The Queen of Everything
Chapter 719

Chapter 719: Untitled
When Su Cha went over, Fu Mo followed.
She followed Su Cha and locked her eyes on the man and the Lolita.
Actually, there was nothing wrong with the man. Only this loli had always made Fu Mo feel cold for no reason. The first time they met, she’d felt she was especially dangerous.
She could not figure out why, which made Fu Mo uncomfortable, especially since the two of them were enemies with Su Cha.
Perhaps her attitude had been sensed. Su Cha walked over and sat on the sofa in the hall. Facing Greya and the man, she waved for Fu Mo to sit down. As she smiled at Greya, she said, “Don’t worry, we’re just here as guests.”
Lady Seventeen’s mouth twitched. She had never seen a guest like this. They were strolling leisurely like they were in their own backyard.
Greya skipped to the sofa opposite Su Cha. She jumped and threw herself onto the sofa. She was very delicate and small. Her entire body was almost buried in the expensive leather sofa. Her slender legs were slightly crossed, making her look like an innocent and carefree little girl.
How pitiful.
Even if Su Cha did not know that she was 23 years old…
She’d still have found it strange. She had seen people with dwarfism, but with that, it was mostly the body proportions as well as the face of an adult. Everything about them was developing, but their height never changed, making them look deformed.
However, the loli had completely stopped growing. Everything stopped when she was twelve years old. It was a very strange situation.
“Of course, I welcome you as a guest.”
Greya was also smiling as she spoke. A child-like person like her looked very innocent and unguarded, especially when she was smiling and talking obediently. She licked her lollipop and blinked at Su Cha. “Sister, you were filming last time. I didn’t greet you when I saw you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Greya. I’m a Chinese-American. I’m your little fan.”
As soon as she finished speaking, Lady Seventeen’s lips twitched.
Only a fool would believe her.
“Really? I’m so popular in America?”
Su Cha was interested. “Could it be that you rushed back to China from the United States for me?”
“Of course!”
Greya nodded while biting her lollipop. The man next to her chuckled with mockery.
Greya rolled her eyes at the man. Su Cha glanced at the man and knocked on the table. She said casually, “Greya, you don’t have to beat around the bush. I don’t care who invited you back. Last time, you had someone from the Killing Alliance’s Tree Hall cause trouble for the Bo family and hurt someone you shouldn’t have. I think I need an explanation, don’t you think?”
She looked at Greya, and her originally cold and calm eyes began to glow with a strange light. The light became stronger, and a strong pressure came from her body. The smile on Greya’s face stiffened for a moment, and then it relaxed innocently. “Sister, what are you saying? What is the Killing Alliance and what is Tree Hall? Why can’t I understand the words clearly?”
Obviously, she did not want to discuss this matter with Su Cha.
Su Cha curled her lips and looked at her without saying anything.