The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 818 - Forward Charge

Chapter 818: Forward Charge

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Having seen what a charge toward the purple light would bring, he knew that the person in the lead would bear the brunt of the destructive power. Without a doubt, he wanted to be at the front to act as a shield. Even so, the others would be suffering the force of impact from all directions. At that point, his Golden Dragon Rage Domain would prove vital. With the addition of Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Chain, they should be able to overcome the obstacles while under the layers of numerous enhancements.
An hour later, everyone had finished their preparations.
Tang Wulin said, “Keep your buns at hand and eat them only after I give the order. Get ready.”
As he said this, he raised his Golden Dragon Spear before him with the tip pointed outward.
Everyone donned their battle armor. Tang Wulin lowered his voice and yelled, “Charge!” At this command, he took the lead and dashed forth.
Star Chains linked everyone together. However, Tang Wulin did not unleash his Golden Dragon Rage Domain at first. This was because the domain would consume too much of his energy, so it was unnecessary for it to be used for now.
Yuanen Yehui used the Fallen Angel Transformation and not the Titan Giant Ape Transformation which had greater endurance. This was because Tang Wulin had concluded that if Yuanen Yehui used the Titan Giant Ape Transformation, she would suffer greater impacts when her size got too big. It was better off for her to use the Fallen Angel Transformation. With him at the front shielding them from the blast, the force of impact would be less.
Having had prior experience, Tang Wulin charged swiftly. He single-handedly blocked the terrifying energy head-on. However, that energy was everywhere, pressing down on their bodies from all directions.
Everyone utilized their soul power. Yue Zhengyu brandished the Saint Sword in his hands. Other than Yuanen Yehui, everyone else’s body had a layer of holy light. Although the holy light shattered in the next moment, it was enough for it to be able to withstand the energy for a moment.
Ye Xinglan wielded the Stargod Sword and spots of starlight scattered all around them. The starlight also shattered swiftly, only able to reduce some of the pressure around them.
Everyone unleashed their own abilities as they resisted the pain that threatened to tear them to pieces. They followed closely behind Tang Wulin in their forward charge.
Because of the Star Chain, Tang Wulin could clearly sense the rate of that they used their soul power. When the destructive energy hit their bodies, they expended an equal amount of soul power to resist it. Although Tang Wulin was the vanguard, he was expending much more energy than when he charged forward alone.
They could not conserve their resources this time. Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. As a halo lit up under his feet, the Golden Dragon Rage Domain was unleashed, and his body grew to a height of three meters.
His gigantic body was much more muscular than it was before. He blocked most of the blast force and picked up speed. The other six members of Shrek Seven Monsters absorbed the energy given off by Tang Wulin’s body. The pain they felt was greatly reduced instantly.
Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear shook and Golden Dragon Soars to the Heavens opened up a path for them. The sonorous dragon’s roar negated the destructive aura which came at them from the front. His body then started trembling violently.
With every step they took, the pressure they felt increased, divided among the seven of them.
Tang Wulin shifted his Golden Dragon Spear to his left hand. The scales all over his body shone brightly. Golden Dragon Claws jutted out from his right hand and he swung them brazenly. When he swung his Golden Dragon Claws this time, they seemed to flicker. In that instant, the Golden Dragon Claws had actually swung nine swings.
This was Golden Dragon Extends Its Claws of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. Tang Wulin combined the Golden Dragon Extends Its Claws he had learned from his grandmaster and his own Golden Dragon Dreadclaw together to create this original technique, Golden Dragon Nirvana. He tore the air before him to shreds. Even the destructive power was instantly ripped to pieces. Tang Wulin’s blood essence power immediately weakened.
“Bean buns, crystal buns, eat!” he yelled and stabbed abruptly with his Golden Dragon Spear. Golden Dragon Flies!
With the help of the Golden Dragon Nirvana, he broke open the space. Then, he rode on the momentum of Golden Dragon Flies to rapidly charge forward. He practically opened up a path for his companions.
