The Mightiest Little Peasant
Chapter 999 - Against All Odds

Chapter 999: Against All Odds
Tang Hao threw a punch toward the incoming sword.
In front of his chest, Rainbringer’s divine bone shone brightly, emitting a dazzling golden light.
A howl pierced the sky, and Rainbringer’s silhouette flew out from that punch.
The fist and sword collided, producing an explosive sound like metal.
The ancient green sword was forcefully pushed backward.
Fu Lingzi’s body trembled slightly, and his qi flow was disrupted. Then, his eyes widened in extreme disbelief.
Everyone around the valley seemed dumbfounded.
‘Didn’t that kid only advance to the State of the Golden Core a few months ago? How could he reach the peak in just a few short months?
‘That was simply unbelievable!’
“Damn, he’s really a monster!”
“Damn! Where’s the justice?”
In the various large sects, Shentu Meng, Xie Tian, and the other prodigies were extremely depressed.
When that guy first entered the Void Realm, he was only in the latter period of the State of Foundation Establishment. As for them, they had unsealed three or six chakras.
However, that guy had far surpassed them.
“There’s nothing strange about that. That guy is a pill maker, and he’s so rich. It’s normal for his cultivation base to rise quickly,” a Nascent Soul monster said.
Everyone felt a little better after hearing that.
Tang Ritian was one of the richest people in the southern mountain range. He earned countless spirit stones every day. Just by absorbing them, his speed of cultivation far surpassed that of an ordinary person.
“Hmph! What can you do with your cultivation alone? Even if you’re already in the State of the Nascent Soul, you will still die today!” Gu Jianzi snorted disdainfully.
Fu Lingzi gritted his teeth. With a mental command, the ancient sword buzzed and once again exploded with a brilliant light.
Tang Hao did not dodge. He punched out.
Clang! Clang! Clang!
The Fists and swords clashed, constantly bursting with dazzling light.
The sword attacked violently, but Tang Hao was unflappable like a mountain.
“Go to hell!”
Fu Lingzi roared ferociously.
He was in the State of the Nascent Soul, but he could not defeat a Golden Core kid. That was extremely humiliating.
The thought of avenging his dead disciple drove him to madness. He bit the tip of his tongue, spat out blood essence, and launched a crazier attack.
At that moment, Tang Hao stomped his foot and shot out. He extended his right hand, and a golden cauldron appeared in his palm. It was surrounded by raging golden flames.
He grabbed the cauldron and swung it.
The sword and cauldron collided and exploded thunderously.
The sword shook violently and flew away. Fu Lingzi’s body trembled violently, and his face turned a few shades paler.
Everyone’s expression changed drastically at that moment.
“Be careful!”
Gu Jianzi shouted anxiously.
Before they could move into action, Tang Hao’s figure flashed. He grabbed the cauldron and appeared in front of Fu Lingzi. His ice-cold face was filled with monstrous killing intent.
“You can accompany your disciple in hell, old guy!”
Tang Hao shouted coldly and swung the cauldron.
Fu Lingzi’s body was smashed into bits. Blood and flesh splattered in all directions. A ray of light shot out, wanting to escape.
Tang Hao stretched out his palm, which transformed the golden flames from the cauldron into a huge palm that grabbed the beam of light. The hand clenched tightly, and the ray of light burst apart.
A series of gasps erupted from all directions.
Everyone was shocked beyond belief. A Nascent Soul expert was killed by a Golden Core brat right under their noses!
Moreover, that was a direct confrontation!
“Tang Ritian! Tang Ritian!”
Some people were chanting in the crowd. The atmosphere was heated.
Gu Jianzi roared madly. Another Nascent Soul cultivator from Broken Sword Mountain had fallen to that kid again.
“Go to hell!”
He roared, and the supreme ancient sword on his back soared into the sky and slashed toward Tang Hao.
The only thing in his mind was to chop that kid into a thousand pieces.
Tang Hao moved, but he did not retreat. Instead, he rushed toward the crowd.
His eyes glanced around. When he noticed a certain banner, he rushed over in that direction.
That was the Ye Kingdom’s banner.
The people from the Ye Kingdom were shocked and blurted out curses. Even though they had a grudge with that kid, they were only there to fish in troubled waters. They wanted to see how that kid would die and not fight him themselves.
However, the kid was coming toward them.
The people from the Ye Kingdom wanted to faint when they saw that terrifying figure with a golden cauldron in his hand.
‘F*ck! That’s too terrifying!’
They were not going to put up a fight against Tang Hao. He had just killed a Nascent Soul cultivator, and the Ye Kingdom did not have anyone in the State of the Nascent Soul.
“Run! Run!”
They hurriedly turned around and were about to escape.
Tang Hao had already arrived in their midst. He swung his cauldron around and started slaughtering them.
Cultivators in the States of Foundation Establishment and the Golden Core died in every swing.
The crowd was in chaos. People were wailing in panic and agony.
They regretted going there. They thought that they could watch the show, but they paid the price of admission with their lives.
The people from the other kingdoms were horrified when they saw that. They wanted to stay as far away as possible.
“Stop right there, you bastard!” Gu Jianzi roared sternly as he chased after Tang Hao with his sword.
The sword slashed through the people of the Ye Kingdom and turned them into dust.
After killing almost all the members of the Ye family, Tang Hao rushed to the Qing Kingdom camp and started another round of slaughter.
“Quick! Stop that kid!”
The leaders of the major sects could not hold back any longer.
If they allowed the kid to run rampant, it would be a great humiliation to them!
Boom! Boom! Boom!
The experts brandished their qi auras and unsheathed their supreme treasures.
In the hands of those Nascent Soul cultivators, pillars of light appeared from the supreme treasures and rose into the sky.
They activated their supreme treasures. They either smashed down or shot out a beam of light toward a certain spot.
The sects without supreme treasures also began to move into action and brandished their ultimate-grade Artifacts.
The old man from Martial Mountain unsheathed the ancient sword on his back and slashed forward.
From the Yue family, the rain dragon soared into the sky and roared. A green lightning bolt struck down.
The leader of the ancient barbarian tribe pulled out a long spear from his back and threw it with all his might. It shot out like a lightning bolt.
When the crowd saw that, they cried out in surprise.
“This time, that kid is dead for sure!”
The people who attacked him were all powerful fighters in the middle to latter periods of the State of the Nascent Soul wielding supreme treasures and ultimate-grade Artifacts. It would be ridiculous if they could not kill that kid.
“Sigh, that kid is going to die!” The old man with the club muttered.
Facing the attack, Tang Hao did not panic at all.
His pupils constricted and suddenly changed.
He lightly stepped forward, and an invisible force rippled.
Wherever the ripples touched, the plants began to wither.
The Foundation Establishment cultivators cried out. They could only watch in horror as their bodies rapidly withered and their life force was sucked dry.
Tang Hao gathered the life force of all the cultivators there and turned it into the power of annihilation. He pointed his finger, and the beam of annihilation shot out.