The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 813 - Dragon Riding on A Fighter Aircraft

Chapter 813: Dragon Riding on A Fighter Aircraft

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The control tower had the clearest view of the scene. Using the large radars, they could capture clear images of the skies. In truth, if the North Sea Army had wanted to shoot Tang Wulin and the others out of the sky, it would have been a simple task for them. With the Northsea Army Corps’ air defense system, they definitely could not have evaded the soul cannonball once it was fired.
Even so, could they truly do that? Even if Tang Wulin and the others had ‘borrowed’ their aircraft, they were persons of interest. They could not use any violent course of action or they would be in deep trouble. Hence, they had to rely on gentler methods to apprehend them.
Although they could not kill the Shrek Seven Monsters, they were definitely allowed to arrest them. Indeed, though their deaths would have dire grave consequences, their arrest would be a decisive blow to Shrek Academy. The Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy or the military could boldly state, ‘Were these the Shrek Seven Monsters handpicked by you? They were nothing special ‘.
That was why Lieutenant General Shen Yue had personally assumed command of this operation. She was waiting for them to be captured and brought back.
However, the scene that came next left her staring with her mouth agape.
Up in the sky, the six airplanes which had completed the midair acquisition were turning around to bring back the aircraft which contained the Shrek Seven Monsters. Suddenly, a humongous entity broke the huge net.
They could clearly see on the thirty-six meter long the Skywing-17 a huge, majestic figure, more than sixty meters tall. Its sheer size was awesome to behold. It was so terrifying that upon appearing, it instantly caused the Skywing-17 and the six aircraft around it to fall.
Six planes were definitely stronger than one single aircraft. That was the basis of airborne target acquisition. However, when the target had the sudden addition of an Overlord Dragon, the situation was very different.
That single aircraft put the other six into a nosedive! They dropped straight for the seas beneath them.
The six black mechas were still down there. Caught off guard, the falling aircraft nearly collided with them as they scattered hastily.
Tang Wulin raised his hand, and a Bluesilver Emperor vine shattered the canopy of the Skywing-17’s cockpit. The roar of the wind immediately filled the entire cockpit. The aircraft’s cockpit was now open and exposed.
“Xie Xie, prepare for full throttle.” The conditions of their aircraft had become extremely peculiar. Because of the Overlord Dragon riding on it, the tail of the aircraft pointed downward as it pulled down the other six aircraft when it descended. The Overlord Dragon seemed to be slightly at a loss. It had not registered what was occurring.
The six aircraft around them finally reacted. They quickly gave up on the capture nets and scattered in the air.
Because of the intense gravitational force, these six aircraft could no longer maintain their own stability. They scattered by rolling away. Even the best pilot would need time and strong mental fortitude to maintain control over his plane under such conditions.
“Accelerate!” Tang Wulin yelled loudly. The Overlord Dragon vanished instantly and he returned to the back of the aircraft. Blue Emperor vines extended and wrapped themselves around the four people inside the aircraft.
Xie Xie pushed the throttle lever forward. The aircraft shook violently in the air before accelerating in a new direction.
Xie Xie felt as if the world was spinning around. With a sudden burst of speed, the plane charged out of the area with the seven of them in tow.
The aircraft ascended and then the control system naturally maintained flying altitude. They were in luck as they were heading in the direction of the archipelago.
Currently, the six aircraft were still unable to stabilize themselves, and the six black mechas had already rushed toward them. The highest priority was to ensure the safety of their allies, so they were at the ready for a rescue.
The Skywing-17 piloted by the Shrek Seven Monsters was like a little bird which broke free of its cage as it flew straight toward the archipelago.
“Reduce altitude!” Tang Wulin shouted at Xie Xie. Without the hindrance of the cockpit’s canopy, Tang Wulin’s voice could easily reach its intended target.
Xie Xie panted heavily, “This is too much, Captain!”
“Everyone, get ready. On the count of three, I want everyone to unfasten their seat belts.” This sentence was naturally directed toward the four members who sat within the cabin.
“Get ready,” Xie Xie laughed and released the throttle lever.
