The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 831 - Staff Officer Shen

Chapter 831: Staff Officer Shen

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The person walking at the head was a lady in a major’s uniform. She had such an attractive figure that even the military uniform could not conceal her curves, but her charming face was cold. It seemed like she did not want to be bothered by anyone.
Her boots stepped onto the metallic ground with a crisp crashing sound.
“What’s the result of the inventory count? Have the two missing rank-5 fixed soul ammunition resurfaced?” the female officer asked.
She was speaking to another major walking beside her. The male major appeared to be of thirty or forty years old. He was smiling obsequiously as he said, “Staff Officer Shen, we’re already investigating, but there have been no results as of yet. The inventory count has also been completed. The amount is the same as previously.”
Staff Officer Shen suddenly stopped walking and looked at him frostily. She spoke, “So you’re saying that those two rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions are lost? Do you know what this means?”
The male major’s expression changed as sweat trickled down his brow. “I know, I know. I’ll get you the answers as soon as possible. We’ve already searched through all the surveillance videos, but we haven’t discovered anything. I plan to install a few more probes in the warehouse immediately in order to ensure there are no more blindspots there. Staff Officer Shen, I’m going to trouble you to speak of a few good words for me before the general. You know that Old Chen is always a coward. How could I possibly steal something that’s entrusted to me?”
Staff Officer Shen laughed icily. “You know best if you’re stealing something that’s entrusted to you. I don’t care about this, but I want my findings. Even the general can’t protect you if you fail to find those two rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions. I’ll give you three more days. I want my findings and not your personal troubles.”
“Yes, yes. I’ll certainly give you a result within three days.” Major Chen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he grumbled inwardly.
“Take me to the warehouse so I can have a look for myself.” Staff Officer Shen’s expression relaxed ever so slightly. She continued to inspect the warehouse under Major Chen’s guidance.
This was his chance!
There was no doubt that this was too good an opportunity to be wasted.
Tang Wulin scurried out without the slightest hesitation.
There were only four soldiers following behind the two majors. Tang Wulin’s body just charged past and the four soldiers were lying limply on the ground.
Staff Officer Shen and Major Chen reacted to the situation at once. Ten vines of the Bluesilver Emperor had already pounced toward their faces.
Major Chen screamed out in surprise. Just as he was about to grab the soul gun on his waist, he was coiled up tightly by the Bluesilver Emperor. Staff Officer Shen, who appeared to be over twenty years old, reacted extremely swiftly. She made a backward leap followed closely by two yellow and two purple soul rings arising rapidly from underneath her feet.
She was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor?
Staff Officer Shen’s aura abruptly turned frosty accompanied by a drop of temperature in the air. Ghastly cold wind and countless blooming snowflakes headed straight toward Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin knew that he was already standing underneath the surveillance camera. He did not have the time for any more holdups. As his four golden soul rings arose, his third soul ring was already glowing.
“Roar!” A valiant Golden Dragon Roar jolted the entire warehouse.
Staff Officer Shen’s entire body shook so violently that the four soul rings she had just unleashed were immediately disintegrated. The intense dizziness made her stagger.
Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar was effective even when he was confronting an opponent whose cultivation base far exceeded his own, what more for his current opponent whose cultivation base was far behind his.
Tang Wulin dashed forth and arrived at Staff Officer Shen’s back. His left hand was at her gut while his right hand had her throat.
Staff Officer Shen’s soul power was immediately sealed by Tang Wulin. He spoke coldly, “Don’t move or I’ll kill you.”
Staff Officer Shen had yet to completely recover from Golden Dragon Roar. She could only sense as an intense, masculine aura came surging at her with enough force to make her dizziness worsen.
Tang Wulin’s hand, which had slapped onto her abdomen, immediately wrapped around her slender waist. Her body was so cold that she was especially sensitive to temperature. She could feel that the man behind her was filled with blazing hot Yang Qi that made her entire body feel sore and go limp.
It was an enemy attack!
Shen Xing immediately realized this, but she was already rendered completely helpless.
“You-you’ll never escape.” Shen Xing felt embarrassed and infuriated because she had never come into such close contact with a man. She could not even see Tang Wulin’s face clearly, but she sensed the waves of intense Yang Qi radiating from him. This man must be rather young.
