The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 796 - The Archangel’s Wrath

Chapter 796: The Archangel’s Wrath

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Tang Wulin snorted. He stood on the Overlord Dragon’s head and thumped his chest with his right hand. Immediately, the brownish yellow light ring reappeared. An immense gravitational force descended from the heavens and it suppressed the little bats until they dropped to the ground.
Shortly after, blades of Bluesilver Emperor rose straight from the ground and formed the Bluesilver Impaling Array. Like putting sugar-coated haws on a stick, the little bats were impaled.
One must be thorough in exterminating an evil. Tang Wulin carried it out wonderfully.
The Overlord Dragon turned and charged straight toward the other battlefield. With its terrifying figure and huge feet, every step it took brought with it thundering power.
Ever since Tang Wulin accomplished burying the dragon bones in the Dragon Valley, his Overlord Dragon spirit soul was able to materialize into a solid form.
When Tang Wulin was burying the bones of an Overlord Dragon with grown wings on its back, his Overlord Dragon spirit soul had swallowed that skeleton. It then fell into a year-long slumber.
When it awakened, Tang Wulin could summon it to engage in direct combat.
However, it came at a price. It expended Tang Wulin’s soul power at an extremely fast rate. With Tang Wulin’s current soul power strength, the Overlord Dragon could only fight for half a minute.
However, under such circumstances, half a minute was already an eternity. It could decide the outcome of the battle.
A seven-ring Soul Sage had been utterly defeated by Tang Wulin within a few seconds of the Overlord Dragon’s sudden appearance.
At the same time when Tang Wulin shouted to his comrades to fight with their full strengths, they had simultaneously erupted with power!
Yuanen Yehui howled toward the skies. The fourth soul ring on her body suddenly lit up. Her body shrunk somewhat, but her arms increased in girth. She swung the giant hammers in her hand which forcibly sent the skeleton evil soul master flying before her.
Devil Titan!
Yuanen Yehui leaped and spread out her pair of giant hammers. She began launching wild attacks toward the skeleton evil soul master.
On the other side, Stargod Sword in Ye Xinglan’s hands turned into Sword Meteor Shower. Countless sword gleams enveloped the huge wolf evil soul master. At the same time, the fifth soul ring on her body lit up.
Ye Xinglan’s eyes suddenly shone as brilliantly as stars. She pointed her Stargod Sword toward the skies. Shortly after, she disappeared from the spot she stood.
The skies suddenly turned illusory for an instant. Shortly after, a huge sword descended from the heavens as if it broke through the heavens. It plunged down instantly with its tip directed at the huge wolf evil soul master.
The huge wolf evil soul master felt the great threat to his life. The sixth soul ring on his body lit up and his body enlarged again. He bent backward slightly and let out a long howl toward the skies. A halo that resembled the moon lit up behind him. The moon was blood red!
Sixth soul skill, Bloodwolf Moon Howl!
The soul skill Bloodwolf Moon Howl could give his opponent a great spiritual shock and stimulate his own bloodline simultaneously. Using this soul skill, he could utilize offensive and defensive abilities three times stronger than what he usually possessed.
Unfortunately, he was facing Ye Xinglan, who had honed her swordsmanship to perfection.
When she was one with her sword, the spiritual shock from the Bloodwolf Moon Howl did not even affect Ye Xinglan in the slightest.
The huge sword which descended from the skies had sent the huge wolf evil soul master flying with a slash. A large crack appeared on the one-word battle armor which protected his body. It split the armor open at its center where it left a huge gash on his body so deep that his bones were visible.
This happened even when he was under the protection of the Bloodwolf Moon Howl. Otherwise, the huge wolf evil soul master’s body would have been cleaved into two halves.
The holy light on Yue Zhengyu’s body dimmed abruptly, but his whole body had turned golden in color. Even the wings on his back had turned golden. The holy sword in his hands burned with holy flames, and he was intensely focused.
His fifth soul ring burst forth with light. Golden light patterns swirled on his body. The golden little angels which had appeared during the Sea God Lake Date Festival appeared behind him now. They suddenly and silently merged into his body.
Yue Zhengyu’s body shook. Another pair of feathered wings emerged from his back. This pair of wings were illusory, but the holy aura erupting from his body increased by leaps and bounds.
The skies suddenly lit up at this instant. It was as if the sun had appeared in the night sky. A golden light column descended from the skies and fell on Yue Zhengyu. A six-winged angel’s shadow also appeared in the high skies.
The holy sword in Yue Zhengyu’s hands was like a mirror which reflected the light. It reflected the huge light column which descended from the skies onto the dark rider.
