The Long-awaited Mr Han
Chapter 2438 - Karma

Chapter 2438: Karma
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However, Lu Man knew what her previous self would do next. Therefore, she was not surprised when she saw her previous self press her palm into the shards of broken glass.
Her previous self was trying to stay awake.
Soon after, Lu Man saw her previous self jump towards Lu Qi with great force.
Lu Qi screamed, having been pushed down by Lu Man.
“Lu Man, let go of her!” He Zhengbai yelled loudly, heading towards them to try to save Lu Qi.
Lu Man used all her strength to pull Lu Qi into the flames, opening her mouth to bite Lu Qi’s ear.
Lu Qi gave a shrill scream.
Lu Man could see blood oozing out of her previous self’s mouth.
“Since you want me to die, then you might as well die with me!” her previous self said as she continued biting Lu Qi’s ear, refusing to let go even when she was speaking.
“No! Let go of me! Brother He, save me!” Lu Qi screamed in fear. However, the flames were already burning both Lu Man and Lu Qi.
He Zhengbai hurried over, trying to avoid the flames while coming up with different ways to save Lu Qi.
He looked around and picked up a chair, planning to hit Lu Man with it.
Lu Man did not remember this happening in her previous life.
It might be because her previous self had been on the verge of death. Her previous self was experiencing delirium and was losing consciousness. Her previous self just wanted to kill Lu Qi, which was why she did not notice what He Zhengbai was doing.
And now, she was watching the story of her death from a third-person perspective. Thus, she obviously wouldn’t miss any detail.
Lu Man saw her previous self amid the flames emanating such hatred. She saw her previous self vowing to take Lu Qi down as well.
If she were to die, she would take them both down with her.
If He Zhengbai successfully saved Lu Qi, her death in the previous life would have been meaningless.
Her previous self was pitiful. She could not bear to watch her meaningless death and unsuccessful revenge.
That would be too sad.
He Zhengbai used to be Lu Man’s boyfriend. Yet he showed no mercy towards Lu Man.
His fierce expression seemed to imply that he wanted to beat Lu Man to death.
Lu Man saw everything from the side.
She refused to let He Zhengbai win!
The ending should remain the same!
He Zhengbai and Lu Qi must die together!
She could not allow herself to die for nothing!
Amid the fire, Lu Man’s previous self was still biting Lu Qi’s ear like her life depended on it.
Blood oozed out from the wound on Lu Qi’s ear and flowed down from the edge of Lu Man’s mouth.
Her previous self, being enveloped by the fire, did not see what He Zhengbai was about to do.
He Zhengbai lifted the chair and smashed Lu Man’s back with it.
The Lu Man from the previous life was in such pain that she started trembling. Even so, she clamped down on Lu Qi’s ear with her teeth.
“Let her go! Let her go!” He Zhengbai shouted as he repeatedly hit Lu Man with the chair.
The reddish glow from the flames reflected in his eyes. His expression was malicious.
As Lu Man watched He Zhengbai beat her previous self, her heart was filled with hatred.
This must not continue!
Her previous self showed strong willpower. Lu Man could see her previous self forcefully enduring the pain.
At this moment, Lu Man saw the wardrobe behind He Zhengbai.
She then forcefully threw herself against the wardrobe.
The wardrobe actually moved slightly.
Lu Man touched her arms and wondered to herself, “Perhaps I can’t touch human bodies… But am I able to touch such objects?”
Lu Man was uncertain. She then lifted both of her hands and held on to the edge of the wardrobe.
Lu Man was shocked as she actually felt the sensation of holding something.
Lu Man no longer hesitated as she pushed the wardrobe towards He Zhengbai with all her strength.
Immediately, Lu Man from the previous life saw a burning wardrobe flying towards He Zhengbai.