The Mightiest Little Peasant
Chapter 998 - I’ve Been Waiting

Chapter 998: I’ve Been Waiting
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Day after day passed, and the day of the decisive battle was getting closer and closer.
More and more people from all over the Ninth Continent set foot on the southward path and swarmed toward the borderlands.
The originally unremarkable borderlands suddenly became a crowded place.
Nanping City, Maple City, and the other cities were overcrowded with people from all over the Ninth Continent.
Most of them were young people who were on a pilgrimage.
“Is that the liquor bowl that Tang Ritian used?”
“Is that the place where Tang Ritian sat?”
They hunted for everything related to Tang Ritian. They bought all the liquor bowls and chairs, tore down the doors and windows of the now-unoccupied Ritian Pavilion, and took away the things inside.
Of course, not all of them were young people. There were also many middle-aged and old men.
“That disciple of mine disappoints me. I want to bring back some things that were used by the number one prodigy to give him some luck.”
That was what they were thinking.
Every day, many people would leave the city and stand at the edge of Ritian Valley.
“I love you, Tang Ritian!”
From time to time, some fangirls would shout into the valley.
“Ha! That Tang Ritian must have run away long ago! A decisive battle? He’s only a Golden Core. He doesn’t have the right to fight against all the major sects!”
There were also people who ridiculed him.
Most of these people came with the intention of watching some comedy.
What decisive battle? They did not believe it.
Tang Ritian was indeed unrivaled among the younger generation. However, he would be facing the previous generation in the upcoming battle. He would not be able to defeat a single major sect, let alone all of them at once.
If he really appeared, he would be instantly reduced to dust.
Martial Mountain arrived at Ritian Valley first, three days before the day of the battle. They dispatched all their experts.
The leader was an old man in a gray robe. He carried an ancient sword on his back.
Following that, the Yue family’s army arrived. All of them rode on warhorses, and the Yue family’s banner fluttered in the wind.
A terrifying cry was heard in the sky. A gigantic beast rose from the clouds and hovered in the sky above the Yue family’s army. It was a green rain dragon with a ferocious qi aura.
A few hours later, dust and smoke rose into the sky in the western part of the mountain range.
The ancient barbarian tribe had arrived. Each of the tribesmen wore beast hides and had strange patterns on their faces. They ran through the forest at lightning speed and gave off a violent aura.
The leader was as tall as an iron tower and had a red tattoo on his face.
On his back, he carried a spear.
The three top forces of the southern region had arrived.
Everyone in Nanping city had been chased away. They could only watch from afar.
The three great forces surrounded Ritian Valley and set up camp nearby.
Two days before the battle, the royal families from the Ye Kingdom, the Qing Kingdom, the Jin Kingdom, and the rest of the Hundred Kingdom arrived with their armies. The major sects had arrived with their best fighters too.
They found their spots and set up camp. There were countless people, and many banners fluttered in the wind.
Then, Broken Sword Mountain arrived, riding on their flying swords. The countless flying swords moved like a river, and the sheer mass of people blotted out the sky.
The sword light in the lead was the most majestic, like a comet piercing through the sky.
It stopped near the valley, revealing a figure in a black robe with a murderous expression on his face.
He looked coldly at the valley in front of him and grunted. He waved his hand, signaling for the people behind him to stop. Then, he found a vacant spot in the mountain range, and they set up camp there.
Soon, the Primeval Mountain arrived. They flew over with bird mounts that were as big as small hills.
Behind the Primeval Mountain army was the Di family.
The major powers of the central region arrived one after another.
Most people arrived on the day before the battle. Even the rakshas were here.
The entire mountain range was covered in camps.
There were banners as far as the eye could see.
Each banner represented a faction.
Every faction that was worth something in the Ninth Continent was gathered there.
Looking at that scene from afar, the onlookers were all shocked.
Such a spectacular scene had never appeared in the entire history of the Ninth Continent.
It was all because of one person: the young man called Tang Ritian.
“Oh my, this is insane! Is this necessary?”
An old man exclaimed as he drank from a liquor jar among the crowd of onlookers.
“That kid seems to have really done it this time. He’s not going to survive! Forget it. It’s none of my business. He killed me several times in the Void Realm! He deserves to die!”
That was none other than the old man with the club.
He grumbled angrily and continued to drink.
The long night finally passed while everyone waited anxiously.
The day of the battle had finally arrived.
As soon as dawn broke, all the factions gathered their troops, raised their banners, and prepared to attack.
There seemed to be no end to the people.
In addition to the crowd watching from afar, hundreds of thousands of gazes swept toward the valley.
Thick fog lingered around the valley, making it difficult to see what was inside.
“Get out here, you brat! You wanted a fight, right? Come on!”
Gu Jianzi took a step forward in the air and shouted.
His voice was like thunder.
A while later, the fog at the entrance of the valley started to roll, and a figure walked out.
The figure stood at the entrance of the valley, looked around, and shouted, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”
Everyone there exclaimed in surprise.
“He’s really here!”
“Oh my god! Does he plan to challenge so many people alone?”
“Hahaha! You’re really here, little Ritian!” Gu Jianzi laughed loudly. “Do you think you can escape? Last time, you had hostages. What do you have this time?”
“Return my treasures, Ritian!” The Primeval Mountain sect leader gritted his teeth and shouted.
“There is no escape for you, brat. Today shall be the day you die!” The patriarch of the Di family sneered.
The sect leaders and patriarchs were shouting too.
Even the rakshas were shouting. “Brat, hand over the lightning reservoir and the Rainbringer bone. They belong to the rakshas!”
Tang Hao looked around and mocked, “I’m standing here. Do you want them? Won’t you come and take them yourself?”
Everyone was furious.
“Please let me fight, Sect leader. I want to kill that brat and avenge Lie’er!”
In the Broken Sword Mountain camp, an old man stepped forward and bowed.
Gu Jianzi hesitated for a moment before nodding and saying, “Granted!”
When the old man turned around to face Tang Hao, his eyes were brimming with hatred.
“Brat, do you still remember Nangong Lie? I am Fu Lingzi, his master. Today, I will kill you and avenge my disciple.”
As he spoke, his body trembled, and qi aura exploded, signifying that he was in the State of the Nascent Soul.
Clang! An ancient green sword flew out from the sheath on his back and slashed toward Tang Hao.
Tang Hao did not dodge. Instead, he walked forward.
“You asked me what I had, right? The answer is very simple. I have this!” He glared at Gu Jianzi and raised his fist.
Everyone was stunned and wanted to laugh.
‘Is there something wrong with this kid’s brain?
‘How dare he say such words when he’s only in the early period of the State of the Golden Core?’
A second later, they could not laugh anymore. Their laughter was stuck in their throats and could not come out no matter how hard they tried. Their eyes suddenly widened in utter incredulity.
The figure continued to step forward to face the flying sword. With each step, the qi aura on his body became stronger.
From the early period, to the middle period, then to the latter period.
His qi aura continued to bloom.
“He… he’s at the peak!”
After a moment of dead silence, someone shouted at the top of his lungs.