The nightmarish warhorse of the dark rider let out a soundless howl. Black flames rose and completely enveloped the dark rider’s body. The dark rider’s sixth soul ring lit up. He gripped his huge sword with his hands and made a sudden horizontal swing as he decapitated himself. His head rolled down between his hips. However, the dark aura on his body burst forth with a never-seen-before terrifying wave.
He flung the huge sword horizontally and it collided with Yue Zhengyu’s fifth soul skill.
Yue Zhengyu’s fifth soul skill, Archangel’s Wrath! He summoned the purest light of holy power to sweep all traces of evil clean.
The battle seemed to have transitioned from a deadlock to a fight to the death in an instant.
“Boom!” Golden light burst forth with power into the air like fireworks. In the end, Yue Zhengyu was still affected despite the clown evil soul master’s weakening. Amidst the purplish-black sword gleam, he was sent flying backward by the slash.
However, the dark rider was not at an advantage either. His warhorse shattered into pieces which burned with golden flames. With no other choice, he had transferred the holy light of Archangel’s Wrath to his steed. He too was stained with holy light as well. He could only urge his soul power to continue resisting the holy light.
Both sides suffered losses!
The most shocking energy bursts did not come from the three main assault system Battle Soul Masters but Xu Xiaoyan.
She raised her Starwheel Staff high above her head. Xu Xiaoyan mumbled something. Her third soul ring shone brightly, Dazzling Starlight!
Beams of starlight shot forth from her body. At the same instant, Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui burst with energetic beams of starlight which wrapped around all the evil soul masters.
Xu Xiaoyan had not unleashed her collective controlling soul skill yet because she was just waiting for this opportunity. To control one’s opponent, it was crucial to catch one’s opponent off guard. To be able to catch them unaware was of utmost importance.
The starlight seemed to have eyes of their own as they fell onto every evil soul master. The coordination between the members of Shrek Seven Monsters was immaculate! Starlight flickered on Xu Xiaoyan’s body. When the brilliant starlight beams appeared, the trio Yue Zhengyu, Yuanen Yehui, and Ye Xinglan who were at the forefront reacted immediately. They swiftly dodged to the side and gave way to the starlights’ attacks.
Xu Xiaoyan’s one-word battle armor was dark blue. Spots of starlight shone on it. It was like the night sky and the stars. The name of her one-word armor was Star!
The Shrek Seven Monster’s master-control soul master’s combat abilities had been fully demonstrated at this moment. When the beams of starlight fell onto the veil soul masters with precision, they seemed to have been frozen in time as they stopped moving.
How could the others let go of such a good opportunity?
The four clones produced by Xie Xie moved swiftly. In an instant, four evil soul masters with relatively inferior cultivation bases had their throats slit.
Yuanen Yehui leaped. Her pair of hammers moved like meteors chasing after the moon and landed consecutively and mercilessly on the skeleton evil soul master’s chest. Amidst the crisp sound of breaking bones, the skeleton evil soul master was sent flying.
Yue Zhengyu gritted his teeth. He tried hard to bear the discomfort on his body as he guided the holy sword in his grip. The beam of Light of Judgement trailed right behind the starlight beams as it fell onto the dark rider who had transformed into a terrifying rider. The combination of the two lights rendered his entire body in dense golden lighting.
Ye Xinglan had just unleashed her fifth soul skill, Star Sword. Currently, she held the Stargod Sword in her hands, and her entire battle armor burst forth with starlight, Sword God’s Star! She transformed into a mass of blazing starlight as she swept past the huge wolf evil soul master’s side in an instant. Although it was only her first soul skill, it was extremely fast. Under the enhancement of her battle armor and Stargod Sword, its prowess was extraordinary.
Most of the evil soul masters seemed to have received grave wounds simultaneously.
Seizing this opportunity, Xu Lizhi tossed the Recovery Pork Buns in his hands to his comrades so they need only open their mouths to take a bite. Tang Wulin also seized this opportunity. He rode the Overlord Dragon and charged over.
The majestic Overlord Dragon rampaged on. It had not reached the others yet, but already a huge flame shot out from its mouth.
This Overlord Dragon spirit soul was connected to Tang Wulin at the spiritual level. It shot out a mouthful of flames which engulfed the remaining evil soul masters which had posed a threat to Xie Xie and the others.
The flames shot out by the Overlord Dragon was dragonfire for real! As the most powerful Land Dragon King, the Overlord Dragon’s combat strength was not inferior to a true dragon. In a certain way, it was even more terrifying than a true dragon. Once the Overlord Dragon transformed and grew wings, it would be close to the ranks of the Nine Great Dragon Kings