The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 816 - Charging Into Another World

Chapter 816: Charging Into Another World

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When he thought of this, Tang Wulin led the way and walked toward the depths of Demon Island.
There were no roads on the island, only pitch black forests. They had no way of making out the directions. They could only head in the general direction of the internal regions of the island.
After they entered the forest, the dead stillness Tang Wulin became even more apparent. The surrounding ambiance was gloomy, but most of the gloominess was assuaged by Tang Wulin who walked at the front. The Golden Dragon King bloodline aura of his entire body was as vigorous as the blazing sun. It dissipated most of the gloomy stillness away as he led his comrades along their way.
There was no need for Tang Wulin to remind them. Everyone was trying their level best to conserve their spiritual powers. They were controlling them so that their soul powers would not flow naturally. They must save their soul powers for the most crucial of moments. If they could not find a spot on the island where they can connect to origin energy, they would have to think of a way to overcome this quandary as soon as possible.
As Tang Wulin walked, he observed the skies. They had ‘borrowed’ the aircraft early in the morning to embark on this journey of theirs. The skies were brightening up. At least, when he looked outward from the island, there was nothing different.
What kind of powerful force was able to turn an ordinary thriving island into this? It was obvious that it was not done by humans. it would have been meaningless for the Federation to do this.
If it were not done by humans, then the phenomena on Demon Archipelago must have been a natural occurrence. If that were the case, what would have been the cause?
Could it be that there was some huge soul circuit on this island which continuously stripped the air of origin energy? If this were the case, then how could the black sea be explained? The black sea itself had the terrifying ability to absorb all energy.
After having walked for two hours, everyone’s body was covered in sweat. However, to conserve their soul powers, they did not utilize their soul powers to move faster. They brought a certain amount of food in the soul storage tools, but they had consumed quite a lot of their rations when they were being detained. They had not the chance to replenish their resources yet, so they could only do their best to consume their rations conservatively.
“Let’s rest for a bit here,” Tang Wulin said with a deep voice.
Overall, he was the least affected among them. His powerful Golden Dragon King bloodline aura would not be greatly affected in the short term. Even so, if this went on long enough, he would not be able to endure it. Unless he broke through his next layer of Golden Dragon King’s seal, he could not withstand the effects of the terrain continuously.
Tang Wulin quickly climbed up a large tree beside him. When he reached a higher spot, he looked in the faraway direction.
The black forest seemed to be endless. When he looked toward the internal parts of Demon Island, he could faintly make out a purplish-black mass.
‘A purplish-black mass? What’s that?’
He had only taken a glance, but Tang Wulin felt a strong fear welling up within him. It made him feel as if his body would be torn to pieces.
What a powerful energy! Since it had energy, its energy must have been a part of origin energy. That spot might very well be the breakthrough point!
When he thought about this, Tang Wulin felt greatly relieved. After he returned to the ground, he immediately conveyed what he saw to his comrades.
They rested for a while and ate something before they resumed their journey. This time, they finally had a clear direction.
They walked for another two hours and finally exited the black forest. However, the ground was still pitch black and the darkness spread far and wide. From their vantage point on the ground, they could see the purplish-black mass far away.
The purplish-black glow was faint and gave them a terrifying still quiescence.
“What is that?” Xu Lizhi asked softly.
Yue Zhengyu frowned. “I don’t feel well here. It’s as if my entire body’s going to be torn to pieces, it’s that kind of a feeling.”
“Me too.” Xu Xiaoyan was panting. Yue Zhengyu hastily stood in front of her and acted as a shield. Only then did she feel better.
“Let’s retreat back to the forest,” Tang Wulin immediately gave the order when he saw his comrades displaying pained expressions.
He felt the same sensations as well. Due to his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura which was vigorous enough, he did not feel as sick as his comrades did.
They retreated into the forest. With the trees acting as a shield, they felt much better.
“That aura is really terrifying, but it doesn’t look like any attribute of energy which we’ve encountered before. What exactly is that?” asked Ye Xinglan with a deep voice.
Tang Wulin said, “We can only be sure upon closer inspection. You guys wait here, I’ll go over and have a look.”
“Captain.” Xie Xie grabbed Tang Wulin. “I’ll go. I’m quick, and I’ll use my battle armor. Even if there’s something amiss, I can still make it back as quickly as possible.”
