The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap
Chapter 215

Chapter 215
Arge Chapter 215: Fox Loli training ground(This chapter is Kuzuha’s POV)
*Zun*, my head hits against the ground and I frown in pain .
I get up in a hurry to shake off the smell of the soil while Felnote-san still holds her wooden sword
「……Kuzuha, (Daiyobu) are you still okay / can you still keep going?」(Felnote)
Her quiet words weren’t mean to ask about my injury but whether to continue .
The answer is obvious . Instead of words, I run toward her with my alter ego .
Simultaneous attacks from all directions to make her confused with my alter ego . I can handle evasion and defense by myself…!!
「Multi-stage simultaneous attack . That’s your greatest strength, but…」(Felnote)
「…I can understand (read) everything from the signs」(Felnote)
「Uu~u, I’m still immature ~desu~no…」(Kuzuha)
I intended to make an all-out attack to block her escape route .
However, she didn’t run away, rather, in an instant, she judged (recognize) me from all of my alter ego and defeat me, the main body .
「In the first place, why did I find out that I was genuine …?」(Kuzuha)
「 Your main body stays in the safest place」(Felnote)
It’s simple but it’s true .
I can create as many alter ego as I want but I only have one main body .
Because I understand that and the alter ego born from me, I tend to put the alter ego in a more dangerous position . 「That’s all for today .
Even if you want to pack so many things, it still won’t do」(Felnote)「Thank you very much (Arigatō Gozaimashita ~wa), Felnote-san」(Felnote)
「It’s okay .
Does it hurt anywhere?
If it’s a minor injury, I’ll heal you .
Or do you want Arge to heal you?」()「…I’m sorry for the bother (Mōshi Wakearimasenga), but may I ask you to heal me (Onegai Dekimasuno)?」(Kuzuha)
I ask her wholeheartedly and Felnote-san agrees to heal me with a smile .
…She has seen through me .
I don’t have to say that I don’t want Arge-san to know about this .
That’s why Felnote-san will heal me even if I don’t say anything .
「I’m sorry, it must be hurt」(Felnote)
「No, this is what I asked for . I don’t mind」(Kuzuha)
The bruise and pain from the wooden sword have completely disappeared .
I haven’t recovered from my fatigue, I still can’t compare with Arge-san .
Let’s endure this fatigue as proof that I am still immature . 「…」(Richelle)
「Richelle-san, thank you very much」(Kuzuha)
When I bowed to Richelle-san, who has been worried, she got a relieved smile .
I don’t understand her language but I know she cares .
「As I said earlier, you shouldn’t think too much about it . 」(Felnote)
「I know (Wakatte ~orimasu ~wa)
I don’t think I can catch up with Felnote-san or Arge-san soon」(Kuzuha)My mother was a big fox with nine tails .
My tails have yet to reach my mother’s level .
Felnote-san and Arge-san are powerful enough to even fight my mother when she is serious .
As a fox with a shortage of tails, I’m sure I’m still not strong enough to fight side by side with them .
In fact, from the mock battle the other day, I still haven’t found a way if I was fighting “Obsidian” . 「But… to prepare for a big battle, spoiling isn’t allowed」(Kuzuha)
「I’m saying it’s too painful」(Felnote)
When she hit on my forehead, I raised my voice in surprise .
Her two-colored eyes are gently narrowed more than before .
「…The two of you are really similar as friends」(Felnote)
「Eh, what, what are you saying (Naniga ~desuno)?!」(Kuzuha)
「You two are really worried about your friends but are too careless about your own .
In a way, it’s balanced . But I’m worried when you are alone . 」(Felnote)「No…way,… is that so…?」(Kuzuha)
I didn’t mean to do that myself but it seems like she is pretty worried .
As I’m looking up while feeling somewhat uncomfortable (upset), her expression is gentle as ever .
She seems to consult a child, it’s a little embarrassing . 「Well, I know how you feel .
I don’t want to be a burden as well . And above all… Arge is important, right?」(Felnote)「Of course, it is (desu~wa) .
Is Felnote-san the same?」(Kuzuha)「Ah, uhm…
That is, well… well, the meaning is a little different…
If you ask me, I like her, but uhm…」(Felnote)「Felnote-san?」(Kuzuha)
「It’s nothing!
I like her!
I really like her!
She is my benefactor after all!」(Felnote)Originally, Felnote-san is a knight of the Kingdom . She left the front line due to an injury on duty .
I heard that it was the Arge-san who healed her lost eyesight .
For different reasons and circumstances, we are both saved by Arge-san .
「That’s why I understand your feelings, so if I have free time, I’ll help you train like this」(Felnote)
「Thank you very much (Arigatō Gozaimasu Desuno)」(Kuzuha)
I know the power of Felnote-san from our travels .
That’s why I want to do my best training with her to become stronger .
「…… Don’t be too impatient . You see, Richelle is also worried」(Felnote)
「……I’ll be careful (Kiwo Tsuke Masu~wa」(Kuzuha)
They are worried that I shouldn’t be impatient .
They are companions who have traveled with me all the time, they must understand me well, I must be too impatient .
When I breathe in to calm down, the smell of grass is pleasant .
It was pleasant to have the training ground outside .
「Why don’t you go to Arge for a change?
She must be sleeping anyway」(Felnote)「…That’s true .
Well, that’s about it for today .
Thank you very much (Arigatō Gozaimashita ~wa), Felnote-san」(Kuzuha)After bowing down to Felnote-san, I left the training ground .
Meeting Arge-san .
Just by thinking so, my pace naturally accelerated and my tail shook .