The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
Chapter 24 part1

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Chapter 24: Witness (Part I)
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An abrupt voice suddenly arose, interrupting the discussion at just the right moment. Imperial Censor Wang, with a wave of his hand, ordered, "Bring her in!"
The person who had interrupted was led in by the bailiff. She was a servant girl finely dressed in a lady's attire. After she came in, she bowed down low as she spoke eloquently "To answer Daren, I have come forward to confirm that Miss Jiang has been framed."
"Please elaborate and explain yourself." Imperial Censor Wang hurriedly replied.
The servant girl lifted her head, revealing a round cherubic look of innocence. It was Lu Zhu, who was once acquainted with Lian Qiao. Scratching her head as she proceeded to answer, "The night when Chen Zhao informed everyone of Chun Ying jiejie's death, I was coming from the outer courtyard carrying in the laundry and went past Miss Jiang's courtyard. At that time, I was rather spooked because I heard some strange noise coming out from the well, but later thought it to be merely the sound of a cat calling and did not bother to investigate further." Lu Zhu took a moment to recollect, "However, at that time, I had wanted to look for Lian Qiao jiejie to have a chat, but there was no one in the house. Thus, Miss Jiang was nowhere near the courtyard, and therefore, she could not have been the one to throw Chun Ying jiejie's corpse into the well."
Lu Zhu had just finished her testimony when another voice was heard from outside, "I can also vouch for Miss Jiang. This servant encountered Chen Zhao out on the street that day. At that time, it was getting late in the evening and Chen Zhao was making haste and looked rather frenetic. Initially, I did not grasp what was happening, but thinking back now, I am afraid to say that he might have murdered someone and was hoping to cast this bucket of dirty water onto Miss Jiang[1]."

[1] To cast a bucket of dirty water – to deflect and misdirect the culpability onto someone else.
This time, it was Xiao Yuan who had spoken up.
The whole situation had been completely overturned, with many more testimonies arising and pointing towards Chen Zhao. Chen Zhao was utterly baffled and had never thought that at such a time as this, so many servants would appear pointing their fingers and giving testimonies against him. All his thoughts were in chaos. As he apprehensively looked towards Jiang Ruan, he was in total disbelief. He was absolutely confounded as to when Jiang Ruan had both the means and opportunity to bribe all of these servants.
On one end, there was Chen Zhao who was in a state of confusion and disarray, and on the other end, Zhang Lan was beside herself becoming completely frantic. She desperately broke through the barricades to enter the court, with her foul mouth cursing and swearing all the while. With the situation being at such a diabolical life and death stage, she had absolutely no regard for any particular status or station in life anymore. There was an outpouring of profanity as she continued to lambast Jian Ruan with finger pointing and oblique accusations. Those standing around repeatedly cast sidelong glances towards the Jiang Family's young lady who appeared to not only be indifferent, but nor did she seem to have taken to heart that she was being dishonored, and for this they could not help but admire her stance.
Qian Wan Li was able to get a handle on the situation and knew that, today, Chen Zhao would not obtain his intended outcome. No one knew if Jiang Ruan was just plain lucky, or if she was backed by someone influential who made it possible for her to turn a dire situation around and escape unscathed. He looked towards Imperial Censor Wang and said, "Daren, if you would just…."
Imperial Censor Wang waved his hand, addressing, "Qiu Yan, you said that you have witnessed Chen Zhao murdering someone. Then, do you have any evidence to support your testimony?"

At this, Chen Zhao released a sigh of relief. He was very sure that he had been meticulous that day and had in no way left any loose ends or traces. Even if someone was sent to investigate, there would be nothing that could implicate him.
Qiu Yan nodded, "I do."
Chen Zhao was flabbergasted, and Imperial Censor Wang questioned, "What is the evidence?"
"In reply to Daren's question, at that time your humble servant saw Chen Zhao strangling Chun Ying's neck, and Chun Ying was probably attempting to fight for her life when she retaliated and scratched Chen Zhao on his neck. So if Daren would check for any scratch marks on Chen Zhao's neck and also examine under Chun Ying's fingernails for signs of blood, then the truth will eventually be revealed.
Chen Zhao was taken aback, unconsciously grabbing his neck. Imperial Censor Wang, without any further hesitation and with a wave of his hand, commanded the bailiff, "Come forward to examine Chen Zhao."
Chen Zhao wanted to put up a struggle, but physically he was no match for the court officers who very quickly subdued him. Li Mi came forward to assess and verify before reporting back to Imperial Censor Wang, "To respond to Daren, there is definitely evidence of scratches."
Imperial Censor Wang nodded, "Guards, go check under Chun Ying’s fingernails for any evidence of blood."
Chen Zhao, knowing that the situation had taken a turn for the worst, collapsed to the ground. Almost immediately the guard returned from examining Chun Ying's fingers and reported that there was indeed traces of blood under her fingernails.
Then, Imperial Censor Wang bellowed, "Such audacity you have, Chen Zhao. You have murdered a person and tried to silence any witnesses. You've tried to both get rid of the corpse and destroy evidence. Furthermore, you've tried to implicate and mislead by putting the blame on another person. A thief shouting the capture to catch the thief, this is just preposterous! Well now, we have witnesses and physical evidence that are irrefutable, so now do you confess to your crimes?"

Translated by : minodayz
Edited by : Anks & Ely