The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 825 - Airborne Aircraft Hijack

Chapter 825: Airborne Aircraft Hijack

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As the air pushed back, Tang Wulin’s descent began to slow. A faint smile appeared on his face. ‘Did you really think that I couldn’t figure out a solution? I thought of it a while ago.’
The Bluesilver Grass had many wonderful capabilities and this was clearly on display at that moment. If it was truly a grass, of course, it could not possibly withstand such powerful acceleration. However, his was actually the Bluesilver Emperor with the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation’s amplification. It was easy for the Bluesilver Emperor to support his weight.
However, Tang Wulin had only just broken into a grin when his face froze.
He saw two Skywing F-17s sweeping past him on both sides.
The Northsea Army Corps was very quick with their response!
Both Skywing F-17s circled around before hovering in front of him. Tang Wulin watched as they fired a large net directly at him, ensnaring his entire body.
Was this an airborne capture?
He had been caught in the air for the second time. The last time he dealt with Northsea Army Corps’ airborne acquisition, he used the Overlord Dragon to break free.
He was in the air above the maritime zone near the Northsea Army Corps. Even if he were to drop down, this was inescapable.
However, Tang Wulin was not surprised but joyous to be captured in the sky. The plane pulled his body at high speed. Having gone through Old Demon Nightmare’s torture, Tang Wulin did not faint from the sudden burst of acceleration.
An intense electric current shot through the net and Tang Wulin felt his entire body go numb immediately. His battle armor unleashed on its own to shield him from the shock. Tang Wulin grunted as he swung his arms to conjure two vines of Bluesilver Emperor. The Bluesilver Emperor vines wound upward and crept along the net until it wrapped around the aircraft tail. Tang Wulin pulled himself up the vine, getting closer and closer to the aircraft.
It was apparent that Northsea Army Corps’ flight crews had not realized what was happening. Capturing an airborne assailant was an easy task for them. Generally, when one was caught in an airborne acquisition, the sudden acceleration would make the target unable to resist. Even if they were in peak physical condition, the shock from the high-voltage electric current would take care of them.
If it was not for the existence of two-word battle armor masters, airborne acquisitions would practically always be successful. Unfortunately for them, this pilot was confronting Tang Wulin whose physical strength was no inferior to a two-word battle armor master’s.
Tang Wulin utilized the Bluesilver Grass to quickly climb up to the tail. Meanwhile, the Skywing F-17 had already begun to return to the base. By tightening the grip of the Bluesilver Grass, he slowly pressed closer to the cockpit.
The pilot was flying steadily when he noticed the light dim ever so slightly. Puzzled, he suddenly heard an abrupt knocking sound.
He raised his head and looked up just in time to see Tang Wulin lying on the cockpit, waving his hand at him. Tang Wulin seemed to be gesturing for him to get out.
The pilot was shocked, but his reaction was extremely swift. He guided the plane into performing a side turn instantly.
Just then, he heard the sound of shattering. A shimmering pair of sharp, golden claws had reached through the cockpit’s reinforced glass, breaking it instantly. Tang Wulin turned around and bored into the cockpit before he landed on the back row seat.
“Goodbye!” Tang Wulin hit the ejector button. The piloted was rocketed out as the aircraft was still in the process of turning at high speed. The ejection seat would certainly have a parachute. Tang Wulin relied on his sharp Golden Dragon Claws to stabilize himself firmly in the high speed turning aircraft. Bluesilver Emperor vines then shot out at lightning speed and wrapped around the aircraft to seal the cockpit temporarily.
Tang Wulin held onto his Bluesilver Emperor and made his way to the pilot’s seat. He then operated the controls in a practiced yet rapid manner.
Meanwhile, the Skywing F-17 was already giving out all sorts of warning sounds. Tang Wulin first cut off communication between the aircraft and control tower, then he pulled the cyclic control. The aircraft managed to regain equilibrium under Tang Wulin’s guidance.
“Whoosh!” A Skywing F-17 swiftly swept past his side. It was apparent that this was the other aircraft from earlier. The aircraft quickly flew to the front as it released its net once again. This time it was aiming at the entire aircraft now flown by Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin would never allow it to take him so easily! He pushed the cyclic control and the Skywing F-17 suddenly dove down and evaded the airborne acquisition net from underneath. The light for the turbine ejector glowed brightly as it pushed the aircraft into accelerating instantly. Its speed exceeded the other aircraft as it flew in the direction of Demon Island.
It was apparent that the other plane was not ready to give up. Due to Tang Wulin’s attempt at cutting off communication, a series of artillery sounds boomed at the back of the F-17 as a large array of light rays scattered down.
Tang Wulin remained calm as ever while his hands swept past the control panel before him. Skywing F-17 rolled over horizontally and made a series of rapid evasive maneuvers.
He was unaware that the aerobatic technique he was performing at that moment was called ‘the Motorized Bat’.
Bats relied on their echolocation to detect objects and were highly agile fliers. Their airborne movements were extremely unpredictable. The artillery from behind completely missed. Tang Wulin pulled the aircraft into performing a loop. It cut out a perfect arc in the sky, appearing at the rear of the other plane.
Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before deciding not to shoot at the other aircraft in the end. He accelerated abruptly as he dove straight for the sea below.
The other pilot suddenly circled to the back of Tang Wulin’s plane, making the situation highly precarious. The enemy fighter knew that he would become the direct target, so he hastily made a series of dodging maneuvers. However, it was already too late for him to continue his pursuit when the aircraft flown by Tang Wulin drifted farther away on the radar.
The distance of thirty kilometers was nothing for an aircraft flying at high speed. With a flash of light, the aircraft piloted by Tang Wulin had dove beyond the Demon Island’s boundary and vanished into thin air.
“Whoa!” Tang Wulin cheered as he sat in the convertible aircraft. He waves his arms strenuously as the aircraft landed smoothly under his operation. Meanwhile, Old Demon Nightmare had just returned as well.
A peculiar expression flashed past Old Demon Nightmare’s face as he watched Tang Wulin jump down from the aircraft, cheering in excitement.
“You’re happy, are you?” Old Demon Nightmare stared at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin’s smile vanished as he saw Old Demon’s gaze, but he still spoke anyhow, “I’ve already done as you asked. I’ve flown an aircraft here. Can you release my companions now?”
Old Demon Nighmare smiled. “Release them? Since when did I say I was going to release them? Come, let’s take a look at their situation now.”
As he was saying that, he waved his right hand in the air as the previous scene appeared once again.
However, Tang Wulin looked at the scene and discovered puffs of pink mist spreading out in the cavern and covering his six friends in the three caverns.
“You…” Tang Wulin turned pale with fear. The excitement that he was feeling from his successful attempt to seize the aircraft vanished.
Old Demon Nightmare’s face cracked into a shady smile. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t control it carefully, so I accidentally leaked the poison mist. This is bad!”
Tang Wulin dashed forward as the Golden Dragon Claw in his right hand glowed brightly. He aimed a blow straight for Old Demon Nightmare. He had been suffering for so many days in order to fulfill Old Demon Nightmare’s request, yet he just… Tang Wulin was already close to madness at present.
If his companions were to…
How were they going to survive?!
The shadow flashed once, and Tang Wulin’s attack missed.
Old Demon Nightmare waved his right hand once. Suddenly, the pink mist in the three caverns seemed to be controlled and regained its original ball shape once again.