The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 795 - Fighting the Evil Soul Masters Hard

Chapter 795: Fighting the Evil Soul Masters Hard

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The seven of them besieged the enemy from all directions. Xie Xie was already terribly busy. He split three duplicates of himself. It was as though he battled in four directions. Among his companions, he was under the greatest pressure.
At this moment, it was apparent how much work Xie Xie had put into his cultivation every day. His four copies faced different enemies and were fighting different battles. Surprisingly, he had a good amount of control over all of them.
Although it was extremely strenuous for him to face this many opponents, he was fortunate enough to have Xu Xiaoyan’s controls.
Xu Xiaoyan was in no hurry to unleash her most powerful control-type soul skill. However, whenever Xie Xie was faced with a difficult situation, a burst of Starwheel Shackles would come to his aid.
“Boom!” Yuanen Yehui raised her right hammer and parried the skeleton evil soul master’s halberd. She swept horizontally with her left hammer and swung it straight toward her opponent’s chest.
The skeleton evil soul master growled with a deep voice. There seemed to be soul flames dancing in his eyes. He squatted down and brought the halberd before him.
Another muffled sound was heard. The skeleton evil soul master and Yuanen Yehui took a step backward at the same time. In terms of strength, the two of them felt as if they had met their match.
Ye Xinglan was in a slightly advantageous spot here. Although it was difficult for her Stargod Sword to break the giant wolf evil soul master’s defenses, the Stargod Sword had a sword’s consciousness in addition to its sword aura. The sharp sword’s consciousness had been suppressing the huge wolf evil soul master from the beginning until the end. After she discovered that her opponent could enhance himself by consuming hearts, Ye Xinglan had made sure that he could not get his hands on another heart with her continued assault.
Yue Zhengyu was well-matched in strength with his opponent. The rider had the help from the battle steed under him. The dark energy he had was very strong, but he was coincidentally up against the Holy Angel martial soul which was its polar opposite. The completely opposing energies of darkness and light collided with each other. They continuously unleashed terrifying energy storms in the skies.
However, they were battling at night, which was obviously not in favor of holy energy.
The dark rider felt as if he was one with his steed. The nightmare warhorse moved to and fro, completely in sync with him. When he swung the halberd in his hand, a dazzling black flame would burst forth in an instant and erupt with a powerful energy wave. The black flames and the rider’s halberd merged into one entity and slashed downward brazenly.
A pair of wings extended behind Yue Zhengyu. His entire body was covered in white battle armor, and the glow from his body showered down. With the coordination of his Light of Judgement, he launched one attack after another. However, the dark rider combined attack and defense into one, the union of rider and steed. He was as steady as a lofty mountain. For a time, none of them could do anything to their opponent. However, from the density of their soul powers, it was obvious that the dark rider was superior.
Relatively speaking, Xu Lizhi was the more leisurely one among them. He had also donned his battle armor. His battle armor was white in color, but it was a different shade of white compared to Yue Zhengyu’s. It had no holy aura, but it looked to be extremely thick and heavy. He was heavily built and tall, but after he donned his battle armor, his chubbiness disappeared. Instead, he appeared full of power and grandeur.
He stood beside Xu Xiaoyan, looking every bit like her loyal protector.
The two of them were entangled in combat while the men in black far away continued their massacre in the various cars.
Tang Wulin was fighting his opponent as he kept an eye on the changes of the entire situation. He only spared a few glances but had already comprehended his companions’ situations.
This could not go on much longer. If this continued, the hundreds of lives on the soul train would all fall prey to the evil soul masters.
When he thought about this, Tang Wulin suddenly howled toward the heavens, “Fight with all you’ve got!”
With his loud bellow, his battle armor glowed brightly with golden light. Tang Wulin’s imposing manner changed instantly. He landed on the ground with his feet and was like a towering mountain.
