The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 : Change (Part I)
Chen Fang and Zhang Lan were smiling at each other when they heard Jiang Ruan. They directed their eyes towards the entrance and saw three approaching silhouettes illuminated from their backs. Although the leader's slim figure was nestled under a loose-fitting jacket, she seemed immaculate. The sunlight glowed on her pale skin, as if within a night, her facial features had become more defined. Her pupils were no longer lifeless like in the past. They were similar to an ancient well without ripples. Yet, the edges of her eyes showed an indescribable charm. Her gaze was akin to flowing spring water. Her unsophisticated manners were no longer visible, while a captivating vigor was present. Jiang Ruan raised her brows. Even though her clear voice was pleasant to the ears, it was laced with a penetrating coolness, "Auntie Lan?"
Zhang Lan recovered her senses abruptly and even Chen Fang, who was beside her, was jolted from her reverie and glared at Jiang Ruan with a mixture of jealousy and anger. It was as if this utterly pathetic daughter of an official, who did not possess any pride or dignity, had transformed into another person. As Jiang Ruan's stare skimmed over her, she felt her soul depart from her body.
"Miss, you're back." Although Zhang Lan worded her speech in this manner, her body hadn't moved at all. She merely tapped her legs tiredly, "Today, after resolving all the frivolous matters in the residence with much difficulty, I finally managed to clear some free time so I thought of visiting you. It has never crossed my mind that you might not be around. I looked and looked for you everywhere and sprained my leg as a result. Therefore, I have been resting here for a bit. Miss, I hope that you can excuse my lack of manners."

Lian Qiao watched the scene with a pair of furious eyes. On the surface, one would not be able to nitpick any faults with Zhang Lan's words, but she was brazenly humiliating Jiang Ruan. She was merely a servant, yet she sat when her mistress was standing. She really did not have any respect for authority at all. At first, Lian Qiao wanted to rebuke her, but she changed her mind suddenly when she observed Jiang Ruan's gaze. Therefore, she stood quietly beside Jiang Ruan with Bai Zhi without a word.
Jiang Ruan smiled lightly, "Auntie Lan, you are taking this too seriously. You have been breaking your back over this residence's matters, striving to perform to your utmost duty. Of course, you should rest properly. I feel really apologetic that you have been working so hard because of me. Why not let me massage your leg? Then perhaps, you will feel more comfortable?"
At the beginning, Jiang Ruan's reply sounded very pleasing but after Zhang Lan listened to the rest, her expression changed completely. When Jiang Ruan finished talking, she stood up immediately, "Miss, what are you talking about? You are my mistress and I am your servant so I do not deserve your good fortunes. You terrify me."

Jiang Ruan eyed Zhang Lan. Her tone carried a hint of mild surprise, "Auntie Lan, unexpectedly, you can stand up now. I am relieved to see that you are perfectly fine. Otherwise, if anything untoward were to happen to you, I really would not know what to do."
Zhang Lan seethed with hatred. Jiang Ruan's earlier words seemed to stroke her ego, but if the second half of her speech reached outside ears, she would have to face the consequences. In this world, there was definitely no logic in a master massaging the legs of a servant. Even if her superior hinted at treating Jiang Ruan harshly, if this matter was spread around, people would only say that a servant like her took advantage of her master and brought shame to the high official's residence.
The best way to carry out the orders was to act in a way that did not allow any room for blame, and at the same time, make things difficult for Jiang Ruan in every way. She never thought that a seasoned veteran like her could be similarly counter-attacked by someone younger than herself. After thinking about this, Zhang Lan sized Jiang Ruan up again. Jiang Ruan merely smiled faintly and stood quietly on her spot. No one could not see through her. At that moment, a hint of terror surfaced in her heart. Her opponent was merely a young girl of ten. How could she lead her to feel fear? Was she possessed by an evil spirit?

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