“One, two, three!” Tang Wulin shouted out the numbers. Shortly after, he leaped forcefully from the back of the aircraft. At the same time, the Bluesilver Emperor vines connected to his body pulled on their cargo abruptly. Under his control, the six figures seemed to have followed him and were free of the aircraft at the same time. They appeared in the skies, the seven of them, wrapped by the Bluesilver Emperor. They formed a peculiar shape.
“Is that even possible!?” In the control tower, Major Bing Feng stared at this scene with his mouth agape.
With a squad of six fighter aircraft and six black mechas, they were still able to break through their formation? When Tang Wulin and the others leaped out of the aircraft, the Skywing-17 had already entered the territory of the archipelago and continued flying into the distance.
The huge mecha unit had already arrived behind them, but they did not pass the boundary of the archipelago.
Oddly, the Skywing-17, which had just charged passed the boundary, suddenly made a sharp fall. It dropped from the skies and plummeted toward the depths of the archipelago. Some sort of illusory light appeared and then it vanished into thin air. There was no sign of an explosion from a crash.
Tang Wulin currently had no time to think about these things. He raised his hand and shoved the Agility Soup Bun which was prepared by Xu Lizhi beforehand into his mouth to reduce his own body weight. The others did the same.
Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yuehui extended their wings in unison, forming a black and white pair. They rode on the air current as they desperately tried to stabilize everyone’s bodies as much as possible from the sides.
“This feels great! It’s amazing!” Xie Xie yelled excitedly.
This was definitely the most exhilarating event he had ever experienced since birth. With his piloting skills, hardly even at the level of a beginner, he had somehow managed to get his companions out of the tight encirclement they had just been in. What could make him more excited than that?
Tang Wulin’s heart raced as a bright golden halo emerged from his body. Immediately, the seven members felt as though their bodies were weightless like they were floating in midair.
The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone gave Tang Wulin the soul skill Gravitational Control. When he fought with the evil soul master, Tang Wulin had used this skill many times. Other than Gravitational Control, there was another soul skill that seemed to have been of a defensive nature, but Tang Wulin was unable to utilize it just yet. He felt that he could only use this defensive soul skill when he attained a cultivation base of seven rings. Hence, Nature’s Child was not the first skill which he obtained but could not use.
“General,” Colonel Liu Ming called out with a deep voice within the control tower.
Shen Yue’s brows were tightly knitted together. However, she was, after all, of a superior office, so she could still maintain her calm. “Forget it. Let them go in. I now believe that they’re this generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. Keep a close eye on any activity in the Demon Archipelago. Combat preparation level three. Nothing good will come of letting them into that place.”
“Yes! Combat preparations level three.”
Shen Yue turned to look at Major Bing Feng. “I think I deserve an explanation.”
Major Bing Feng stood straight and saluted, “Yes!”
Shen Yue turned around and walked out. Major Bing Feng quickly followed behind her, matching his pace with hers.
Colonel Liu Ming watched as they left. Only when they were out of earshot did he heave a sigh of relief. It was still early in the morning and already such a ruckus had been made. It made him feel extremely agitated!
The results from the investigations were already out and sent to them. Lu Fu and his crew were safe and had regained consciousness.
There were no casualties, but they lost the Skywing-17. For the military, this was a heavy blow.
Moreover, the Demon Archipelago was forbidden territory to them. When people from Shrek Academy entered that area, there was nothing else that they could do. Naturally, it was impossible for them to retrieve the fighter aircraft.
Tang Wulin had the wherewithal to carefully observe the archipelago beneath them after they had stabilized themselves during their midair glide. They could clearly see it from their vantage point in the skies. There were huge patches of islands which encompassed a large area, but it seemed a little too quiet. These small islands were all pitch black, and the terrain was extremely complicated. There was some vegetation coverage but it all seemed to be black as well. It was as if the islands and everything on them was dyed with a layer of ink.
More peculiar was that around these islands in a range of three hundred meters, the seawater was black. It was a stark contrast to the azure ocean far away.
Without a doubt, it was definitely not an ordinary location, and this was going to be the place of their military training.
Tang Wulin definitely did not think that they had overcome all their hardships just by arriving on this archipelago within fifteen days. Without a doubt, the true hardships would most likely start from here on out.
“There!” Ye Xinglan suddenly exclaimed, as she raised her hand and pointed at something