Tang Wulin shook his head, “Sure, you’re quick, but your resistance is weak. I have the support of my bloodline power. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”
In terms of bodily resistance, it was true that nobody could beat Tang Wulin, not even Yuanen Yehui.
Tang Wulin drew a deep breath and no longer conserved his energy. His one-word battle armor covered his entire body, and his golden mask slowly closed effectively isolating him from the outside world. His dense blood essence wave also filled the air.
Tang Wulin moved swiftly and left the forest. He did not pause. Instead, he abruptly sprinted toward the purplish-black glow.
As expected, with the protection of his battle armor, he felt much better. However, Tang Wulin could still feel the potency of the energy that seemed to be able to crush everything. It was getting closer to him and also increasing in intensity.
His soul power merged perfectly with his blood essence power. It flowed swiftly according to the Mysterious Heaven Method. Tang Wulin wiped his forehead with his right hand and the Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grip. Its tip was pointed straight ahead.
A golden halo in the shape of an umbrella appeared in front of him with the Golden Dragon Spear as the tip. It split the terrifying aura as much as possible. When the pressure reduced slightly, Tang Wulin accelerated again. He could feel that his soul power and blood essence power were being consumed at an extremely fast pace.
They were not being absorbed. On the contrary, they were expended to resist the terrifying aura.
He was getting closer. After he had dashed out for a thousand meters, he could feel that the surrounding air was fragmented. When the fragmented air brushed against his body, it felt like small sharp blades continuously cutting into his body. He had no choice but to expend more energy to resist them.
Dragon scale patterns started appearing on his one-word battle armor. Left without a choice, Tang Wulin unleashed the Golden Dragon Body.
A deep dragon’s roar surrounded his body and managed to keep the powerful shattering sensation at bay. Suddenly, he felt as if he had charged into a void. Shortly after, everything in front of him turned purplish-black. His body seemed to have been swallowed by something. His body shook abruptly! The terrifying pressure which he felt before this vanished instantly. His entire body went light. He had arrived at another world!
Tang Wulin panted heavily. He was gulping for air. At that very instant, he felt as if his body had been completely torn to pieces. Even his battle armor was on the verge of breaking. Currently, all the pressure he felt before this had completely vanished. It made him feel as if he was about to collapse.
After he rested for a while, he noticed that he was in a huge mountain valley. Surprisingly, the interior of the valley was not pitch black. Luxuriant green plants grew all around him. Far away, a huge purplish-black column shot toward the skies. When he saw it, the fear within him resurfaced. However, what surprised Tang Wulin was that there was origin energy in this place. Also, he could feel that the density of life source in here was much higher than the outside world.
He had a plant-type martial soul. His senses toward the life source were heightened. He need only to take a deep breath and he was completely rejuvenated.
“Not bad, you’re able to enter without being guided,” a slightly hoarse voice sounded. Tang Wulin was startled. When he turned around to look, he noticed an elder who was looking at him with his head askance.
He looked quite old. He was around a hundred and eight centimeters in height with a slight hunch. His slightly messy hair hung down and his face was full of wrinkles. Put another way, he had wrinkled skin and white hair. He held a walking stick in one hand, but his eyes were lucid. For his age, they were not dim in the slightest.
As he was old, Tang Wulin barely managed to discern from the facial expression that he seemed to be smiling.
Tang Wulin hastily said, “Hello there. I’m Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy.”
The elder nodded slightly. “I know, I know. Shrek Academy, right? Young man, you look very handsome.”
Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Senior, can you tell me what place this is?”
The elder replied, “This is Demon Island. It’s a place where demons live.” After he finished this sentence, he broke into laughter.
A place where demons lived? A thought flashed across Tang Wulin’s mind. He could not feel the slightest threat coming from this elder before him. He could not even sense an ounce of an energy wave from him. He appeared like an ordinary elder who was old and ailing like a candle in the wind.
Tang Wulin said, “The academy sent us to Demon Island for our military training. May I know what the military training entails?”
The elder shook his head, “I’m not in charge of all those details, but there’s someone here who is. By the way, it’s been a very long time since your academy has sent someone here. Everybody’s waiting for you. Come, follow me, I’ll bring you there.” As he said this, he turned around. He supported his body with his walking stick and teetered toward the depths of the valley.