The Rebirth Of An Ill-Fated Consort
Chapter 27

BONUS CHAPTER!! YAYY!! And finally the moment has come that everyone has been desperately waiting for…JR is preparing to return back to her real home. And in return for everyone’s patience i would share this piece: a little birdie told me that ML will soon make an appearance during JR’s trip back home.
Also, to refresh everyone’s memory: Zhao Mei – Jiang Quan’s first wife; JR’s birth mother. Xia Yan – JR’s step mother. (See the updated .)
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Chapter 27: Preparations for Return to The Capital
Cổ phong
At noon, the servants in the residence brought the chests in one after another. Inside the two yellow pearwood chests[1] , which were of the finest quality, most of the clothes and accessories which had been well-worn could now be deemed as completely returned. However, the money could not be retrieved. The maids were somewhat fearful as they looked towards Jiang Ruan, "Miss, what could be found has all been recovered…"
[1] Huáng lí mù xiāng ( 黄梨木箱 ) – 'huang li' can mean pineapple or pear. In this case, 'huang li mu' means yellow pearwood, it's official name in Chinese is 'huang hua li' or yellow flowering pear wood. 'Xiang' also has a number of meanings such as box, trunk or chest. The yellow flowering pear is a member of the rosewood family and is classified as Dalbergia odorifera.
More recently, the word 'huang' or yellow was added in the early 20th century due to the old wood surfaces mellowing into a yellowish tone due to long exposure to light. These finest quality yellow pearwood chests have a translucent, shimmering surface with abstract aesthetically pleasing patterns.
Pearwood Chest

"No matter, you may all leave." Jiang Ruan spoke as she shook her head. Zhang Lan's family had always enjoyed the privileges but detested the work given to them; the money that they received was taken by Chen Zhao to charm women or else, by Chen Fu to gamble away. Thankfully, the clothes and accessories were in Chen Fang's possession, hence, those items were not pawned off and had not become irreclaimable. However, unfortunately they could no longer be worn.
"Bai Zhi," Jiang Ruan nodded towards the two chests, "Other than those left behind by mother[2], bring everything else to the pawn shop and sell it all. If possible, have all of these things exchanged for banknotes.
[2] Niáng ( 娘 ) – Mother
"Young Miss," Bao Zhi was rather shocked, "Everything? All of this is yours, Miss…"
"Things that have already been used, what need do I have for them." Sitting by the table, Jiang Ruan slowly poured herself a cup of tea. After Zhang Lan's incident, the maids in the residence were extremely afraid of Jiang Ruan; even the tea leaves that were sent over were freshly-grown this year.
"Nevertheless, a few sets of clothes should be kept," Bai Zhi responded, "In a few days, we will be going back to the capital. It would not be good if you are dressed like this, young Miss."
"If I am not dressed like this, how would father feel distressed on my behalf?" Jiang Ruan coldly answered. Her face still remained expressionless, however, her gaze had become ice-cold.
At that instant, Bai Zhi was at loss for words and did not know how to reply. While she was still hesitant, Lian Qiao pushed the door and came in, carrying a basket of washed fruits. Taking part in the conversation between the both of them, Lian Qiao then continued, "That's right. If young Miss wore these clothes, to just fake a facade without a care about the current situation, wouldn't it be unbearable for Miss to remain unfazed? Also, Bai Zhi, don't forget, our Miss can no longer fit into these clothes. You might have noticed Chen Fang not wearing them either."
After thinking about it, Bai Zhi no longer hesitated and crouched down, carefully removing the upper layer of the remaining things in the chest. She then instructed a few people to remove the remaining clothes and carry them out so that she could find a pawn shop to bring the items to exchange for money.

