The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
Chapter 1429 - Getting Along 3

Chapter 1429 Getting Along 3
The gloomy mood wore off a little as he walked down the staircase and his skin caught the warm rays of sunlight.
“Hey, Ah Mo, aren’t you required to be at the office today?”
Glory World Corporation owned a large market share locally. Knowing that Ah Mo could only stay here in the future to be by Mu Lingshi’s side, Mu Yuchen had given him a position as a regional manager to oversee all the local affairs here.
“I’ll accompany you for a few more days before I depart. Everything here is already on track, so not much attention is needed,” Ah Mo claimed.
“I know that he told you to go work in the Hui Gu Corporation, and I don’t know much when it comes to such decisive matters, so you might need to suffer a little. I only wish to pursue the career that I love . Can you do that for me?”
Mu Lingshi knew her position very well. She was not like Mu Yuchen, her elder brother who was born a leader. She thought she fit best somewhere in the middle of the leadership tree, and she was definitely not a person suited to make the final call. After all, she did not possess such boldness, and this was what made her brother a much more suitable candidate. With that being said, she preferred to take a step back, stay behind Ah Mo, and be his capable assistant, which sounded a lot better for her.
When she was done speaking, Ah Mo wavered for a second because he did not know how he should respond at that moment.
“You know my personality. I’m already your wife. Plus, our baby is coming soon. You’ll be his father and you’re my husband, so you have the responsibility to make life better for us. I’d like to be a woman of no worries just like my sister-in-law. No matter when or what the situation is, my brother is always there protecting her in the front. He gives her and their family all the support they need. I believe in your strength, Ah Mo. You have the ability to prove your worth. Although all this will be a tough challenge for us, I hope we can face it together.”
When Mu Lingshi was speaking, her eyes overflowed with determination. “Because if you’re not in front of me, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to withstand it. Although it’s a decision made without much hesitation, it’s painfully difficult to execute in the real world.”
Having heard that, Ah Mo inhaled sharply. As he turned his head towards her, he lowered his vision and gazed at her while tightening his palm which was hanging on her shoulder. “Don’t you worry. I won’t let my woman lead the way in the front all by herself. Never. And if possible, I wish that you can lead a happier and simpler life. As for the toils, they’re meant for us men.”
When she heard him make that claim, Mu Lingshi could not take it and she burst into a chuckle. “Since when have you started upholding male chauvinism?”
“Is this considered as male chauvinism? If it is, doesn’t it make you a feminist inside-out all this while?” Ah Mo glanced at Mu Lingshi with a frown, and his eyes were filled with reservation.
“I thought you enjoyed it in your everyday life. You said it yourself that you can always be the man behind the scene.”
“Bullsh*t! Since when did I say so? That’s impossible!” Ah Mo could not stand not defending himself.
Mu Lingshi then shot him a smile, which made him blush on the spot. Instantly, her smile escalated into waves of laughter. “You look so adorable when you’re embarrassed. I don’t think anyone else will even believe that it was me who took your first kiss the gangster way. Thinking back, you were so pure. Yeah, your reaction then was exactly a duplicate of what I see now. Aw, check out those cheeks!”
“Ah Shi, stop it!” Ah Mo’s face was on fire. And glimpsing at the look of the woman beside him laughing her butt off, he felt the temperature go up by a few more degrees. He could not bear throwing a tantrum at her, but…
Her clear laughter flowed with the wind and traveled far, Even Gu Qiwu and Ah Yong, who were talking about work at the marble desk, could hear it. They exchanged a glance subconsciously and made a move towards the couple.
Sure enough, they found Mu Lingshi laughing out loud. On the other hand, Ah Mo was blushing with a hint of awkwardness and bashfulness.
Gu Qiwu was startled as he stared at the scene of his daughter and his son-in-law. Somehow, he wished that they could live just like that. In that split second, it felt like he was able to connect to what they referred to as contentment. However, the moment passed by just as quickly as it arrived because as soon as Mu Lingshi saw him, her smile subconsciously faded.
She went back to being the girl who had been alienated and calm. This intense transition dragged his heart straight back into an abyss. Gu Qiwu paused for a little, then closed the files in his hands and passed them to Ah Yong who tacitly retrieved them.
“It’s already the end of the year,” Ah Yong mumbled.
“Allocate 5 million to the foundation anonymously on my behalf. Just tell them that the project has been approved. Don’t wrong the children. Those who should go to school should go. Regarding this agenda, you don’t have to report back to me. Just make the call yourself. Let’s hope we can get good news in July. Now, get going, and also please inform every department that we’ll host the annual shareholders’ meeting at three this evening. Get the attendees to prepare for it. I will be back by then,” Gu Qiwu instructed.
Ah Yong nodded immediately and said, “Yes, got it, Boss! I will cascade the information to the others now!”
He collected the documents as he spoke, then he excused himself.
When Gu Qiwu arrived in front of the couple, he gave it a thought and then spoke softly, “Let’s sit over there.”
Mu Lingshi hesitated for a while, then she followed him.
The maid had already served some fruits and snacks. Meanwhile, the stone benches were covered with thick cushioning to avoid the unpleasant cooling touch when one sat on them.
“Had a rough night, huh?” Gu Qiwu asked Mu Lingshi out of concern. It was rather obvious as her eye bags were overflowing with fatigue. Plus, they seemed to be a tone darker than usual.
“It was okay,” Mu Lingshi replied to him perfunctorily as she genuinely had no idea what she should say to him. In such an unfamiliar environment, she…
“If you need anything, just let the butler know. Make yourself at home. Also, just take it easy and be natural. There’s no need to show so much restraint. If you’re starting to feel bored, the butler can always bring you out for a stroll. Just remember to bring along the bodyguards since it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Gu Qiwu spoke firmly in his bold voice while taking a sip of tea. “I heard that both of you haven’t stayed in City B before this, so traveling around will definitely help you get to know the city better. City B’s pace of life is slightly laidback compared to City Z. The weather is much colder too, so do take good care of yourself.”
Speaking of that, that was the first time Gu Qiwu had ever cared about somebody else’s health. Sometimes, even he thought of himself as a cold and detached person who might not even be able to care that much about Doris, who had passed away.
With that being said, he did not know how to care for another person even though she was his daughter. Knowing how to live a life was just not his forte.