From his torso, a circle of golden light burst forth. At the same time this circle of light shone outward, the seven-ringed Soul Sage evil soul master, who had been keeping up using his high speed while attacking him, suddenly felt his body grow heavy, and he dropped directly onto the ground. When his pair of sharp claws scratched Tang Wulin’s chest again, he felt an extremely terrifying reaction firing back at him. It shook his claws so much that they were repelled and sent flying backward.
This was…
Tang Wulin stomped on the ground with his right foot, utilizing Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!
Eight little golden dragons appeared all of a sudden. The powerful shockwave had shaken the seven-ringed Soul Sage, pulling him to ground with such strength his entire body went numb.
He had heard Tang Wulin’s bellow as well. When he was faced with this sudden turn of events, he activated his fifth soul skill without hesitation. At the same time, even his seventh soul ring lit up.
In this instant, Tang Wulin finally knew what this evil soul master’s martial soul was.
A huge bat covered in armor appeared before Tang Wulin. A Blood-sucking Bat! This was the evil soul master’s martial soul. No wonder he was so agile and could even control another person’s blood. It turned out that his martial soul was related to blood.
However, even if he had unleashed his seventh soul skill, the Blood-sucking Bat True Body, the immense sucking force which came from the ground still kept him from breaking free of its clutches for the moment.
Tang Wulin had already launched his attacks. Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth shook the Blood-sucking Bat so much that its entire body went numb. However, with the martial soul’s True Body’s powerful defenses, his movements were only sluggish for a moment before he started struggling to free himself.
Even so, the suction force from Tang Wulin’s golden halo was too great. His agility was still restricted to a certain range.
Tang Wulin used the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands as a whip. He descended from the skies and crashed downward. At the same time, he let out a howl from his mouth, the Golden Dragon Roar!
Purple light shot out of his eyes like lightning from the Purple Demon Eyes.
In an instant, Tang Wulin unleashed every control-type soul skill he had.
The Blood-sucking Bat had no other choice but to transform into a puff of mist instantly. He used the method of leaving the battlefield which he was most familiar with. He wanted to run away.
However, Purple Demon Eye’s spiritual shock had slowed his movements for half a beat. It was precisely this half a beat that decided the outcome of the battle.
A golden silhouette leaped silently from the ground and wrapped itself around him. It pulled him down toward the ground. At the same time, in the instant where he had not completely turned into a puff of mist, Golden Dragon Spear’s whip finally struck against him.
The seven-ringed evil soul master wailed. A series of shattering sounds came from his two-word battle armor. He was forcibly whipped to the ground.
Tang Wulin raised his right foot, and his body suddenly rose up in a whirlwind as he flew into the sky. In the spot he had just been standing now stood an extremely humongous form. It was his second spirit soul, Overlord Dragon!
The Overlord Dragon’s right foot stomped down brazenly without hesitation. It mercilessly stepped on the seven-ringed Soul Sage.
The Overlord Dragon was sixty meters tall. Its weight could not even be moved by Tang Wulin with his strength of fifty thousand kilograms.
As the most terrifying hunter in the land, the power of the Overlord Dragon’s feet immediately sent a tremor through the ground. Even the soul train which toppled over far away was shaken until it swayed left and right.
Tang Wulin pointed at the cars’ direction with his right hand, “Goldsong, go!”
Goldsong, which had wrapped itself around the evil soul master before this, had already turned into something akin to a sharp arrow. It charged toward the men in black with three-ringed cultivation bases.
Wisps of mist scattered to the surroundings from under the Overlord Dragon’s foot, shooting off at blinding speed.
A puff of hot air shot out from the Overlord Dragon’s nostrils. Shortly after, it suddenly opened its jaws, and a burst of scarlet flames shot forth from its mouth.
The Blood-sucking Bat evil soul master’s soul skill of turning into mist was highly useful for avoiding physical attacks. However, when he was in mist form, the damage he took from energy attacks was multiplied.
Amidst his wails, he had already taken a direct blast of those terrifying flames.
However, at this very moment, countless little bats came out of the mist and flew in all directions. The evil soul master’s methods of self-preservation could be described as ceaseless.