The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 828 - Xu Lizhi’s Persistence

Chapter 828: Xu Lizhi’s Persistence

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“Ouch…” Yue Zhengyu screamed out in agony as he fell on a knee. He had already lost count of how many times he could not endure the Destruction Aura’s lashings anymore.
He possessed the holy power that was inherently powerful at repelling the Destruction Aura. Thus, the pain he felt was the most intense when he endured the Destruction Aura’s lashings.
‘Stand up, I must stand up. Xiaoyan, I can’t allow Xiaoyan to lose her chastity.”
Yue Zhengyu clenched his teeth as he supported himself to stand up little by little. He was panting loudly. Despite the pain that occasionally made him scream in agony, his gaze remained shockingly persistent.

Tang Wulin fell onto the ground. He absorbed the Destruction Aura in the air slowly. He had already lost count of the days for there was no way of telling whether it was sunrise or sunset when one was in extreme pain. He was advancing with great effort.
The Demon Island’s dense life source was the best replenishment for one’s body. There was not a need for eating as one could survive by absorbing the life energy.
Some faintly discernible radiance emitted from the surface of Destruction Fragment while the dense Destruction Energy emerged continuously from the surroundings. Tang Wulin realized that all his abilities were gradually tainted by the Destruction Aura as he penetrated deeper into the area. All his soul skills seemed to be endowed with strong destructive power.
Even his Golden Dragon King Bloodline seemed to be tainted with a wisp of purple-black color. Not only did the Golden Dragon King Bloodline not reject it, on the contrary, but it was also being absorbed silently.
Tang Wulin had the ability to charge at the ninth Golden Dragon King Seal earlier but he did not attempt to do so. This was because Old Tang had reminded him that the final nine seals were the most agonizing. Once he charged past the ninth seal, he would need to face the following nine seals soon. He did not know what to expect by then.
Yet, Tang Wulin could clearly sense the cracks beginning to appear on his ninth seal during the absorption of the destructive power. The cracks had begun to spread whereby he had already lost the strength to control the seal. Hence, he had no choice but to slow down his rate of advance so that he could adapt himself better to stabilize the seal.
He was most afraid that he would break through the seal during the absorption of the Destruction Aura for he did not know what would happen then.

