The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 832 - Hostage

Chapter 832: Hostage

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Tang Wulin suddenly laughed. “Is that so? Do you truly think I daren’t do it?” A strong intention to kill burst forth from his body. His eyes suddenly turned blood red in the split second that the Golden Dragon Claw on his left hand was about to close around her throat.
Shen Xing could only feel the blood in her entire body about to freeze. The terrifying aura from Tang Wulin’s body was suffocating her. This was the first time she had ever felt so close to death.
She had always assumed that she was not afraid of death and was even willing to sacrifice her life for the Federation. Yet, when she was at the juncture between life and death, she could not help feeling frightened.
The male officer’s expression changed abruptly as well. “Stop. You’ll be a federal offender if you kill her. We’ll capture and execute you similarly.”
Tang Wulin suddenly laughed hysterically. “I don’t wish to live anymore because that group of demons on Demon Island tormented me every day. It’s pretty nice to have someone else die with me. Come, let’s all perish together. It’s not a painful death if I die with a beauty.” As he was saying that, he had already lifted her off the ground with his right hand. Shen Xing’s charming face turned ghastly pale at that moment.
“Stop! Fall back.” The male officer gritted his teeth in rage. He would have sacrificed one of his subordinates instead to seize the enemy had Shen Xing been someone else. Shen Xing was different! She was not only his love but more importantly, she was the sister of Shen Yue, the regimental commander of Northsea Army Corps and deputy commander of the Northeast military command.
If anything were to happen to Shen Xing, how was he going to explain to Shen Yue?
The soldiers fell back with the soul ray guns in their grasps. Tang Wulin placed Shen Xing back on the ground and walked outside in great strides with his arm around her body. It was as if he was taking a relaxing stroll in his courtyard.
No one dared to make a move. Tang Wulin had already displayed his power earlier. Aside from the fact that a lieutenant general may not have the power to defeat him, even a Title Douluo would not have the confidence to kill this one-word battle armor master before he killed the hostage.
Shen Xing panted loudly. A moment earlier, she had sensed that death was upon her. The fear she had never experienced before caused her charming face to turn pale.
Tang Wulin walked along the tunnel to the outside. He relied on the airflow to find the exit soon without anyone’s direction. He walked to the outside under the ‘escort’ of numerous soldiers.
The air outside was so refreshing! Tang Wulin inhaled a few deep breaths before he looked around his surroundings.
“Get me an aircraft. I want a Skywing F-17 and no tricks. I’ll make sure she’s safe if my request is fulfilled. I know there must be a powerhouse within the Northsea Army Corps. However, I’m confident I’ll be able to take out the hostage first before your powerhouse kills me.”
Tang Wulin spoke coldly, “You have ten minutes.”
As he was saying that, Tang Wulin dragged along the girl and found a corner to rest. He leaned against the corner so he could ensure that no one attacked him from the flanks. He leaned Shen Xing against his chest and used her as a shield.
Shen Xing was basically sitting on Tang Wulin’s thighs. She sat stiffly although her body was shuddering in fear.
Tang Wulin could not help feeling a certain warmth in his heart. However, he knew it was more important to be aware of his surroundings to prevent any unforeseen dangers from happening.
The aircraft had yet to show up. On the other hand, more soldiers were gathering. A large number of them surrounded him making the place seemingly packed. Quite a number of soul cars were there too.
“Five minutes!” Tang Wulin spoke coldly.
At this moment, a military car was being driven hurriedly to the area. It came to a screeching halt. The car’s door was pushed open and out jumped Shen Yue who was dressed in a military suit.
She saw her sister in Tang Wulin’s hands as she got out of the car.
Shen Xing appeared to be slightly confused at present. One of her sleeves was missing while her face was covered with dried tear marks. Her body was shivering against Tang Wulin’s.
A violent fire of rage surged to her head with a whoosh. Shen Yue was fuming as she walked in big strides toward Tang Wulin. She felt like her lungs were about to explode as she tried to contain her rage at the moment.
She was already annoyed with the blunders that happened these days. One of her Skywing F-17s was stolen by the Shrek Seven Monsters, then another was hijacked by Tang Wulin recently. It was the greatest insult to the Northsea Army Corps.
She did not expect Tang Wulin to show up again so soon. Furthermore, he had abducted her sister this time.
“Release her!” Shen Yue spoke coldly.
Tang Wulin glanced at the epaulet on her shoulder as he felt his chest tightened. She was a lieutenant general! It was the highest military rank he had ever seen.
“Hello, general. Where’s my aircraft? My patience is limited,” Tang Wulin spoke coldly.
Shen Yue stared at Tang Wulin when she suddenly shouted with a deep voice, “I said release her.” Her raging roar was accompanied by intense spiritual awe.
Tang Wulin felt his vision darkened. A gush of formless overbearingness oppressed him such that he almost followed Shen Yue’s order subconsciously.
However, he was only entranced for a moment. When Shen Yue was about to dash over in the next instant, Tang Wulin suddenly choked Shen Xing’s throat while waving his right hand once simultaneously. Another side of Shen Xing’s sleeves was torn off amidst her piercing shriek.
Shen Yue was supposed to have already dashed over, yet she had no choice but to stop herself when she saw Tang Wulin’s reaction.
“If you wish to die, then you shall die together!” Tang Wulin roared in rage.
Shen Yue clenched her fists tight. “Release her and I’ll be your hostage.”
Tang Wulin sneered once. “General, do you think I’m a three-year-old child? You’re certainly more powerful than I am for you’re a lieutenant general at your age. Not to mention your strong spiritual power. Take you hostage? Do I look like a fool?”
Shen Yue was rendered helpless. She did not understand why her spiritual awe had no effect on him although her spiritual power had already achieved Spirit Abyss! Why was it ineffective?
“Three minutes more. If the aircraft isn’t here yet, I won’t kill her but I’ll remove a piece of her clothing for every minute that has passed. See if I dare.” As he was saying that, Tang Wulin had already removed the first button on Shen Xing’s collar.
Shen Xing’s expression revealed that she was going to suffer a mental breakdown. She shouted aloud, “Sister, save me.”
It was over! Shen Yue knew it was over the moment Shen Xing called her “Sister”. She had lost control of the situation.
As expected, Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened as he pulled Shen Xing up. His lips cracked into a faint smile. “I truly didn’t expect to be so fortunate. She’s the general’s sister huh! Don’t worry, general. I’ll release her as long as you fulfill my request. You have two more minutes.”
“Bring the aircraft!” Shen Yue roared with a deep voice.
She knew that issuing such an order would do her no good. As the regimental commander, she chose to compromise when she was confronted by an enemy’s threat. Moreover, it was her sister at stake. Her future would forever be affected when the news about this incident got out.
Yet, what could she do? She had but one sister. She could not watch helplessly as her sister was dishonored or perhaps killed even!
In her view, Tang Wulin was already insane. His actions had completely exceeded the scope of a Shrek Academy’s student. However, she knew very well that any Shrek Academy’s student that visited Demon Island would be abnormal for a period of time according to the Northsea Army Corps’ records.
Thus, Shen Yue dared not make the bet. She could not bear to stake her sister’s future on the bet.
Soon after, Tang Wulin spotted a Skywing F-17.
Tang Wulin smiled as he pulled Shen Xing along.
Shen Yue spoke with a deep voice, “The aircraft is already here. Release her now. On my honor, I’ll allow you to leave with the aircraft.”