The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 826 - Swimming Over?

Chapter 826: Swimming Over?

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Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, but he attacked a second time in the end. He roared in rage, “What are you doing?”
Old Demon Nightmare shrugged. “Nothing, only that I don’t like seeing you happy. Remember, I’m a demon. Demons enjoy seeing others in pain and sorrow. I’ll enlighten you on ‘extreme joy begets sorrow’ if ever I see you happy again.”
Tang Wulin’s breathing sounded labored at present. He had never loathed anyone so much in his life as he looked at Old Demon Nightmare. At this very moment, he wished that he could rip this fellow into a million pieces.
Not only was this man tormenting his body, but his mind also.
“So what does it take for you to release my comrades willingly?” Tang Wulin asked.
Old Demon Nightmare spoke in disdain, “That’ll depend on your performance. Do you think I was going to release them just by having you steal an aircraft? Actually, I’ve always wondered how they’ll feel after sleeping with each other in spite of their relationships. I’ve been suppressing this inner longing just because of you, so you should thank me. Take a look at your expression now. Quick, I want to see you smile. Otherwise, I’ll spread out the poison mist once again.”
“You…” Tang Wulin gritted his teeth in rage. He was suppressing his emotion with great effort before managing a desperate smile on his face.
Old Demon Nightmare walked in front of him and patted his shoulder. “Hmm, way to go. Alright, you’re about to begin the next segment. Let me think about your next segment. Since crossing the sky is not a problem for you, swim over next. I’ll release your comrades when you can swim over and steal an aircraft from the opposite shore.”
‘Swim over?’ Tang Wulin’s pupils constricted.
‘What did he mean by swimming over?’ He would need to swim across the stretch of black sea which was hundreds of meters wide and had the ability to devour all the energy of whatever it came into contact with. Even then, there were another thirty kilometers of ocean to cross, and he did not know how many sea soul beasts existed in that sea.
The sea soul beasts in the sea were so powerful that the Federation had to despatch an army corps to guard over them and built such powerful defenses. Was he indeed capable of swimming over?
Old Demon Nightmare raised his hand and conjured a piece of black crystal that flew in front of Tang Wulin’s face.
“This is my Nightmare Crystal. When you feel that you can’t endure any longer, infuse your soul power into it so you can return here. In any case, it’s up to you. However, if you take too long, I may not be able to restrain myself from allowing them to bring me joy, hahahahahah!”
Old Demon Nightmare vanished into thin air, laughing all the way.
Tang Wulin squeezed the Nightmare Crystal in his hand as his breathing became heavier.
He was not afraid of hardship nor challenges. However, he did not think that Old Demon Nightmare was someone who kept his promise.
What else could he do? He could only abide by Old Demon Nightmare’s instructions when faced with his threat. Old Demon Nightmare knew how to tug his heartstrings. He had no other choice but to do Old Demon Nightmare’s bidding for his companions’ sake.
Tang Wulin was skilled in swimming, but it was truly hazardous to cross the sea while facing so many sea soul beasts. Furthermore, there was the Northsea Army Corps’ defense on the other side of the sea. He had no doubt that he would be blasted intensely by the Northsea Army Corps’ soul cannons the moment he got ashore.

