The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
Chapter 1941 - Proposal (1)

Chapter 1941: Proposal (1)
The ward quickly quieted down, and the bedside lamp had already dimmed.
Qi Lei sat by Qi Qiming’s bed, and Dongfang Liuyun accompanied him.
Not long after, a faint sound of breathing could be heard. Qi Qiming, who was on the bed, had fallen asleep again.
Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun did not speak either. It was not until a long time later that Qi Lei suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. When he turned to look, he realized that Dongfang Liuyun had already fallen asleep on his shoulder.
He looked at her for a moment before taking a deep breath. He picked her up and walked outside.
Qi Lei had just walked out when the bodyguard guarding the door immediately went up to greet him.
“Take good care of inside. Call me if anything.”
Qi Lei instructed in a low voice before walking forward.

It was late at night, and Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun were not the only ones who were busy until late at night.
When Qin Su dragged her exhausted body back home, she saw that the lights in the villa were very bright from afar. Zhou Zimo should be at home.
She called him at night and said that she had an engagement at night and would be home very late, so he did not have to make her dinner.
It was almost midnight, so the entire villa was naturally very quiet.
Qin Su closed the door and looked around the living room, but she did not find Zhou Zimo. After thinking for a moment, she turned off the lights and went upstairs.
When she went upstairs and passed through the quiet corridor, she could faintly smell the faint fragrance of wine in the air. Qin Su frowned and thought for a moment, then followed the smell of wine.
As expected, when she arrived in front of Zhou Zimo’s room, she saw that the door was wide open and the fragrance of alcohol was getting stronger.
After struggling for a moment, Qin Su finally walked in. On the sofa at the side, she indeed saw Zhou Zimo who had already fallen asleep. There was still a wine bottle and a wine glass on the coffee table beside him. There was also alcohol in the wine glass. It seemed to be a rather strong whiskey. The moment she walked closer, there was a strong smell of alcohol.
The room was a little cold. The door of the rooftop opposite was not closed, leaving a crack open. The biting cold wind continued to pour in, causing her to shiver involuntarily.
After calming down, she took a blanket from the side and covered him.
“Qin Su—”
Before she could cover him, Zhou Zimo muttered in a low voice, his handsome brows tightly knitted together.
Qin Su paused for a moment. She was stunned for a long time before she continued with her earlier actions.
Zhou Zimo was also in a trance. He could vaguely smell the unique cold fragrance on her body. He quickly reached out his hand and grabbed Qin Su’s slender wrist.
“Don’t go, Qin Su!”
An exclamation was heard. Zhou Zimo opened his eyes in the next moment. What greeted his eyes was Qin Su’s beautiful and cold face. He was stunned for a moment. When he sensed that Qin Su was struggling, he increased the strength of his large hand.
“Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time…”
Zhou Zimo’s hoarse voice sounded with a hint of emotional warmth.
Qin Su glanced at the wrist that he had grabbed and froze for a moment. She gave up struggling and replied indifferently, “Didn’t I tell you that I would be back very late? Why aren’t you sleeping?”
“How can I sleep without you?” Zhou Zimo naturally replied quickly.
As he spoke, he pulled her into his embrace, “Qin Su, will you marry me? I will use my entire life to prove that I am worthy of your love. I can’t wait any longer. You can quit your job at the prosecutor’s office and choose your position in the company. As long as you are closer to me, it will be fine. You haven’t answered my calls for an entire night. I have been feeling uneasy for an entire night… that place isn’t suitable for you to stay in. I can protect you and hold up the sky for you, Qin Su…”
As Zhou Zimo finished speaking, he increased the strength of his embrace on Qin Su. Through his burning chest, Qin Su suddenly felt a little out of breath. However, she was still shocked by his sudden proposal.
Her beautiful eyes widened slightly as she looked at Zhou Zimo. Naturally, she was unable to react in time.
“How did you…”
“I know that it might be very rushed for you, but this is something that I have been thinking about for a long time. I have been waiting for a suitable opportunity to make preparations for you. However, with your character, I don’t know how much longer I will have to wait. I can’t wait any longer. The message that’s swirling in my mind right now is that I want to marry you! I, Zhou Zimo, want to marry you, Qin Su! So, marry me, Qin Su!”
Zhou Zimo spoke with some urgency. As he spoke, he also took out a brocade box from his pocket. Opening it, a dazzling diamond ring appeared before his eyes. The sparkling light forced him to be unable to open his eyes.
Zhou Zimo had long prepared a marriage proposal ring. He had gotten a famous designer to create a unique ring for Qin Su. The more he thought about it, the more he wished that he could bring the entire world to her. As long as she was willing…
He did not know why he had such a feeling. Moreover, this feeling was increasing day by day.
Perhaps this was the so-called feeling of not knowing where it came from and going deeper.
There was a predestined fate that belonged to Zhou Zimo. It started many years ago because of a woman named Qin Su. He suddenly felt lucky that he could not control himself and touched her back then. Otherwise, he did not know if he, Zhou Zimo, would be able to hold on until today.
The ring’s flashing spark also stunned Qin Su. For a moment, she reacted and could only look at Zhou Zimo in a daze. Then, she looked at the ring in his hand and could not say a word for a long time.
“Qin Su, don’t reject me… I’ve waited for this day for too long.”
Zhou Zimo’s dark eyes were filled with anticipation. He did not know what else he could say, so he could only hold her wrist tightly.
Qin Su was silent the whole time. She lowered her eyes and thought for a long time. She took a deep breath and then looked up at him quietly
“You… This is too sudden. I…”
“Don’t hesitate anymore, Qin Su. My feelings for you are not something that happened in a day or two. I have been thinking about you all these years. Give us a chance. I will give you happiness.”
Zhou Zimo’s words were filled with determination.
“I am not confident that I can…”
“I don’t care. As long as you stay by my side, it will be fine.”
Before Qin Su could finish her sentence, Zhou Zimo had already cut her off.
As such, Qin Su did not know what to do.
It was too sudden for her…
“Marry me, Qin Su…”
Zhou Zimo held her hand and knelt down on one knee, staring at her.
“Don’t be like this, get up first.”
Qin Su quickly tried to pull him up.
“I’ll get up if you say yes.”