The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 830 - Sneaking Into the Warehouse

Chapter 830: Sneaking Into the Warehouse

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Thus, Tang Wulin’s presence was not detected by the Northsea Army Corps’ numerous types of sensors as he slowly made his way forward underground. The seismograph displayed that everything below ground was of normal fluctuation. A single person’s activity was far too small for the seismograph to give out a warning.
Tang Wulin rested for a while when he was tired, then continued to dig when he had recuperated. He had even lost count of how long he had dug through this place.
During that period of time, he had twice returned to the surface to rest. When he was famished, he went to the sea and hunted for a sea soul beast before relying on his Golden Dragon Claws to slice it into sashimi. He returned to his underground world to continue digging after his physical strength was restored.
“Ding!” Tang Wulin immediately stopped moving when he suddenly heard the crisp sound. He retracted his aura swiftly as his hairs stood on end.
‘What’s going on?’
Tang Wulin dared not unleash his Bluesilver Grass martial soul to light the way, so he could only let out his blood essence soul rings. The golden glow of the soul rings illuminated the path and he was astonished to see that a metal plate was blocking the end of his tunnel.
‘A metal plate? Does this belong to the Northsea Army Corps? Is this meant for underground fortification or to cut off the outside world?’
Tang Wulin placed his palm against the plate gently and quietly felt it for information.
He was already almost a blacksmith of craftsman-level, so he had an extensive knowledge of metal. He could basically identify a metal’s properties just by touching it and sensing with his spiritual power.
He was trying to do so at this point. He soon identified that the metal before him was uncommon, but was not considered too rare. It was an extremely sturdy type of titanium alloy.
There was no other energy fluctuation on it, so it was not some kind of soul device. It was purely an alloy plate.
Tang Wulin was relieved upon learning this. He would be in great trouble if this was a soul device because that would mean he had to continue digging downward and try to go around the barrier. However, if this was really just a metal wall, then it was highly possible he had reached the outer layer of the Northsea Army Corps’ underground fortification. He could enter just by breaking through this final obstacle.
His heart rate increased slightly. Tang Wulin pondered for a moment before he slowly stretched out a finger. A Duskgold Dreadclaw slowly emerged from his fingertip and pierced the titanium alloy soundlessly.
Could such a rare and durable metal be a challenge for his Duskgold Dreadclaw? Tang Wulin slowly twisted the blade into the metal, drilling a hole in the barrier.
Faint light emitted in front of the Duskgold Dreadclaw that he had pushed forth. Moments later, when Tang Wulin no longer felt any pressure at his fingertip, he knew that he had drilled through the metal wall.
Feeling shocked, he retracted his finger silently.
The metal wall was two meters thick. The durability of such a thick alloy wall was incredibly strong and its construction would be extremely expensive. The Northsea Army Corps spared no expense for its capital!
A faint ray of light came through the small hole. Tang Wulin felt as if tears were running down his face when he saw the glow. He finally felt the radiance of mankind once again! Ever since he was on the Demon Island, he had been living like an animal, so he was glad to see a sign of civilization again.
Despite being only a small hole, Tang Wulin’s Spirit Abyss spiritual power was capable of slowly entering it to sense the situation on the inside without making a sound.
Just as he had predicted, this was the Northsea Army Corps’ underground fortification. Moreover, he was surprised to find that this was an enormous warehouse. A dazzling array of soul weapons and equipment stored in the warehouse served as a feast for his eyes. The fixed soul ammunitions came in the largest amount. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had entered the most important storage warehouse without realizing. No wonder the outer wall was of such thick alloy.
The biggest advantage to this warehouse was that nobody was there. The biggest disadvantage was that the outer defense was certainly super strong for such an important warehouse.
What should he do then?
‘I’ll think about this once I’m inside. I can still return using my original entrance if everything else fails. I can either advance or retreat. Let’s see if there’s any way to get out from the inside of this warehouse.’
Tang Wulin pondered for a while before he set his exit at a dark corner by the northern side shelf nearing the ground surface. The position was the least noticeable.
He relied on the Duskgold Dreadclaw to cut out a square from the metal wall slowly. In order to remain hidden, he cut out an exit just one square meter in area. It was quite strenuous for him to fit through the hole given his body size.
Tang Wulin almost moaned out loud when he inhaled a lungful of fresh air. He silently climbed out of the hole soundlessly and sealed the metal cover once again. If one did not know it was there, it would be impossible to notice.
All of a sudden, he felt terror arise from the bottom of his heart. Tang Wulin’s entire body stiffened as he hastily leaned against the wall and dared not move.
He soon realized what the source of his fear was. It came from the shelves before him marked with skeletons. Those were fixed soul ammunitions placed on the shelves.
Tang Wulin learned a lot about fixed soul ammunitions from the academy. This was the most terrifying weapon created in ten thousand years. It was said that even the Limit Douluos dared not face the most powerful fixed soul ammunition.
Judging by the size and label on these ammunitions, these were mainly between rank-4 to rank-6. These were already the most powerful fixed soul ammunition that could be carried in ordinary fighter aircraft. To ensure safety, only hyper mecha were allowed to carry more powerful ammunition than that.
Tang Wulin remained still, as he unleashed his spiritual power quietly to sense the situation in the warehouse.
From the feedback of his spiritual power, Tang Wulin quickly identified that more than fifty percent of the items stored in this warehouse, which was about three thousand square meters, were fixed soul ammunition. It was possible that the entire Northsea Army Corps base would be blasted away if all of it was triggered.
Other than that, there were some mechas in reserve, all of the standard yellow variety.
This was to say, the warehouse was used to store rather powerful strategic materials but not of the highest grade available. At least there was no rank-7 fixed soul ammunition nor higher ranking mechas here.
There were surveillance cameras in the warehouse but only at the most crucial locations. This meant that he would not be so easily noticed as long as he was careful.
He still had an opportunity!
His spiritual power could not penetrate the warehouse due to the thickness of the surrounding metal walls, hence Tang Wulin was unaware of the situation outside.
He memorized all the positions of the surveillance cameras before he began to quietly move forward. Tang Wulin would first need to get away from that opening he had made. This way, even if he was discovered, at least his exit would not be so easily noticed and he might be able to use it later.
The only thing worth celebrating was that it was impossible for the warehouse storing fixed soul ammunitions to be equipped with a defense system. Otherwise, it would be catastrophic if the system launched an attack and triggered the fixed soul ammunitions.
He took a quick glance along the wall. The warehouse was sealed so tightly that the oxygen level, temperature, humidity were kept to an exact level. What should he do? He could not dash out of here either! There was certainly some powerful defense force on the outside. He would be immediately discovered if he were to burst through the door without having the access pass. This was the Northsea Army Corps, and Tang Wulin may have been a one-word battle armor master, but he did not think that he could rely on his power to dash out of this place through brute force.
He was pondering if he should dig another underground tunnel as his other exit.
All of a sudden, a series of electronic beeps was heard. The thick and heavy warehouse door slowly opened.
‘Is someone here?’
Tang Wulin hastily hid in the corner.
A few people walked in from the outside after the door opened.