The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 811 - Spreading One's Wings Before Soaring

Chapter 811: Spreading One’s Wings Before Soaring
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“Don’t panic. Stay calm to exercise control. The service truck will be at your place shortly. Control as best as you can to prevent a collision.” On the contrary, the control tower seemed to have calmed down.
Control? Of course, he was going to control but he was controlling the aircraft into taking off soon.
Xie Xie pushed the cyclic control into making a swift turn. The aircraft was lopsided during the turning due to its high speed. Its two wings shook as it was moving faster than normal heading straight for the runway.
“Sky-9, Sky-9, this is a warning. How dare you people hijack the aircraft. This is a capital offense. I repeat, this is a capital offense. Stop immediately, otherwise, the base has the right to destroy all of you.” the voice from the control tower sounded cold.
Xie Xie was wondering how they could possibly be discovered so soon. He thought that he had feigned it well.
Xu Lizhi sitting at the back row suddenly pulled down something from the top of the cabin. “I think it’s this that exposed us.”
It was a tiny camera capable of transmitting the image inside the cabin to the control tower. The control tower could tune in to the video frequency and watch the inside of the cabin.
Ye Xinglan blurted, “Quick!”
“I know!” Xie Xie pushed the cyclic control but there was not enough time to go onto the runway when the piercing siren sounded. He could see vaguely that the barricade used to seal the runway afar was already rising slowly. Even if they could make it to the runway, it would be impossible to take off now.
Cold radiance shimmered in Xie Xie’s eyes. He pulled the cyclic control with his right hand as he hurled the aircraft backward.
Instantly, the reactive thrust pinned down the four people against their seats forcefully, while simultaneously the three people outside the cabin could feel a tremendous force transmitted and the intense airflow lashing against their bodies.
Tang Wulin roared loudly, “Battle Armor out!”
Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu unleashed their battle armors simultaneously. Tang Wulin was no exception as he too relied on his helmet and mask to lessen the impact of the forces.
The aircraft suddenly gained speed but was not in a stable condition. The cockpit of Skywing F-7 angled upward and pulsated before the whole aircraft lunged forward all of a sudden.
The ground the aircraft was cruising on at the moment was not the runway yet. The runway was still over three hundred meters away. On the other side of the runway was a stretch of grassland that acted as a rumble strip. It was considered smooth but definitely not firm ground.
Piercing bright orange radiance burst forth from the Skywing F-17’s exhaust. It covered the three hundred meters in the blink of an eye. They had dashed onto the grassland within a split second.
Xie Xie roared in rage as he pulled the cyclic control in his hands with full force. The grassland was only four hundred meters wide and the area before it was a long stretch of barracks. If they still could not take off, they would crash into the barracks.
The four people in the cabin unleashed their battle armors in unison as Xie Xie was pulling at the cyclic control. No one wished to die and the situation was not what they had expected. They did not manage to make it to the actual runway for takeoff.
“Oh!” Xu Xiaoyan made a piercing shriek as the Skywing F-17 shook violently on the grassland. She watched helplessly as they were fast approaching the end of the grassland and was about to head for the solid concrete wall in front.
It was at this moment when the aircraft shook abruptly. The Skywing F-17’s powerful driving force flared up as the cockpit tilted upward. All the shaking suddenly stopped, while the concrete wall in front seemed to be dipping down. The sound of fractured glass came from the bottom of the aircraft. In the next moment, they were already in the air.
“Wow! We’re in the air!” Xie Xie screamed out in excitement.
“There has been a collision. Examine the situation quick!” Ye Xinglan roared at him in rage.
Xie Xie took a glance at the meter before he shrugged and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Do you think that I’ve truly learned how to fly the aircraft just by observing its operation for only a few days? Nevertheless, we are at least flying now. We are flying in the air and this is known as soaring. Haha! Accelerate, accelerate!”
As he was saying that, he pulled on the cyclic control to increase the speed.
A raging voice from the control tower echoed from his headphone, “Return to base immediately. Otherwise, we’ll launch a surface-to-air missile soon. This is not a warning, it’s an order.”
