The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 821 - Na’er?

Chapter 821: Na’er?

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Ye Xinglan looked at the skies. “It’s been a whole day. What’re we going to do next?”
Tang Wulin thought about it for a while and said, “We’ll do nothing. We’ll just stay here and cultivate. How about this, apart from Xu Lizhi, we’ll work in pairs to stand guard. The others can meditate and cultivate. Just think of this as secluded cultivation. The life source is so dense here, it’ll be highly beneficial for our cultivation.”
The others nodded in agreement. They felt it as well. Although they had experienced inhumane torture before this, they could obtain twice the results with half the effort when they cultivated here. The life source in the air was the purest origin energy, and it complemented the Mysterious Heaven Method which had the special attribute of abundance. The results of their cultivation were better than when they cultivated in the academy.
Xu Lizhi spoke with fear after the event, “That Old Demon Nightmare won’t have let us off that easily, will he?”
Tang Wulin said with a deep voice, “When the soldiers arrive, we’ll use a general to hold them off. When the water rises, we’ll use earth to keep it back. Remember, we’ll do our best not to eat anything or drink the water from here. We’ll ration the drinking water we brought. We’ll just wait and see. I’m sure they’ll make their move soon. If we make the first move, we may fall into one of their traps in this place which we’re completely unfamiliar with. That’s why we have to wait for them to make the first move.”
The others voiced out their agreement and began their individual cultivation.
Tang Wulin’s conviction gave everyone a great boost in confidence.
“Eh? What’s that?” Xie Xie suddenly pointed in the direction before them.
A faint yellowish mist slowly encroached them. The yellow mist came from all directions.
Tang Wulin hastily shouted, “Hold your breath! Be careful, everyone!”
A new trick was being deployed.
As he spoke, he made a gesture toward Yuanen Yehui.
Yuanen Yehui’s soul ring flickered and she immediately unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She raised her fists and shot air cannons to disperse the yellowish mist as much as possible.
However, at this very moment, yellowish mist emerged from under their feet. It completely enveloped the seven of them.
Just before he lost consciousness, the thought in Tang Wulin’s mind was that they should not have stayed there because it was Old Demon Nightmare who brought them there!
The seven of them fell limply to the ground. They were totally unconscious.
The yellow mist dispersed. Two figures came to their sides.
Old Demon Blight was all smiles, while Old Demon Nightmare wore a villainous expression.
“A bunch of kids and still they’re trying to out-scheme us? Hehehe! We’ll have you know just how much better we are,” said Old Demon Nightmare coldly.
Old Demon Blight said, “Alright, alright. Be quick. Let’s see what these little fellows are thinking about.”
When Tang Wulin came to, he noticed that he was still where he was before he fainted. However, his comrades were gone!.
He flipped and leaped to his feet with blinding speed. His face looked grim.
He was beginning to suspect if this was truly the location where the academy had sent them to do their military training. Why was everything so strange? Also, the methods Old Demon Nightmare used against them were not training techniques at all. They seemed more like torture.
What kind of a place was Demon Island?
“Ahh!” A shrill cry made Tang Wulin shiver. The cry sounded very familiar. It must have been someone he knew, but this person was not among the Shrek Seven Monsters.
Who was that?
Tang Wulin swiftly unleashed his battle armor and the Golden Dragon Spear. In this peculiar place, he must put on a hundred and twenty percent of his spirit.
He needed to look for the source of the voice even though his comrades were with him at present. Besides, this was the place where Old Demon Nightmare brought them. They should not have stayed in the first place.
After Tang Wulin muttered to himself, he quickly ran toward the direction from which the voice came.
“Ahh!” another sharp cry came which revealed the direction to him. Tang Wulin flitted through the forest. Suddenly, far away, a lake presented itself before him.
Beside the lake, a fair figure was on the ground and slowly retreating. The figure was wielding a long spear which flickered with silver light. She had no clothes on her, and she seemed to be taking a bath. Before her, a python was slowly closing in on her. This python was more than a hundred meters in length and was as thick as the diameter of a water tank. Its huge head was the size of a small house. It opened its huge mouth and was slowly inching toward the young girl.
“Na’er!” Tang Wulin shouted hysterically. Then, he ran over without hesitation.
Golden light flashed, Golden Dragon Flies. His body moved swiftly and he seemed to have shielded Na’er behind him in an instant.
