The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 822 - Mating?

Chapter 822: Mating?

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Tang Wulin panted heavily. He somehow managed to endure it. However, when Na’er stabbed the Silver Dragon Spear into his chest, the shock and pain he felt at that moment were indescribable.
Fortunately, his firm belief and his trust in Na’er helped him triumph over Nightmare. He had managed to endure it somehow. Even so, the sound of Na’er weeping and lamenting still echoed inside his mind. It made his heart pulse with pain. At the end of it all, he let Na’er down.
Was he in a dream then or was he awake? Tang Wulin was not clear about this. The nightmare just now really felt real. The pain he felt was real too.
At this moment, Old Demon Nightmare slowly appeared before him.
“Are you shocked?” Old Demon Nightmare looked at Tang Wulin as if he wanted to crack a joke.
Tang Wulin’s expression was grim. He found it hard to respect this old man in front of him.
“Where’re my comrades? Where are they?” If everyone was gathered together, he figured that things would somehow be better.
Old Demon Nightmare said, “Don’t be in such a rush, you’ll meet them very soon. But, I need you to do something for me. If you can’t do it, the consequences will be dire.”
Tang Wulin raised his brows. “What do you want me to do?”
Old Demon Nightmare said, “Of course, it’ll be something very difficult. Tell you what, I’ll show you the consequences first.”
As he said this, he flicked his right hand. An illusory frame slowly took shape.
“I must say that your spiritual power is amazing, and your determination is firm. You’re the first one to break free of my nightmare in two hundred years. This is very good, but I’m not satisfied. Since the dream can’t make you experience true pain, it can’t make you collapse mentally. We’ll need to switch to a real game. I’ll call it a test of the heart.”
The frame was split into three parts. Each part showed a cavern. There were two persons in each cavern.
Within the first cavern, it was shockingly Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan. Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie were inside the second cavern. In the third were Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui.
The caverns were not large. They looked to be about ten square meters. A pink light orb hung from the ceiling of the caverns. Mist could be faintly seen within the light orbs.
“See that? They’re on good terms right now. Of course, that’s their current scenario,” the smile on Old Demon Nightmare was very peculiar, extremely peculiar.
Tang Wulin looked at him coldly, “What do you want?”
Old Demon Nightmare said, “You’ve seen the pink mist within their rooms, right? From my understanding of their dreams, they should be three couples. So, I’ve separated them and placed a couple in each room. As for that pink mist, it’s the strongest drug I can find. The kind that works on men and women, even on animals. Once they inhaled the mist, they can do only one thing.”
When he said this, he clicked his fingers loudly. Then, he said with a grin, “Mate!”
Tang Wulin eyes bulged, a surge of hot blood instantly filled his head. “I’ll fight you to the death!” He abruptly took a step forward and aimed a punch at Old Demon Nightmare’s head.
Old Demon Nightmare’s body was illusory, so Tang Wulin’s fist went right through him. In the next moment, he had already appeared on the other side of Tang Wulin.
“Little fellow, don’t act rashly on impulse. Do you want me to open the three light orbs filled with the mist?” Old Demon Nightmare swung his arm and the three balls of pink mist began to rock.
“No!” Tang Wulin’s hands were balled tightly into fists. Because of his rage, his nails dug into his palms.
It was truly horrifying. An intense fear welled up inside him. Of course, he knew what would happen if the mist was released. It would be an absolute disaster.
The three pairs of couples were swapped. If they acted under the influence of that vile mist, it would have been crueler than killing them.
“You must be dying to say that this is no military training, or ask me why I’m doing this, am I right?” Old Demon Nightmare shrugged taunting Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin’s breathing was rushed, his eyes were reddened. He glared at him furiously. He realized that Demon Island was not as simple as it seemed.
Old Demon Nightmare sighed and said, “Actually, everything’s much more complicated than you think. The first thing I’ll tell you is that I’m already a thousand seven hundred and sixty-four years old.”
Tang Wulin was stunned. A thousand seven hundred years old? How was this possible? Even the most powerful Title Douluo or Limit Douluo would be hard pressed to live past three hundred years.
Old Demon Nightmare said, “Do you think that I want to be this old? I don’t want to either, but I can’t help it. It’s not easy for me to die, even if I wanted to. To put it more precisely, I’m not human. I’m a wronged ghost on Demon Island. This archipelago did not exist. It appeared because of the demon’s arrival. During that time, there weren’t that many oceanic soul beasts in these waters.”
“The demon is the purplish-black light you saw. The chunk on Demon Island is the largest fragment. We call it the Demon Fragment or Destruction Fragment. There’s a fragment on each island in this Demon Archipelago. Back then, when these fragments sunk to the bottom of the ocean, I happened to be fishing in these waters with a few of my friends. We were ordinary folks who were trying to feed our families.”
“That terrifying energy ripped our fishing boat to pieces and obliterated our bodies as well. I felt as if I was in a trance for a long while. I couldn’t tell how long it was before I realized I was still alive. From that moment on, I became Nightmare. I’d turned into this entity which is neither human nor ghost. We’re a part of this place and we can’t leave it. Thus, began our isolated existence on this desolate island.”
“If anyone from the outside came here, there’s no way they could survive unless they’re in the valley that’s in front of you now. This is our territory. There’s no way outsiders can enter here. Until one day, a senior from your Shrek Academy came here. He was powerful, so powerful that we couldn’t resist him with our powers back then. He fought intensely with us for a long time. In the end, he was gravely wounded by the Destruction Fragment’s energy. Before he left, he told us that his fight with us had benefited him. He hoped that his juniors can train here in the future. Since we had nothing better to do, we agreed to his proposal.”
“The reason you guys came here is to undergo special training. That’s not the case with us. You guys are just our toys. Not long ago, we were finally able to control the energy source of the Destruction Fragment. We don’t have to fear your Shrek Academy anymore. That’s why old demons like us can let loose and do whatever we fancy. Even though we can’t leave this place, part of this land is still under our control.” Old Demon Nightmare blabbered on for a long time, “Little boy, why don’t you surrender to your fate? You can only blame your bad luck.”
As he listened to Old Demon Nightmare, Tang Wulin’s heart gradually sunk into the depths of the valley. Everything was much more frightening than he imagined.
He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue to heighten his mindfulness of the situation at hand. “Old Demon Nightmare, what would you have me do to free my comrades?”
Old Demon Nightmare snickered, “Since this is military training, you’ll just have to listen to my orders and directions. I’ve cast the Nightmare Curse on you, so don’t even think of breaking free of my control. I can kill you anytime I like. I know you don’t fear death, but aren’t you afraid of what I can do to your comrades? After I have them sleep with each other, I will definitely not kill them. I’ll send the evidence of their activities together with them to Shrek Academy. Oh hell, I get all excited just thinking about it. How do you think Shrek Academy will feel by then? Won’t it be interesting?”
Tang Wulin’s heart was trembling already. “Whatever it is you want me to do, I’ll do it. Don’t release the mist, or else, I won’t let you off even after I turn into a ghost.”