Waiting until Bai Zhi had left, as she placed some of the read books into the chest, Liao Qiao spoke with some uncertainty, "Miss, today, this slave heard something when she went out earlier."
However, her recollection remained unfinished as they heard the door being slammed open by someone from the outside. Barging in aggressively as she began to give her a dressing down, Chen Fang accused, "Miss, why did you have to do this to my mother!"
"How impudent!" Following suit, Lian Qiao also stood up and tore into her, "Who gave you the nerve to create a commotion in front of our young Miss!"
Unfazed, Chen Fang loudly proclaimed, "Miss, I respect you as the young lady of the residence. After you arrived, over your past few years here, my mother has always served you well. If not for my mother, how could you still be here today! My brother treated you well too, why did you have to frame him and get him locked up in prison? Miss, you are truly ruthless!"
"What rubbish are you spouting!" Lian Qiao blustered angrily, "What do you mean by framing, it was clearly proven that Chen Zhao only had himself to blame for his actions. Are you trying to falsely incriminate our young Miss!"
"Lian Qiao," Jiang Ruan halted her from continuing, then looked at Chen Fang and suddenly smiled, "Miss Chen, you are widely off the mark; the one who rightly brought about Chen Zhao's imprisonment, wasn't it you?"
"What are you trying to say?" Chen Fang frowned.
"Miss Chen, have you forgotten that it was you who invited me to admire that pot of the queen of the night[3]." Holding the teacup in her hands, Jiang Ruan blew at the bubbles that were floating in the tea and took a light sip, "Speaking of which, your brother and Chun Ying, their fates began to intertwine because of that pot of flowers."
[3] Yuè xià měi rén ( 月下美人 ) – It refers to the queen of the night. This plant was referenced first at chapter 12, part 1; the cactus species that began the downfall of Zhang Lan's family.
At first, Chen Fang did not fully understand what Jiang Ruan was talking about. Once she heard that last sentence, she was thunderstruck and spoke incredulously, "You did all this on purpose, didn't you? For Chun Ying to be there, that was your doing?"
"What do you think?" Jiang Ruan countered.
"Impossible, this is impossible…" Chen Fang looked at her with fear, "Even if you managed to lure Chun Ying over there, how could you have known what would happen later. It is impossible for you to anticipate everything like this unless…. Unless you are some demon…"
"Maybe I am a demon, regardless, how would you be able to tell? You harmed your own brother and your brother made trouble for your mother. Therefore, you have no right to put the blame on me." After saying this, Jiang Ruan smiled, the piping hot tea making her lips appear rosy and moist. With her pitch-black hair and snowy white complexion, the smile on her lips was charmingly enticing.
Retreating a bit, Chen Fang shook her head and answered, "No, I cannot believe this, no…" It seemed that her fear had reached its peak; she instantly turned and fled.
Furrowing her eyebrows, Lian Qiao commented, "She is ridiculous. What she is eating and wearing daily, which of it doesn't belong to Miss? To look upon our young Miss like this, she still has the nerve to speak these senseless things. As expected, she has no conscience, how disgusting!"
Jiang Ruan stated, "Didn't she already receive retribution? Every single thing and action in this world has its cause and effect. At this point, Zhang Lan's family has received their just desserts because of their past misdeeds.
Lian Qiao laughed, "That is due to Miss' intelligence, look how frightened she was. Our young Miss has incredible foresight."
Jiang Ruan broke into laughter. In her past life, during the times when she was miserable and helpless, one thing that she had learnt from those that harmed her was forbearance. If there were conspiracies against her, to use all that she could to slowly scheme and thwart such efforts; all this seemed to have worked flawlessly for her now. Thinking about how it was back then, she asked, "What did you want to tell me before?"
"This…" Lian Qiao bit her lips, "Outside, there are rumours about the master. They talk about how the master does not govern his home firmly and neglected his eldest di daughter to be humiliated and bullied by his servants at another residence.'"
She then cautiously evaluated Jiang Ruan's response, however, there was a faint smile on on Jiang Ruan's face as she responded, "Is that so?"
If the town was abuzz with this news, then naturally, in the capital, this matter would have become an idle topic being discussed fervently. Everyone was talking about how Minister Jiang had hidden his coldheartedness behind his visage of kindness. They felt sorry for the righteous and intelligent Jiang family's di daughter. In the Jiang family's official residence, the entrance was so tightly shut that not even a servant girl could be seen leaving the household to make purchases.
In the Jiang fu, Jiang Quan threw the booklet in his hand with a loud thud, onto his desk. His face was ashen as he spluttered, "Scoundrel!"

"Master[4] ," Pushing the door as she entered, his wife was dressed in a rose slender-cut cotton inner robe that was embroidered with hundreds of butterflies flying over camellia flowers. The outer layer was an azure blue gown of multi-coloured silk tapestry woven with designs of ermine on it. As for her lower garment, it was a jadeite cloud brocade pleated skirt with scattered flowers. Clusters of southern sea pearl flowers were held in a hairpin in her 'falling horse-shape' hairstyle. Although she was dressed in a style befitting a married woman, both refreshing and colourful, and with elegant almond eyes[5], she possessed a scholarly aura which appeared extremely gentle and understatedly graceful. Placing the food basket in her hands down, she walked forward and held Jiang Quan's hand as she continued in a low voice, "Please calm down, Master, and not let anger harm your body."
[4] Lǎoye ( 老爷 ) – (respectful) lord / master.
[5] Xìng Yǎn ( 杏眼 ) – This refers to almond eyes which is used to depict large, round eyes that are considered beautiful.
After he saw her, the gloomy expression on Jiang Quan's face subsided a little. However, his tone remained furious, "Look at what is written in all of these booklets! All of them are saying that I, Jiang Quan, did not manage my home firmly. That without showing concern for her over the past five years, I treated my di daughter harshly. Therefore, I am cold-blooded and heartless, a sanctimonious person! The emperor has already ordered me home to reflect. Already I have become the laughing stock of Chaozhong! Zhao Mei, what a fine daughter you have raised!"
"Jiejie isn't to blame." Xia Yan hastily soothed, "Ruan'er definitely did not do this on purpose. Just that, now that the situation has gotten to this state, Master, why don't we have Ruan'er return here to assuage the Emperor's misgivings. This concubine will immediately make the preparations."
"There is no need," with a wave of his hand, Jiang Quan's gaze was completely dark and hooded, "Imperial Censor Wang has already personally prepared a carriage to bring her back to the capital."
Robe pattern and pleated skirt:

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Translated by : irisu-san
Edited by : Anks & Ely