The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 827 - Absorbing the Destruction Aura

Chapter 827: Absorbing the Destruction Aura

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Hope arose in Tang Wulin’s heart as he looked at the old man. “Senior, help me, please help me. I really can’t stand it anymore.”
Old Demon Blight sighed. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. I can’t fight Old Demon Nightmare because he’s too powerful. I only seized the opportunity when he was resting to meet you secretly. What’s he asking of you that you’re in such agony?”
Tang Wulin hastily gave a brief description of his encounters. Old Demon Blight gave a forced smile upon listening to his struggles and spoke, “He gave you an impossible mission as expected. Considering you’re just a one-word battle armor master, it’s impossible to swim out of this maritime space even if you’re a three-word battle armor master for there are hundred-thousand-year soul beasts that exist in these waters!”
Tang Wulin spoke in a daze, “So what should I do then?”
Old Demon Blight answered, “Nightmare is not a patient man, moreover he’ll be emotionally unstable if this continues. Your friends are in danger. There’s nothing I can do to save them, but I have a way to help you swim out of this maritime space, only that…”
“How? Please help me.” Tang Wulin hastily asked as if he had just clutched onto a life-saving straw.
Old Demon Blight sighed before he spoke, “The method is very dangerous, and it’s also very taxing on your body. Do you really wish to learn? Only that, it might cause you to lose your wits if you’re not careful!”
Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “I can tell that Old Demon Nightmare is only tormenting us without any intention to let us leave. I’m going to die anyhow, so I’ll fight to the very last. I don’t want to watch helplessly as my comrades remain tormented by him. Please teach me.”
Old Demon Blight nodded. “Alright then. Since you and I have been destined to meet, I shall guide you on a path. You’ve seen that Destruction Fragment in the middle of Demon Island. There’s a terrifying destructive power in the Destruction Fragment. However, it’s also accompanied by a life force whose nature is not destructive when it fell into the human realm. Hence, it’s capable of suppressing this Destruction Fragment’s power from spreading its influence at the very least.”
“The archipelago’s existence is precisely because of these Destruction Fragments. On the other hand, the surrounding sea soul beasts were attracted by the life force generated by the Destruction Fragment. In fact, these sea soul beasts are extremely fond of that dense life force because of its benefits. At the same time, they’re also extremely terrified of the destructive energy. There’s only one way to swim past this maritime space safely. That is to taint yourself with the Destruction Fragment’s aura. The sea soul beasts will naturally stay away from you upon sensing the Destruction Aura. So, you only need to swim for thirty kilometers which I don’t think is a problem with your ability.”

“But how do I taint myself with the Destruction Fragment’s energy?” Xie Xie looked at Old Demon Blight with a longing expression.
Old Demon Blight gave a forced smile and spoke, “It’ll be extremely painful and also very dangerous. If your willpower isn’t strong enough, the Destruction Aura will devour your soul, and then your body. Do you think your willpower is strong enough?”
Xie Xie spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I can and I will. For Yuanen and everybody else, I can do anything. I beg of you senior, please teach me.”
Old Demon Blight sighed once. “Alright then. Be prepared for the extremely agonizing process.”

Yes, it was extremely agonizing. Tang Wulin could sense the pain described by Old Demon Blight just as he slowly approached the Destruction Fragment until he was a thousand meters from it.
He held a purple crystal in his hand that was exuding gushes of peculiar energy fluctuation capable of weakening or attenuating some of the Destruction Energy’s terrifying aura.
Even then, the Destruction Energy was still able to surge into his body easily.
The pain was unbearable. It was almost as if one’s body was shredded to pieces and then put together once again. The processes of destruction and fusion were repeated continuously. Imagine how it felt when your body disintegrated but recombined again after numerous cycles!
Every feeling and sensation was felt so vividly that it was seared into his soul. The torment was beyond words. Even for someone as tough as Tang Wulin, he was continually screaming out in agony.
Nonetheless, his body would be tainted with a purple-black mist that was barely discernible each time his body was shattered and recombined. Tang Wulin knew that it was the Destruction Aura described by Old Demon Blight.
In the cavern.
Old Demon Nightmare pouted his lips. “Your torture is more ruthless than mine, yet you’re pretending that you’re a good person.”
Old Demon Blight sniggered and spoke, “That’s the difference between you and I. You’re destined to be a demon but I, on the other hand, may still be a saint.”
“Bullshit, bullshit! You’re a bullshit saint. If they were to know that the piece of Blight Crystal given by you is to increase the sensitivity of their bodies and spirit such that they would feel the pain ten times more, will they still thank you?”
Old Demon Blight spoke in a rational manner, “I’m doing this for their good. It’s only when they are sensitive to the changes in their bodies will they be able to figure out what their limitations are. If the pain isn’t intense enough and they enter the place recklessly, what are they going to do when their bodies cannot take the pain and they have a mental breakdown? I’m a compassionate person.”
“Bullshit, bullshit. You’re just doing that so you can watch them suffer even more. They’re supposed to absorb adequate Destruction Aura in about a month, yet with your actions, I think they can’t even absorb enough in three months.”
Old Demon Blight spoke, “You’re enjoying this too!”
It was truly effective!
When Tang Wulin stepped into the pitch black Destruction Sea once again, he immediately sensed the change in his body. The rate of his energy devoured by the sea reduced obviously. Furthermore, he felt like he was fusing with the Destruction Sea. It was as if his body was a part of it.
It was only a momentary feeling because the energy in his body continued to be drained, only less intense than before.
When he exited the Destruction Sea and entered the sea that was filled with sea soul beasts, it felt the same. Tang Wulin discovered that some weaker sea soul beasts were avoiding him, only the seal soul beasts of a thousand-year cultivation base still dared to attack him.
He was naturally capable of withstanding even longer after he conserved his soul power when he was exiting the Destruction Sea. This time, he swam out for one kilometer before he could not endure anymore.
He relied on the Nightmare Crystal to return to the island. He was still intensely weakened as before but at least he had found a way. He had found a way to swim further out to sea.
Even though he did not wish to return to the area near the Destruction Fragment, he did not have a choice but to return to the place.
The ability to swim past the sea indicated that he could possibly bring along his comrades into leaving this nightmarish place. He would first need to make himself more powerful if he wished to rescue his comrades.
Tang Wulin grabbed the Blight Crystal once again and returned to the area near the Destruction Fragment with such strong emotions in his heart. He approached the Destruction Fragment cautiously by taking one step at a time. He felt his body shatter and recombine once again.
The Golden Dragon King bloodline was fluctuating violently in his body during this process. Tang Wulin could feel his blood essence surging and tossing. The purple-black color on his body became darker when he approached the Destruction Fragment repeatedly.