The Queen of Everything
Chapter 632 - So What If He’s a Top Manager?

Chapter 632: So What If He’s a Top Manager?
Although Tan Jinsui did not like her arguing with Qin Bei, something would definitely happen.
They were all from the entertainment industry, so it was Su Cha’s call to admit defeat so easily.
This revelation was within Su Cha’s expectations, but Qin Bei was too slow.
This was only released after the broadcast.
However, it was still useful. Su Cha had just snatched Jin Jiayu’s role, and now she was arguing with Qin Bei. The rumors of her being a big shot were becoming even worse.
The discussions about Su Cha on Weibo were endless. Su Cha did not intend to pay attention to the dirty words, but regarding Qin Bei…
Soon, Tan Jinsui sent a message. “How do you plan to deal with the matter between you and Qin Bei?”
Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “Why are you asking me? Isn’t this something you should do as a manager?”
Tan Jinsui: “…I’m a little regretful now.”
Su Cha smiled. “No, you can’t get off the pirate ship. Otherwise, I will tell my father.”
Tan Jinsui: “…”
He seemed to be having a headache. “I know you have a backup plan. I can use other methods to get rid of Qin Bei, but it’d be best if it’s related to you. Otherwise, if Qin Bei can get rid of it, you won’t be able to get rid of the dirt on you.”
Su Cha hummed. “Go and investigate. Li Miyi is the child I’ve been on the show with recently. Did he accept any interviews recently? If not, you can interview him with the official media and direct the question to Qin Bei. He knows what to say.”
Tan Jinsui was puzzled. “He’s just a five or six-year-old child. What does he know?”
Su Cha smiled gently. “He already knows a lot even though he’s only five or six years old, not to mention that a rascal like Li Miyi can’t bear a little grievance. As long as you can guarantee that the reporters are fair and will not be swayed by others, Li Miyi can help me get a confession.”
“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements.”
Tan Jinsui went over after receiving Su Cha’s instructions. Su Cha thought about it and hoped that Li Miyi would not disappoint her.
The matter with Qin Bei was still in the middle of the storm. Su Cha did not intend to clarify anything for now. Anything she did would be wrong.
On Qin Bei’s side, she felt slightly better after seeing the netizens bashing Su Cha.
Her manager eagerly lowered her shoulders. “Bebe, are you satisfied now? Now that the Internet is bashing her so badly, no one can clear things up for her. She can only swallow this matter in silence.”
“What swallowing are you talking about?”
Qin Bei raised her chin in dissatisfaction and said arrogantly, “You have no idea what happened. It was her bad attitude. Who does she think she is? She even instigated…”
Qin Bei suddenly stopped talking. She sat up from the recliner and looked at her manager. “Have you greeted Li Miyi? Are you sure his family won’t say anything?”
The manager nodded quickly. “It’s been arranged. Don’t worry, the other party will definitely not dare to say anything. The production crew will take care of it… for our sake, they won’t expose it. Don’t worry, no one will interview Li Miyi about the child.”
Qin Bei was relieved and lay back down. “That’s good. That bitch got Li Miyi to sue me when she came to record a show. Hmph, how naive!”
The manager smiled obsequiously but soon became worried. “But behind Su Cha is Tan Jinsui.”
“So what if it’s him?”
Qin Bei raised her chin. “In the industry, one has to follow some rules. So what if he’s an ace manager? Can he mess around?”