The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife
Chapter 366

Chapter 366
Ch.366 Delivery (2)
The soft moonlight casted into the room from the open window, and the two of them quickly drifted to sleep on the bed.
When the morning came, Su Yaya felt a sharp pain in her stomach. At that time, she felt drowsy and was still immersed in her dream, where a plump little baby was kissing her belly. It didn’t come to her senses on what her tummy ache meant.
When her tummy hurt for the second time, it felt even more painful than the previous one, and Su Yaya shot right up from the pain.
Su Yaya laid on the bed and reached out to touch her belly. She wanted to calm her baby down so that the baby wouldn’t be so naughty. Rolling around in her tummy this early in the morning, the baby was way too energetic.
Immediately after the third cramp, Su Yaya’s brows furrowed. She could obviously feel that this tummy cramp was not the same as the pain from the baby’s punching and kicking. She suddenly remembered that in her pregnancy class, the teacher said that this type of cramps were contractions, that the baby was about to be born and wants to come out of the mother's tummy.
At first, the intervals between each contraction would start out longer, and then it would happen once every ten minutes. Then it’ll slowly get faster, and progress once every few minutes. When the contractions become more frequent, then once every minute, or even once every thirty seconds, as long as the contractions become more frequent, and that the intervals are short, the interval will basically become the same, then it’s not far from giving birth.
Su Yaya timed her contractions. Her current contractions were at about once every ten minutes. She still had time to get ready and have some breakfast before going to the hospital.
After thinking about it this way, Su Yaya stretched out her hand and slightly pushed Shen Xiuqi who was asleep next to her, and said in a very calm voice, "Xiuqi, the baby is about to come."
Shen Xiuqi, who was still immersed in his own dreamland, suddenly heard Su Yaya's voice. She said that the baby was about to come. Shen Xiuqi was so frightened that he immediately opened his eyes and woke up.
"Yaya, what's the matter? Is the baby coming?" Shen Xiuqi asked anxiously.
Su Yaya nodded calmly, "I’m having contractions now, it’ll be about time to head to the hospital after we get ready."
When Shen Xiuqi heard this, a nervous expression appeared on his face, and he kept asking Su Yaya, "Are you okay? Is there anything wrong? No, let's not delay this any further and head to the hospital right now."
Su Yaya grabbed a hold of him and with a relaxed expression on her face, she said, "Don't worry, I'm still okay. The contractions have just begun. We can get ready and have breakfast before going to the hospital."
"Really, is it really okay?" Shen Xiuqi looked at Su Yaya nervously, as his gaze shifted back and forth from her face to her tummy.
Su Yaya nodded, gave him an OK gesture as she smiled and said: "You go wash up first, and prepare some hot water for me to wash my face."
"Okay, okay, okay, I'll go now." After Shen Xiuqi said this, he immediately jumped out of bed and put on his clothes, then turned and walked quickly to the bathroom.
Shen Xiuqi got ready as fast as he could, then prepared some hot water for Su Yaya, and made sure that the water temperature was just right. He quickly walked back to the room, helped Su Yaya get out of bed and get dressed, then walked her to the bathroom to get ready.
Su Yaya tilted her head and saw that he had buttoned his shirt wrong. She smiled and reminded him: "The button in the middle was buttoned wrong. Didn't you notice?"
Once Shen Xiuqi woke up, he just put on his clothes, all he could think of was that Su Yaya was about to give birth, he was all flustered, and didn't notice it at all.
"I didn't notice it just now." Shen Xiu said.
"I'll help you with it." Su Yaya shook her head, reached out to help him unbutton the button that was out of place, as she pursed her lips and smiled.
Shen Xiuqi stood still and let Su Yaya help him rearrange his buttons.
"Thank you, my wife." Shen Xiuqi kissed her on the forehead.
Su Yaya “um" in reply before saying: "Don't worry, we can make it in time.”