Fortunately, the Shrek Seven Monsters still had Yuanen Yehui. She unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She brandished two giant hammers that were not confiscated by the academy and fought the skeleton head, blocking its attacks.
The second six-ringed evil soul master looked exactly like a clown. Half of his face was painted white, while the other half was black. He appeared to be extremely peculiar, with a constant sinister laugh. His body was ceaselessly spinning as he cast all sorts of curses such as Slow or Fear on the six Monsters, weakening them. He was also hiding behind the other evil soul masters, so they could not even reach him.
The third six-ringed evil soul master transformed into a giant wolf. His entire body reeked of blood. As he fought, he even picked up the bodies of the fallen fighters in black and ate their hearts. With every heart he consumed, his attacking powers increased. The fur all over his body was iron grey and was invulnerable to swords or spears. Even Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword could not break through the battle armor he had donned.
The fourth six-ringed evil soul master seemed to be the most normal among the four of them because at least he still appeared human. He rode a skeleton horse which was burning with black flames and appeared slightly like the legendary nightmare. He was covered in thick and heavy black armor and wielded a great sword. He and Yue Zhengyu were happily hacking away at each other.
Yuanen Yehui faced the skeleton evil soul master, Ye Xinglan fought the huge wolf, while Yue Zhengyu was up against the evil soul master rider. It was slightly difficult for the three of them to take their opponents head-on.
When of the same ranks, an evil soul master would be stronger than an ordinary soul master. Though the Shrek Seven Monsters were clearly not ordinary soul masters, these evil soul masters they faced were one rank higher than them in terms of cultivation bases! Moreover, they also had a control system evil soul master behind them who were constantly weakening them via all sorts of curses.
Xie Xie would have loved to do something about that clown evil soul master, but the problem was that he had to stay in the rear to protect Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi.
Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi’s direct combat abilities were too weak. If he went away, the other evil soul masters were sure to seize the opportunity to attack them.
Amongst the remaining seven evil soul masters, there were five five-ringed evil soul masters. Two of them were also one-word battle armor masters, the other four were four-ringed evil soul masters