Xu Lizhi panted loudly. The clothes on his body were completely drenched in sweat. His mind was filled with fear while his body was convulsing uncontrollably.
“Hopeless, you’re simply good for nothing. What else can you do? If not because of your fair complexion and chubbiness which I fancy, I would’ve carved you into slices of meat for my meal.”
“I can tell from your worthless appearance that you probably hid behind the others in the past. Tell me what else you can do when there’s always someone to protect you from danger. If you can’t even leave three hundred meters of Destruction maritime space, when will you reach the opposite shore then? Despite enduring three months of flying an aircraft, you haven’t even lost any weight. Worthless, truly worthless! You’re simply good for nothing! Are you capable of stealing an aircraft? Forget it, I’d be better off looking for some fun with somebody else.”
Xu Lizhi panted heavily. Then, he watched a scene appearing before him. There were only two people in the scene when a puff of thick red mist dispersed to enshroud both their bodies.
Those people were Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie.
“No…” Xu Lizhi immediately roared in a rage with a voice that sounded inhuman. He watched helplessly as Ye Xinglan’s body began to twitch as if she had awakened from the coma while Xie Xie’s body began to shiver as the clothes on his body gradually came apart.
He roared in a grieving manner. “No, please don’t. I’ll try harder. I can certainly swim to the opposite shore. I’ll for sure. Please stop. Stop it!”
He knelt onto the ground in front of Old Demon Nightmare with a ‘thump’ while his entire body convulsed uncontrollably. His mind was already on the verge of a breakdown. If not for a glimmer of hope left, he would not have wished to live in this world.
“Crack!” A metal bar dropped down from the sky and blocked him from pouncing toward Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie.
“To the sea!” Old Demon Nightmare yelled coldly at Xu Lizhi.
“Roar…” Xu Lizhi roared in rage. His eyes were red as he dashed toward the Destruction Sea which was dark as ink. Waving his arms desperately, he swam frantically toward the open sea while the energy in his body was being absorbed in lightning speed.
Waves rippled across the sea. His rotund body generated such an outburst of energy that the seawater was being parted as he moved through the water. His body was growing weaker but his spirit was, on the other hand, fervently energetic. If he failed to swim out of the Destruction Sea, Sister Xinglan would…
This thought alone provided him with all the soul power which was now bursting forth from his body. He was swimming in a state of frenzy.
Old Demon Nightmare was standing by the shore as he cracked into an evil smile. The scene displaying Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie transformed into a bubble that disappeared without a trace. He watched as Xu Lizhi had already traversed the pitch black maritime space and was now in the blue sea region.
However, sea soul beasts soon began to appear around him.
Xu Lizhi waved his arms frantically as all sorts of Tang Sect techniques such as Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon and Mysterious Jade Hands appeared as vortices in the sea. The sea soul beasts were obliterated by him as he devoted every effort to swim toward the deeper end. This went on until streaks of blood appeared on his body with multiple cuts and lacerations on his skin.

Tang Wulin did not wish to budge at all as he lay on the beach. He felt like his entire body had shattered. Nevertheless, he could still remember vividly when the giant devil ray sank its sharp teeth piercing his skin which seemed like moments ago.
Even his Golden Dragon scales were incapable of resisting the terrifying devourment. It was the Nightmare Crystal that brought him back during the final moment, but he was already exhausted.
He relied on his cultivation base and the Bluesilver Emperor’s miraculous function to get out of the Destruction Sea. Yet, there was still a dense life source in the maritime space outside that was even more terrifying.
There was not even a single sea soul beast that was below a hundred-year cultivation base in the sea because they would have been devoured by even more powerful sea soul beasts.
All the different types of sea soul beasts were terrifying because they came in herds. The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s aura could terrorize everything on land, but it had a limited effect in the sea. Tang Wulin had already devoted all his efforts yet he could only advance five hundred meters in the sea before he was exhausted and failed to endure the sea soul beasts’ attacks.
There were innumerable sea soul beasts which stretched as far as he could see. Finally, he lost all hope. He had already risked his life to kill without a thought, but the powerful sea soul beasts appeared endlessly.
‘I can’t, I can’t do this! I don’t think I can swim past this maritime space even if I’m capable of becoming a Title Douluo.’ Tang Wulin had begun to feel dispirited. However, each time he thought of his comrades’ predicament whereby if he failed to swim past this area, his comrades would…
His chest suddenly tightened when he thought of this. He turned over and sat upright subconsciously.
A man in the distance walked to the front of Tang Wulin before taking a seat.
Tang Wulin was stunned upon seeing the man. He was not Old Demon Nightmare nor any of his comrades. It was his first time meeting the man ever since their last encounter in this place.
Old Demon Blight whose hair and beard was all white was smiling warmly. “I’ve already known all about you. Nightmare is simply despicable.” His expression revealed deep hatred and resentment as he said that.