Absorb, absorb, absorb!
Xu Lizhi advanced toward the Destruction Fragment one step at a time. His gait was firm just like his gaze.
His body was slowly disintegrating akin to a molecule being destroyed and created repeatedly. He did not even scream under the excruciating pain.
He was not skilled in battles for he could only produce steamed buns.
He was only capable of shouting out ‘don’t judge a meat bun by its folds’.
It was always his comrades that protected him when they were confronted by formidable enemies. It was always Sister Xinglan who protected him with her sword. He always felt proud when he saw the Stargod Sword shimmering with radiance.
Except, Old Demon Nightmare now kept reminding him that he was good for nothing.
Was he not a good-for-nothing? As a man, he was always hiding behind his beloved woman’s back. He could only make buns behind her back as he watched his beloved woman confront the formidable enemy. This was extremely depressing for him.
He wished that he was the one to protect Ye Xinglan, to shelter her from wind and rain, and also fight those powerful enemies for her.
Yet, he could not do it. He could never do it all this while.
He was weak and his actual combat capability was worse. He could only rely on some Tang Sect techniques for the close-range battles.
He did not wish to be like that anymore.
When he dashed into the sea after absorbing the Destruction Aura, he relied on his soul power tainted with the Destruction Aura to crush a sea soul beast. Soon after, Xu Lizhi realized he had finally found the opportunity. The Destruction Aura was akin to a weapon. Even though it was so tormenting when he was absorbing it, its destructive power gave him a truly powerful fighting ability.
He had been pursuing such a fighting ability all along!
‘I want to become powerful to protect my Sister Xinglan. I don’t want to be a good-for-nothing in the eyes of my comrades. I want to be a useful person.’
‘I won’t stop no matter how painful it is!’
Xu Lizhi advanced cautiously in a persistent manner. The dense Destruction Aura lashed against his body over and over that his fair complexion and obese body was almost completely tainted purple-black.
To absorb the Destruction Aura better, he did not use his soul power to resist but yield his body voluntarily to absorb the destructive power.
This would undoubtedly intensify the shattering of his body. However, Xu Lizhi did not care anymore. He cared about his ability to be more powerful by this process so that he could protect his lover.
Finally, he could not advance anymore. The rate at which his body was getting shattered and reformed had already reached its maximum. His soul was about to be completely shattered in the next moment that he would not even leave behind a trace of his existence!
It was at this moment when Xu Lizhi stopped walking and chanted the soul incantation.
The incantation echoed from his mouth as soul rings arose from underneath his feet.
“Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds, I have a Crystal Bun!”
The translucent Crystal Bun appeared in his hand, then he stuffed it into his mouth without the slightest hesitation.
A layer of crystal-like membrane covered his body akin to a battle armor. However, one could still see his chubby body within that layer of crystal.
In the next moment, a gush of destructive power lashed in his direction. Xu Lizhi seized the opportunity to retreat from the Destruction Aura. Then, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes to meditate.
He ate the Crystal Bun not because he wished to use the Crystal Bun’s firmness as his defense but to draw support from the crystal armor’s isolation power to completely isolate the Destruction Aura within his body for absorption.
In his previous cultivation, the Destruction Aura in his body would dissipate soon after he left the vicinity of the Destruction Aura. There was only a small portion that remained within his body.
It would be different now after he consumed the Crystal Bun for the Destruction Aura would be contained.
Naturally, this brought Xu Lizhi more intense pain as compared to the others. It was a perpetual agony. Yet, his willpower was more resilient than his comrades because he needed the strength and ability provided by the destructive power.

“I never thought of this!” Old Demon Nightmare frowned.
“I never thought of this!” Old Demon Blight’s face was filled with astonishment as well.
“The persistence of these little bastards have truly exceeded our expectations, especially that little fat boy. He’s a food-type soul master yet his willpower is so persistent. It’s utterly unbelievable. I thought that he would have a mental breakdown in less than three months. It seems like I’ve underestimated him. Moreover, he has the most thorough experience amongst everybody else. This is truly shocking!”
Old Demon Blight sniggered. “Isn’t that even better? It’s truly joyous to watch them in pain.”
“Why have I not been awakened to witness the interesting event?” a deep voice suddenly echoed.
Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight turned around at the same time and saw a figure that was beyond tall and huge.
“Devour!” Both of them called out in unison.
It turned out to be an old man, and his hair was not white but yellow. His hair looked like withered grass while the top of his head was bald.
His back was slightly bent despite his tall and huge physique. He had an aged but hideous appearance. Even more terrifying was his exceptionally large mouth. His large mouth would reach to the back of his ears every time he opened his mouth to speak.
“Both of you are inhuman for savoring the joy alone!” Old Demon Devour looked up to the sky and sighed. “I don’t care, they’re mine next. I’m going to treat them to the joy of Devour after this!”
Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight frowned. “Alright. You can have some fun. However, you’ve to wait until they’ve swum over to the other side first.”

“Slap!” One of Tang Wulin’s hand clapped into the seawater and left behind a deep mark beneath the shallow seawater.
He pulled himself from the sea and lay on the ground. He lay there with no intention to move at all.
The purple-black aura coiled up against his body. He closed his eyes tightly while his face was ghastly pale.
He had arrived, he had finally arrived. He had lost count of the number of times he had absorbed the Destruction Aura before the sea soul beasts finally stopped attacking so that he could swim over to the other side in the end.
However, he still encountered an especially powerful sea soul beast during the swim. He was even attacked and swallowed by the sea soul beast, but he was spat out because it loathed the Destructive Aura.