The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife
Chapter 2088 - : Engaged (5)

Chapter 2088: Engaged (5)
Very quickly, a few days passed in the blink of an eye.
The engagement ceremony between Lan Xiu and Leng Xinran was held at a large hotel near Lan Xiu’s villa area.
The time was set for the morning. Early in the morning, Lan Xiu had Ah Li deliver the gown to Leng Xinran. It was tailor-made for Leng Xinran by the designer. It was a one-shouldered dress of red-crowned crane pink color.
Although it looked simple, it seemed more elegant on Leng Xinran. Her beautiful hair was tied up in a beautiful bun with some simple beading. It looked very beautiful.
Qin Su had been by her side the whole time.
“I really didn’t expect that it would be your turn soon after I got married. I’m relieved that you have someone to take care of you. Xinran, I think Lan Xiu should be a good husband. I wish you both happiness.”
After the makeup artist finished her task, Qin Su walked over to Leng Xinran. She pulled a chair and sat down beside her.
“Okay,” Leng Xinran answered calmly.
“Is your mother coming today?”
After thinking for a while, Qin Su still asked.
“She’s not doing well recently. I didn’t ask her to come. Two days ago, I went to see her with Lan Xiu. When she was clear-headed, she was quite satisfied with Lan Xiu.”
“You’re also worried that your father’s side will disturb her, right? I also found out about your father’s matter, he…”
“Life and death are up to fate. What should come, can’t be stopped. Maybe it’s because of the saying, ‘sooner or later, you’ll have to pay for what you’ve done’. You also know that Leng Mingyi has never been a good person. He lives too selfishly and is too extreme. I’ve long known that a person like him wouldn’t end well. Speaking of which, people like him are actually the same type as my mother. They are both extreme,” Leng Xinran said calmly, her eyes were indifferent.
“Xinran, I have actually admired you all these years, but most of all, I feel sorry for you.”
Qin Su was silent for a moment, and then replied.
“I don’t have the so-called sense of responsibility like you. How tired can I be? At most, when it’s difficult, you don’t think about who you can count on. Once you get used to it, you won’t feel resentful or pain.”
Leng Xinran raised her hand and tidied her collar. Her tone was very calm, “My mother also said before that I’m a person without any feelings. Thinking about it, it’s not unreasonable. Now, I feel like I’m living for some responsibilities and obligations. For example, I can’t leave her behind. Otherwise, after so many years, I wouldn’t have stayed in this city.”
Hearing this, Qin Su was stunned for a moment. “But, you still stayed. Moreover, you’re engaged to Lan Xiu today. Xinran, you have to admit that this is fate.”
These words, indeed…
At this moment, something rippled across Leng Xinran’s indifferent face and she did not say anything.
“I can see that you don’t have any feelings for Lan Xiu. Are you really sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with him?”
Qin Su did not think that she should ask these questions, but she still could not help herself.
Leng Xinran’s smile widened slightly, “I’m about to turn 30. Qin Su, do you think I still have a chance to obtain the so-called love? As I get older, there will be more things in my heart. Love will be further away from me. I don’t have time to think too much. I think it’s about time to find a suitable person to live with. There are so many couples in the world. Do you think that every couple is in love?”
Leng Xinran’s words caused Qin Su’s heart to be slightly stifled.
“So, I have to admit that I might also want to be one of those couples. I don’t love Lan Xiu, but I want to try and see if I can really live with him. It’s just that simple. There aren’t too many restrictions, and there aren’t any grudges. I actually feel a little old, Qin Su, especially in the past year…”
“Aren’t you just 30? How can you say that you’re dld? Many people still have so-called twilight love. Don’t be too pessimistic.”
Qin Su was never someone who would comfort others.
“I don’t dare to have too much hope. In fact, if someone is willing to accept my conditions and tolerate my temper, I should give it a try. I’m afraid that my fate is really not good… If one day, those tragedies from before will happen again, I hope to take everything I have and return it to him in peace. That way, I don’t have to owe anyone anything.”
“Alright, Xinran, let’s not talk about this on a happy day.”
Qin Su could not bear to hear any more.
Leng Xinran smiled faintly and raised her hand to pat the back of Qin Su’s hand. She did not say anything else.
At this moment, there was a knock on the door. The two of them subconsciously looked towards the door—
They saw Lan Xiu, dressed in an iron gray slim suit, push the door open and walk in. When he raised his gaze and saw Leng Xinran sitting in front of the mirror, his eyes immediately lit up. His eyes could not help but be filled with amazement.
“Are you ready? The hall downstairs is almost ready. Just wait for us.”
Lan Xiu’s eyes were filled with gentleness. Today was a special day, so he looked very energetic. Compared to his usual calmness, he looked more peaceful and gentle.
Qin Su looked between the two of them and then stood up. “I’ll go down to take a look first. You can go down now.”
Without waiting for Leng Xinran’s reply, he turned around and left the room.
“This outfit is very nice today. It suits you very well.”
Lan Xiu rarely praised him.
“Thank you. You’re very handsome too,” Leng Xinran replied and pointed at the water that she had just poured. “Do you want some water? You seem to have been busy all morning.”
“I’m fine. Didn’t you rest well last night?”
Seeing the fatigue in her eyes, Lan Xiu asked with concern.
Leng Xinran put her index finger between her eyebrows, rubbed it, and said slowly, “Your method worked. Ye Xiaolian is starting to panic. She wants to get data from the finance department. I want to take this opportunity to ask for some interest from her and at the same time, transfer her to the publicity department as an assistant manager.”
Leng Xinran had always been ruthless towards Ye Xiaolian. Now, she was using the shortest time to drag Ye Xiaolian down, so that she had no chance to turn things around. Of course, before that, she had to first cut off Ye Xiaolian’s wings.
It did not matter if she was extreme or ruthless. After all, Ye Xiaolian had interfered in their family. Leng Xinran could not bear to see Ye Xiaolian live well. Her mother, Mo Shaolan, was still in the sanatorium!
“But, I don’t see much joy on your face now. Isn’t everything going well?”