The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 833 - All Is Fair in War

Chapter 833: All Is Fair in War

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Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Your Excellency General, do you think that I’m crazy? Or do I look like a retard to you? Are you talking to me about reputation now? Get real, put a parachute on the plane and have Staff Officer Shen escort me. I’ll let her jump off the plane with the parachute after I feel safe. I believe you have the resources to fetch her back. We don’t have to waste time talking about other stuff. You have no choice but to trust me now. Or maybe you’d like to watch me perish with her.”
Shen Xing’s body was trembling as she sobbed. Her legs were completely limp. She only managed to stand by leaning on Tang Wulin.
Shen Yue balled her hands into tight fists. She looked at Tang Wulin coldly. “You better pray that you don’t fall into my hands in the future.”
Tang Wulin said casually, “We’ll leave talk about the future to the future. What do you want to do now?”
Shen Yue shouted sternly, “Back off, let them board the aircraft.”
Tang Wulin brought Shen Xing and boarded the Skywing F-17. He was in no hurry to close the cockpit’s canopy. He said dryly, “Maybe we can do this another way. Later, I’ll let Staff Officer Shen escort me back to Demon Island, and then she’ll fly the aircraft back here. This way, you guys won’t incur many losses as well. I heard that Skywing F-17 can be configured for remote control, I wonder if this one is configured that way. I wouldn’t want the aircraft to fly back by itself. If this plane can be controlled remotely, I suggest that you guys fix it. Otherwise… you catch the drift?”
Shen Yue felt that the young man in front of her was like a wily old bird who had thought over everything meticulously.
“No, it isn’t equipped with a remote control system,” she said coldly.
“Very well, I hope that you aren’t lying to me if you truly care about your little sister.” The aircraft was already operating and the canopy slowly closed shut, sealing them off from the outside world.
Tang Wulin wrapped Shen Xing with the Bluesilver Grass and made her sit on the co-pilot’s seat. He dexterously controlled the plethora of buttons and the Skywing F-17 suddenly accelerated on the runway. They soared into the skies which were already pitch-black as ink.
Shen Xing looked at Tang Wulin’s masterful piloting of the aircraft. Still feeling fearful, the moment the aircraft left the Northsea Army Corps’ base, her tears began flowing again despite herself.
Leaving the Northsea Army Corps’ base meant that her fate was completely in the hands of the young man beside her.
She had only now taken a good look at Tang Wulin. From the side, she could see his long eyelashes, handsome face, and the pair of clear eyes.
If she only judged him by his looks, she would never have thought he would be a malicious criminal.
In short, one’s appearances were more important than anything else. After Shen Xing noticed Tang Wulin’s good looks, the fright and anger she felt in her heart had toned down somewhat.
“Will, will you kill me?” Shen Xing asked.
Tang Wulin smiled. “I thought you’re not afraid of dying?”
Shen Xing’s gaze burned with rage. “I dare you to kill me if you have the guts. You won’t be able to live either.”
Tang Wulin said, “As long as your sister doesn’t do anything stupid, I have no reason to kill you. I don’t have any deep grudge against you anyway. That’s enough, just sit there quietly.”
Under Tang Wulin’s control, the Skywing-17’s speed was pushed to the maximum. They traversed thirty kilometres in the blink of an eye. The aircraft descended slowly and was about to enter the boundary of Demon Island.
As expected, Shen Yue was worried about her sister’s safety. No attacks or takeover attempts were made.
Tang Wulin pulled on the control lever and the aircraft climbed into a rise again. It drew an elegant arc in the skies and flew back toward the Northsea Army Corps’ base again.
“What’re you doing? Didn’t you say that you’ll let me fly the aircraft back?” Shen Xing looked at him with shock.
Tang Wulin said, “Don’t you know that all’s fair in war? And here I thought that you were a staff officer.”
As they spoke, the aircraft had already traversed the thirty-kilometer distance again. Tang Wulin retracted his Bluesilver Emperor. “Put on your seatbelt.”
The only reason why he requested a parachute from Shen Yue was to mess with her so that she would think that he was not familiar with the aircraft.
Shen Xing seemed to have understood his meaning. She hastily fastened her seatbelt.
Tang Wulin smiled. “The blue mountains never grow old, and the green waters flow forever. We’ll meet again someday.” As he said this, he raised his hand and tapped Shen Xing’s belly. Shen Xing felt something hot flowing within her. Her sealed soul powers had returned to her. In the next moment, Tang Wulin had already pushed a button and the co-pilot’s seat was ejected out of the aircraft.