It was at this moment streams of soul rays swept the air from the ground emitting a dazzling radiance.
There was no doubt that the soul rays were used to warn them.
“Strike me if you can. Truth be told, we are the current Shrek Seven Monsters. Just wait till you incur Shrek Academy’s rage if we get killed.” Xie Xie roared once before he hung up the communication abruptly.
In the control tower of Northsea Army Corps base!
The situation inside the control tower was chaotic. The control system showed that a Skywing F-17 only required seven hundred meters for a forced takeoff on the subsidiary runway.
Although they were aware of the situation, everything happened too quickly and suddenly that everyone was caught off guard and did not have time to react to the situation at once.
Such a situation was unprecedented. The staff on the scene were all confused when they heard of the ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ on the communicator.
The special forces major was right about Northsea Army Corps being akin to the backyard of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy. It was for this reason that the people here were even more aware of Shrek Academy’s presence.
There was not a single student who graduated from Shrek Academy in the Northsea Army Corps because of political reasons. They could not have done that without the Federation’s support for everyone knew that the most outstanding soul masters on the continent were from Shrek Academy!
However, despite their discrimination against Shrek Academy, they understood what the words ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ meant. The label signified the entire Shrek Academy!
If the Shrek Seven Monsters were to die here, it would be an event capable of stirring up the emotions of the entire Federation.
The highest commanding officer of the control tower, Liu Ming, had turned green with rage! What was happening here? Since when did the Shrek Seven Monsters arrive in the Northsea Army Corps base? He had only received information that the base captured a few crafty fellows possibly from Shrek Academy. They would be released a few days later after detainment.
Yet, according to the Major’s report, these Shrek Academy’s students should have been buckled with soul-seal handcuffs and spirit-seal helmets. How did they manage to fly an aircraft?
“Major, what do we do?” The control tower’s staff were all looking at Liu Ming.
Liu Ming breathed rapidly. “Patch the general through immediately.”
The Northsea Army Corps’ regimental commander, Lieutenant General Shen Yue, was the newest generation of bright stars in the army. She was only thirty-eight years old and she had already been promoted to lieutenant general by the Federation.
“General, such is the situation, please advise!” Colonel Liu Ming completed his report as soon as he could.
The other side of the communication was quiet for a moment. “Launch Sky-word Flying Regiment. Launch Number One Northsea Mecha Regiment. Ensure their safety. Launch the air guard. Compel them to descend and return if possible. Ensure their safety even if they resist.”
“Yes. Copy.”
The label ‘Shrek Seven Monsters’ was truly influential. Even a lieutenant general who was not at peace with Shrek Academy dared not allow anything untoward to happen to these people in her territory.
Shen Yue stood in her office dressed in a military outfit. Her military outfit was neat and tidy. There was no trace of aging on her face. She appeared to be thirty years old and looked strikingly beautiful. She was an academy beauty back in those days when she was studying in the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy.
“Send Major Bing Feng to see me,” Shen Yue pressed a button on her table and dispatched her order.
“Shrek Seven Monsters?” Shen Yue frowned because they had received information that Shrek Academy’s inner court disciples were here for a test mission. She was aware of Shrek Academy’s tradition as she had once sent her people to the island. As the Northsea Army Corps’ regimental officer and also the deputy commander of Northeast Military Command, she had the authority within her own army corps to do so.
However, her actions drew criticisms from the higher authorities within a short period of time. Thus, the island remained a mystery to her.
These group of people was from Shrek. Furthermore, they called themselves Shrek Seven Monsters. If this were true, there may be trouble again.
Shrek Academy had always taken care of its people. If anything were to happen to the Shrek Seven Monsters while they were here, there was no way she could pacify Shrek Academy’s outrage no matter how rational her explanation was.
The Shrek Seven Monsters were not simply chosen. In fact, they will be vetted again after a long period when the previous generation of Shrek Seven Monsters retired after rendering their meritorious services. Moreover, the principle of quality before quantity was upheld such that the position would be kept vacant if no one was qualified enough for the title.