It was precisely Na’er who wielded the Silver Dragon Spear. The python before her was exuding an extremely terrifying and imposing manner with its body.
Tang Wulin howled furiously toward the skies. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Body and the Golden Dragon Roar without hesitation.
When it was pounded with the Golden Dragon Roar, the python’s body retreated momentarily. Shortly after, it opened its mouth and bared its fangs toward Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin swept sideways with the Golden Dragon Spear in a fearless manner. With the enhancement of his Golden Dragon Body, he raised his own powers to extreme levels.
“Boom!” Amidst the loud noise, the python’s head was struck to the side. The python felt the pain. Its scales stood up on its humongous body as it swiftly wound its way toward him.
Tang Wulin’s expression was grim. He summoned the Overlord Dragon. A day had passed, and he was able to summon the Overlord Dragon again which was most suitable for dealing with this giant snake.
When the Overlord Dragon appeared, it opened its big mouth and bit the neck of the python. The python struggled desperately. Its humongous body began to wind around the Overlord Dragon’s body.
The most terrifying character of the Overlord Dragon was its powerful occlusal force. The outcome was already decided once the python was bitten by the Overlord Dragon.
Tang Wulin turned around and was stunned.
Na’er was already a young lady and not the little girl she once was. Her hands could barely cover the beauty of her body. For a time, Tang Wulin felt only a surge of heat.
He quickly bit the tip of his tongue and tried hard to sober up. Then, he hastily removed his jacket and tossed it to Na’er. “Put this on, quick.”
Na’er caught the jacket. She looked at Tang Wulin but her beautiful eyes were tearing up.
“Brother, you’re so mean. Why don’t you want me? Which part of Na’er is not good enough? Just why don’t you want me?”
She did not put on the jacket as she abruptly pounced on Tang Wulin. She proceeded to hug him tightly.
Tang Wulin’s entire body went stiff. He hastily said, “Na’er, let go of me. Let’s deal with the python first. Have you come here for the military training as well? Why did the Pavilion Master say you were missing?”
Na’er cried softly and said, “Teacher doesn’t want me to be with you anymore. He’s angry. That’s why he sent me here. But, I miss you so! Brother, can you not leave me alone? Don’t leave me alone anymore.” As she was saying this, she hugged Tang Wulin even tighter.
Tang Wulin sighed in his heart, but he was at a loss for words. Nonetheless, it was still a happy affair for him to be able to find his little sister.
He gently caressed Na’er’s long hair. “Don’t be like this, Na’er. Let’s deal with the python first.”
Na’er said, “Brother, but first, tell me. Do you pick me or her?”
Tang Wulin lowered his head to look at Na’er. What he saw was a pair of stubborn eyes.
“Na’er, I’ve told you clearly the other day. I…” He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly noticed Na’er’s gaze becoming ice cold. Shortly after, he felt pain on his chest. A beam of silver light pierced his body.
“Na’er, you…”
Tang Wulin stared blankly at Na’er. The Silver Dragon Spear in Na’er’s hands had stabbed through his chest.
Na’er’s face was vicious. “Why? Why won’t you pick me? I’m better than her in many ways, but you won’t pick me. If you won’t pick me, then it’s better if you just die!”
As she was talking, she twisted the Silver Dragon Lance in her grasp forcefully. The intense pain made Tang Wulin’s entire body convulse. His life force was fast depleting.
“No, no, you’re not Na’er. Na’er would never do this to me!” Suddenly, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the fierce looking Na’er, “You’re not Na’er. No matter what, Na’er won’t attack me. Nightmare, Old Demon Nightmare, you’re not Na’er!”
Tang Wulin roared furiously. He lashed out with his right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw, Golden Dragon Nirvana!
“Pooh!” The Na’er before him instantly dissolved, so did the python. Everything around him was becoming convoluted.
“Such a powerful spiritual will. It’s really not easy to make you collapse! Alright then. I’ll be more extreme.”
Everything before his eyes became illusory. Tang Wulin’s vision went dark as he fell unconscious again.
When he came to this time, he noticed that he had returned to his initial spot. He flipped and sat up. Tang Wulin instinctively checked his chest.
There was no wound. Naturally, there was no Silver Dragon Lance either. Na’er was just an illusion. In fact, it was Nightmare!