‘You bastard! I will never forgive you!” Shen Xing screamed as she rose into the skies.
As he listened to her shouts of threats which grew farther away, Tang Wulin only smiled. He controlled the Skywing-F17, brought it into an instant acceleration and flew straight toward Demon Island.
The aircraft entered Demon Island’s boundary and landed slowly. The third aircraft. This was already the third aircraft which Tang Wulin had brought here. However, it was not an open-cabin style but a complete aircraft.
When the aircraft landed firmly on the ground, Tang Wulin noticed with shock that apart from Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight, there was another elder who was tall and big.
When he faced Shen Yue and the officers with their men of Northsea Army Corps, Tang Wulin was in control of the situation from the beginning till the end. Anyway, when he came down from the aircraft and saw the gaze of the third old demon, his heart could not help but skip a beat. In his subconscious, a bad feeling welled up.
Old Demon Blight clapped his hands loudly. “Not bad, not bad. You’ve finally succeeded.”
Tang Wulin looked at Old Demon Nightmare. “I’ve done it, so it’s about time that you release my comrades, right?”
Old Demon Nightmare shrugged. “No problem. This old demon always keeps his word. I’ll release those comrades of yours.”
Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He did not expect that Old Demon Nightmare would be this easy to deal with. He hastily asked, “Where are they?”
Old Demon Nightmare snickered. “I’ve given them to Devour. Oh, let me introduce you. This is Old Demon Devour. You see, I’ve been torturing all of you for so long, and he can’t restrain himself anymore. From now on, your comrades belong to him.”
“You!” Tang Wulin glared at Old Demon Nightmare. He was burning with rage.
Old Demon Devour said with his hoarse voice, “Relax, I’m not as inhumane as him. I scorn at the unethical use of drugs. My requirements aren’t high either. As long as you can do it, I’ll let them go.”
Tang Wulin calmed down after a brief moment of rage. How could one not lower one’s head when one was under the eaves. He had an inkling that these old demons would not let him and his comrades go that easily.
He looked coldly at Old Demon Devour. “What do you want me to do then?”
A flash of insanity suddenly appeared in Old Demon Devour’s eyes. “Nothing much. In my life, I’ve only a single hobby, and that is to eat. That’s why they call me Old Demon Devour. As long as you finished all the food I give you, I’ll let all of you go.”
Eat? Tang Wulin’s expression instantly turned peculiar. Could there be something as easy as this? If someone had asked him what he was most skilled at, the first thing that came to his mind would not be forging but eating instead.
Although he was exceptionally gifted in forging, he was but a rank-6 blacksmith. The blacksmiths of rank-7 and above were more skilled. However, when it comes to eating, Tang Wulin did not think that there was anyone on Douluo Continent who could be more skilled than he was.
“Alright, what shall we eat?” Tang Wulin looked at Old Demon Devour.
Old Demon Devour took a step forward and reached to his side. Then, he grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He moved swiftly, and he disappeared together with him from where they stood.
Old Demon Devour and Tang Wulin were gone. Old Demon Blight looked at Old Demon Nightmare. “Nightmare, I think this young boy has broken the record! In three months and six days, he successfully crossed the ocean, infiltrated the Northsea Army Corps’ base, and flew an aircraft back here.”
Old Demon Nightmare nodded and counted with his fingertips. “I think he did. He’s the first one to do it in a thousand and five hundred years. The little fatso had also crossed the ocean, but he was instantly dealt with when he reached the other side. I even had to arrange everything for him, but that’s normal. This Tang Wulin, it’s no wonder he’s the captain.”
Old Demon Blight counted with his fingers, “We must quickly think of more ways to torture him. He’s in such a great condition and his endurance is also much stronger than ordinary soul masters. Not bad, not bad. I like these abnormal little monsters the most. We must look closely for his weakness.”
Old Demon Nightmare snorted. “The most inhuman among us is you.”
Old Demon Blight said, “You’re talking as if you’re human.”
“Blight, how long do you think he needs before he finishes the trials on Devour’s side?” asked Old Demon Nightmare.
Old Demon Blight suddenly shivered.”That fellow Devour… He’s truly sickening. Can we not talk about him?”
The scene in front of his eyes changed. When Tang Wulin’s vision cleared, he was already within the forest. He was still within the valley, but he was in the forest that was full of life.