The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
Chapter 20 part2

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Chapter 20: Imprisoned (Part II)
Underground Fantasy – Part Two: Dungeons, Tombs and Mazes (December 9, 2014)
Chen Zhao was able to perceive the bailiff's concern, and thus sneered, "Requesting
Daren to investigate the incident diligently to bring justice to the people." He then turned towards Jiang Ruan, "Miss, after a few days, I will visit you. Miss, please don't be too anxious."Lian Qiao snorted, "What a ploy! Framing and fawning over our Miss at the same time. Chen Zhao, do you believe our Miss to be a fool to play along with you? Remember this, you are only the son of a steward. In front of our Miss, you will never be qualified to mention yourself. Your name has but two words, and that is servant[1]! Hmph!" Lian Qiao flatly spat out everything she wanted to say to him. Upon hearing this, Chen Zhao's expression flickered back and forth between fuming rage and pale ashen.
[1] nú cai ( 奴才 ) – slave or derogatively, flunkey.
Jiang Ruan giggled and addressed Li Mi, "Daren, since Chen Zhao's statement about witnessing me kill someone has no relation with these two servant girls, I would like to request Daren for consent to allow these two girls to stay in the estate so that they can send a letter to my family.

Li Mi mused and nodded, "Alright, I will allow it."
With her eyes gleaming with tears, Lian Qiao held Jiang Ruan's hand, "Miss, please be careful not to be bullied by others." After thinking about it some more, she still felt uncertain, "It would still be better to let this servant come along with Miss because this servant is not afraid of being locked up."
Jiang Ruan could not help but laugh and squeezed her hand, "Silly, it is not a walk in the park, there is no need for a companion. I will be out soon. If you follow me, who would help me send word to my family?"
‘Send word’, Jiang Ruan enunciated these words a little stronger, and Lian Qiao was astonished. Bai Zhi approached Lian Qiao to pull her away, reassuring Jiang Ruan, "Miss, please take care of yourself. These servants will ensure that the letter is delivered."
Jiang Ruan nodded and addressed Li Mi, "Let's go."
All the officers were bewildered as they had never seen one take such initiative to be incarcerated. With her actions, it seemed as if she were the master, and these officers were merely her entourage of bodyguards.
A sliver of dark intention flashed in Chen Zhao's eyes. Initially, he wanted to see Jiang Ruan embarrassed and crushed. He never expected that she would still remain calm and collected, even glancing at him with a mocking smile. Her graceful demeanor remained unchanged, causing one's heart to skip a beat.

After a while, Zhang Lan ruthlessly slapped him, "What are you looking at? Is there anything worth seeing? Truly wretched!"
Once Jiang Ruan reached the prison, Li Mi arranged a cell especially for her. There were several other people in the prison, and upon seeing such a lively young lady, their foul-mouths uttered every kind of filthy word. Nevertheless, Jiang Ruan looked on aloofly, without embarrassment or anger.
Thus, upon seeing her calm reaction, the person in the neighbouring cell was amazed. Curiously, the prisoner leaned forward against the grille to look at her. Seeing that Jiang Ruan had no intention of responding, the inmate began to query, "Hey, young lady, why were you locked up?"
Jiang Ruan looked towards the direction of the sound and saw an extremely filthy person staring at her. From head to toe, the person's clothes were dusty and covered with mud. And although unkempt hair covered the person's face, with a pure and sweet tone, it was clear that it was the voice of a young woman.
After glancing at her, Jiang Ruan did not respond.
This young woman was shocked and relentlessly persisted, "Hey, why are you ignoring me? Could it be that you are deaf? You look quite beautiful, yet it turns out you're a master that cannot hear at all. Tsk tsk, how pitiful!"
Jiang Ruan stared at her, "How does that concern you?"
"Ah, so it turns out, you're not deaf or mute." The woman cried out in pleasant surprise, "I'm bored to death here so you came at the right time. The two of us can keep each other company."

Translated by : irisu
Edited by : Anks & Ely