“We don’t know that for certain.” Tang Wulin chuckled softly as he dashed out of the warehouse door with his hand around Shen Xing.
Meanwhile, a piercing siren was set off instantly. The fixed soul ammunition warehouse was a restricted area. The entire base would be shocked if it were suddenly under attack.
Tang Wulin held Shen Xing as a shield at his side while his other hand pulled off the access pass round her neck.
There was no doubt that the beautiful major had a rather respectable position in Northsea Army Corps. He ran through three layers of electronic gates continuously just by relying on her access pass.
Tang Wulin knew that they were in the depth of Northsea Army Corps underground base now. The first thing he needed to do was get above ground.
“How do I get to the surface?” Tang Wulin asked Shen Xing.
“I’ll never tell you. Don’t even think about it! Kill me if you can,” Shen Xing spoke coldly.
Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “Kill you? Why would I kill you? I believe that you’re not afraid of dying, but as a woman, there are things more terrifying than death.”
Tang Wulin waved his right hand once as he spoke. Shen Xing felt a chill on her right arm as the sleeve of her military uniform was reduced to pieces.
“Oh!” She shrieked aloud as intense fear radiated through her entire body in a split second.
Tang Wulin’s voice echoed within her ears viciously, “So now you know what I’m about to do, right? I trust that the entire Northsea Army Corps is watching with so many surveillance cameras fixated on us. You’re a beautiful woman. Do you think that your fully exposed body will leave behind a profound impression on these soldiers’ minds?”
“You bastard!” Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.
Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Claw on his right hand once again. “Are you going to tell me or not? If not, your entire top goes next.”
Was he truly going to do that? The answer was no, of course. He just needed to find an effective threat by any means necessary. After Tang Wulin was trained by Old Demon Nightmare, he realized that he was a far more hard-hearted man than he had been before. Moreover, it was as if he could find someone else’s weakness easier now.
The most effective threat to a woman, especially a woman as arrogant and frigid as Shen Xing, was definitely not death. A woman like her regarded reputation more than her life.
If Shen Xing were to stubbornly resist till the end, Tang Wulin would be out of options. He would not really tear her clothes away.
However, it was very apparent that Shen Xing’s mental strength was not as good as it appeared on the surface. “Right side!” she shrieked while her charming body shuddered loudly.
Exposing her body under all the surveillance cameras was unimaginable. She knew she would go mad for sure because that was truly more agonizing than death. If it were to happen, she would bring shame not only to herself but to her entire clan!
Tang Wulin spoke in satisfaction, “You’re doing the right thing. However, if I were to ask something from you again and your answer is not as straightforward, then I won’t be giving you the opportunity to consider anymore. Anyhow, you not only have this top but also a pair of pants, right?”
“You bastard!” Shen Xing wished that she could pull out all his muscles and peel off his skin.
Tang Wulin chuckled. “There are many more people that are worse than me.”
As expected, there was an elevator at the end of the right side. Tang Wulin swiped the access pass as the elevator door opened with a ding. Tang Wulin entered the elevator with Shen Xing.
He was not worried about getting caught at all, seeing that he had a hostage. He was unconcerned because this major was clearly someone of unusual importance. A four-ringed major was not a common sight, so she definitely held a respectable position.
Moreover, he acted at such speed that he did not leave much time for the Northsea Army Corps to react.
It seemed that Tang Wulin’s judgement was correct. He did not encounter any obstacles during his elevator ride. However, when the elevator door opened, he was greeted by dozens of soul ray guns aiming for him.
“Don’t move. Release Staff Officer Shen,” a deep voice echoed. It was a male officer with a majestic figure standing at the head of all the soldiers. He was a lieutenant colonel.
Tang Wulin cupped his left Golden Dragon Claw around Shen Xing’s neck as he smiled indifferently. He spoke, “Step aside. Otherwise, I don’t mind tossing you a corpse.”
The lieutenant colonel gave a cold scoff. “Aren’t you the student from Shrek Academy? Does the academy allow you to kill the innocent? I don’t believe that you’d dare do it. Surrender yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame us for our uncourteous treatment.”
There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s identity was already discovered.