The Long-awaited Mr Han
Chapter 1533 - Would I Send Flowers to a Mere Acquaintance?

Chapter 1533: Would I Send Flowers to a Mere Acquaintance?
Han Zhuoling’s frown between his brows was deep enough to trap the flies inside the eatery.
Hearing Shi Xiaoya use “nin”[1] made him even more glum inside.
“Are we that distant?” Han Zhuoling asked in a low voice.
Shi Xiaoya paused and blinked, questioning silently, were they that close, then?
As if knowing what she was thinking, Han Zhuoling tightened his lips. “Would I send flowers to a mere acquaintance?”
He sounded like he was pouting.
The sentence made Shi Xiaoya speechless.
Guo Yujie retreated three steps, standing at an angle particularly suited for watching gossip unfold. Her eyes shone like a hunter, flicking between Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling.
When Xiao Zhang appeared like a tagalong to their office to send the daily flowers to Shi Xiaoya, she was already considering whether Han Zhuoling was harboring feelings for Shi Xiaoya and was wooing her.
Though both of them had fought and had a misunderstanding…
There were so many other ways to apologize. Why did Han Zhuoling choose the method used for courting girls?
No matter how Guo Yujie looked at it, Han Zhuoling was wooing Shi Xiaoya for sure.
Hearing Han Zhuoling’s tone now, Guo Yujie understood everything in a flash.
She quickly ducked to a corner to conceal her laughter and focus on the scene unfolding before her.
She was severely tempted to drag out a table to eat and watch at the same time.
Just as she was thinking this, she glanced inside the shop and saw Han Zhuoli grab Lu Man’s hand. They then slowly shifted towards the entrance, found themselves a suitable position to watch—one where Han Zhuoling couldn’t spot them—and sat.
While Lu Man was being pulled by Han Zhuoli, she grasped a bunch of seeds the lady boss had given for free.
The couple was now chewing on seeds while watching the drama unfold.[2]
Guo Yujie: “…”
The rich are smart. She had lost.
Shi Xiaoya’s face was burning. She knew Han Zhuoling probably meant nothing with his words, but they sounded so ambiguous when spoken out loud, like there was something between them.
“…” But at least Shi Xiaoya knew that the flowers were ordered by Han Zhuoling himself, not something he mentioned in passing and decided on by his subordinates.
“I wanted to say, the flowers, you…” Shi Xiaoya began, and seeing Han Zhuoling frown, quickly changed her form of address, “you don’t need to send them anymore. It’s not a big deal anyway. It’s the thought that counts. There’s no need to waste your money anymore.”
Han Zhuoling’s brows were still drawn. “Then you forgive me?”
“Yes,” Shi Xiaoya said detachedly. “It was just a misunderstanding. There’s nothing to forgive. Sorry for troubling you.”
Han Zhuoling: “…”
How was this forgiving him?
Such politeness.
When they were filming, she never spoke to him in such a polite and distant manner.
“You said you’ve forgiven me, yet you speak to me like this?” Han Zhuoling asked with a raised brow.
His presence was so dominating, Shi Xiaoya automatically shrunk.
Shi Xiaoya was beyond resigned. Speak to him how?
Wasn’t she polite enough?
What else did he want?
“Then what attitude should I have?” Shi Xiaoya wanted to know desperately.
Han Zhuoling: “…”
The one she had when they were filming before—not being reserved and remote from him.
To smile at him, speak without holding back and joke with him.
Even hugging him in fright.
Han Zhuoling realized that he didn’t mind Shi Xiaoya doing those.
Shi Xiaoya knew what he was implying, but seeing that Han Zhuoling remained silent, she continued to play the fool.
[1] Pronunciation of honorific “you” in Chinese.
[2] Similar to eating popcorn while watching shows.