As the others behind him followed at full speed, they ate their Bloodthirst Bean Buns and Firm Crystal Buns.
A layer of a crystalline substance appeared outside everyone’s battle armor which insulated them from the outer destructive power.
This was also Tang Wulin’s first time eating the Firm Crystal Bun. Its effects were much more powerful than he had imagined. He felt as if another layer of armor had been added to his body. Although the destructive energy was also disintegrating the crystallite body, it was doing so at a much slower rate than when it was directly disintegrating their own defenses.
Under the combined effects of Golden Dragon Rage Domain, Bloodthirst Bean Buns, and Firm Crystal Buns, everyone felt that the pressure had been greatly lessened. They charged forward at full power.
Food type tool soul masters had the weakest combat strength in the early phase. The enhancement they brought were also much inferior compared to the soul masters who could directly cause an enhancement. However, with the gradual improvement of their cultivation base, a food type tool soul master’s ability would gradually come to the fore. The enhancements they brought were more direct and longer-lasting, with fewer side effects. Also, there was no risk of them being interrupted.
It was much more difficult for a food type tool soul master to cultivate compared to a support system soul master. They needed denser soul powers to improve themselves. However, once a food type tool soul master reached a certain level, the roles they played would certainly be superior to a support system soul master.
“Puh!” The feeling of immediate relaxation invigorated Tang Wulin’s spirit. This proved that he was not dreaming when he met the elder.
The others also felt their bodies go lighter. In the next moment, they appeared in the valley which Tang Wulin had visited before.
The unexpected reduction in pressure, and a sudden surge of potent life source made everyone pant heavily despite themselves. The group looked massively relieved.
Tang Wulin wore his golden helmet and armor as he stood in front of everyone with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. Because the others had not recovered their soul powers, all of them appeared to have completely exhausted themselves now.
At that point, Tang Wulin saw an elder clad in black garments. His hair and beard were completely white, but he did not appear as genial as the other elder he had met before. This elder’s eyes were sullen, and he had a hooked nose. He placed his hands behind him as he stared at them coldly.
“Hello, Senior.” Tang Wulin retracted his Golden Dragon Spear and nodded to greet the elder.
The elder looked at him, then at the others panting behind him. He gestured with his hand. “Come with me.” His voice was femininely high-pitched. It made the listeners feel quite awkward.
“Understood!” Tang Wulin gestured with his hand for his companions to follow the old man hastily.
The black-clothed elder did not walk at a fast pace. The route he took was the same one Tang Wulin had taken before. Observing his surroundings. Tang Wulin had a deeper impression of the feeling the faraway purplish-black light gave him.
Even though this place was filled with dense vitality, the gigantic column of light still filled their hearts with fright from far away. Such a destructive aura would terrify anyone. The fear they felt was unnerving and entirely beyond their control.
The other six members of the Shrek Seven Monsters took a glance at their surroundings with curious expressions on their faces. Was this the final destination of their journey? Although they had experienced difficulties and dangers, they still made it in the end.
Following the elder through a forest, they were brought to an empty area.
“Do you know why you’re here?” said the black-clothed elder drily.
Tang Wulin replied, “The academy sent us here for our military service, which counts as our military training as well.”
The elder suddenly smiled. When he smiled, the wrinkles on his face seemed to fold into each other. It was an extremely peculiar sight.
“Yes, it’s military training. The conditions for your stay are simple. As long as you don’t collapse, you can remain here for two years at most. Additionally, when you experience a mental breakdown, you’ll immediately be discharged. So, my young friends, you’d better watch yourselves. First, make your own introductions.”
Mental breakdown? When they heard these words, the seven of them could not help but feel a chill run down their spines.
“I’m the captain, Tang Wulin, a five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”
“Ye Xinglan, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”
“Yuanen Yehui, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”
“Xie Xie, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”
“Xu Lizhi, five-ringed Soul King, one-word battle armor master.”