The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap
Chapter 217

Chapter 217
Arge Chapter 217: Not good at dealing with children

「Ei, How persistent!
Why must I (Boku) go along with you!」(Chrome)I heard familiar words and woke up from a nap .
When I opened my eyes and looked around, the position of the sun was high .
… It hasn’t been long since I started taking a nap . I felt comfortable on the grass and just fell asleep .
I get up and yawn while stretching lightly .
I look around, recognizing that my sleep fatigue slowly disappeared and I slowly awakened . 「……Chrome-chan?」(Arge)
Seeing the face of an acquaintance, I get up .
When approaching her, there seemed to be a little girl clinging to Chrome-chan . And for that matter, that little girl is also someone I know .
「Ara, Arge-san . Thank you for your hard work (Otsukaresama ~desuno)」(Kuzuha)
「No, I was sleeping until a while ago so I didn’t anything else today …」(Arge)
「Vampyr! This girl is persistent! Do something!」(Chrome)
「What’s happened here…」(Arge)
I don’t really get it but Chrome-chan seems to be trying to escape from Kuzuha-chan .
As for Kuzuha-chan, for some reason, she even used her alter ego to firmly hold Chrome-chan’s arms .
「Kuzuha-chan, Do you have something to do with Chrome-chan?」(Arge)
「Actually, I got some sweets from today’s purchase . So I was wondering if Chrome-san…」(Kuzuha)
「I told you already! A tea party doesn’t suit me!」(Chrome)
「Ah, I see ……」(Arge)
For the time being, I can grasp the situation from what these two say .
Kuzuha-chan tried to invite and Chrome-chan tried to escape?…Chrome-chan seems to be not good at it .
I’ve never seen her with other people in the rebellion .
Does she like to be alone or is she not good at dealing with others, or both?
Either way, Chrome-chan would be awkward with the cheerful type like Kuzuha-chan .
「But but (Demo Demo), It’s better to eat together (~desu wa yo) .
And Ginka-san is waiting for Chrome-san to come (orimasu~no)!」(Kuzuha)As you can see, even if you try to refuse, she won’t give up .
Instead of being depressed, Kuzuha-chan keeps pushing with a smile . Her haunting-ghost-like stubbornness is enough to make me give up a nap .
「…… I’ll go if it’s an order」(Chrome)
「She also told me to reply just in case you are saying something like this (orimasu~no)
“It’s not good if it’s an order, I will be happy if you agree to come”」(Kuzuha)「Gu~… that woman (Ano Onna)…」(Chrome)
It’s probably because she (Ginka) knows Chrome-chan’s personality .
Also, she chooses a difficult to refuse messenger (Kuzuha) .
That girl (Kuzuha) won’t take no for an answer…「Flowing」(Chrome)
It doesn’t even take more than a moment for her (Chrome) to break out of the restraint .
When both girls (Kuzuha+Bushiha) are surprised, Chrome-chan instantly separated from them .
Kuzuha-chan and her alter ego Bushiha-chan are dumbfounded looking at Chrome-chan .
「It’s amazing (Sugoi desu~wa~ne)……!」(Kuzuha)
「…It’s hard to keep up when I’m really surprised . 」(Bushiha)
「Kuzuha-chan is pure after all」(Arge)
「…Anyway, I don’t want to participate in that kind of party . Just tell Ginka so」(Chrome)
After briefly expressing her opinion, Chrome-chan turns around .
Before Kuzuha-chan called out, she dashed through a gap in the warehouse and disappeared . 「Ah…」(Kuzuha)
「Kuzuha-chan . Chrome-chan also has her circumstances」(Arge)
「Uh … I understand (wakarimashita~wa) .
And, Arge-san, I’m sorry for the bother but can I ask you for a favor?」(Kuzuha)Kuzuha-chan handed me a bag with her tails and ears waving in anticipation .
When I checked the contents, it looked like an assortment of sweets . 「Shion-san asked me to give this to her in case she doesn’t feel like coming . 」(Kuzuha)
「How well prepared…」(Arge)
I can understand in many ways .
Both Ginka and Zion care about Chrome-chan . 「Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I can catch her…」(Kuzuha)
「Well, that’s right . Chrome-chan is fast」(Arge)
She’s so quick that even Kuzuha-chan can’t keep up .
She was caught before because Chrome-chan was caught by surprise (puns intended) .
If she was serious, she wouldn’t be caught that easily .
「Okay, I’ll give it to her for you」(Arge)
「Thank you very much .
Please come when you’re done (~desu no)
I will be waiting for you in the tea party」(Kuzuha)After dispelling Bushiha-chan, Kuzuha-chan moves away .
Holding the bag of sweets, I looked around lightly and…「…… Chrome-chan, it’s already okay to come out . 」(Arge)
「…You got me well」(Chrome)
Chrome-chan popped out of the roof of the warehouse .
It’s the smell of her blood telling me where she is . Kuzuha-chan probably knew that too, but she might have thought she couldn’t be able to catch Chrome-chan .
「Here goes (Yoi~sho~o)」(Chrome)
Chrome-chan comes to me after landing without a sound .
「… Is it the bracelet that doesn’t make any sound?」(Arge)
「…Ah, that’s right .
This is “Sound-Blurred death child” .
It will erase any sound made by the wearer and its curse can cause deaf .
It’s a type of magical artifact . 」(Chrome)With Chrome-chan’s quickness and the sound-eraser “Sound-Blurred death child” .
The silent and high-speed movement will be useful for toying with her opponent and surely killing them slowly . 「…Uhm, please take this for the time being」(Arge)
I give the bag of sweets .
Despite her blunt attitude, Chrome-chan doesn’t refuse . 「Honestly, what’s with that child?」(Chrome)
「Uhmm, she is my friend . She is energetic though, a bit too energetic」(Arge)
「How can you get along with her… No, rather isn’t she just “right” for you?」(Chrome)
I didn’t understand what she meant by “just right”, but Chrome-chan seems to be convinced .
Fixing her black hair, she sits on the grasslands .
She somehow sat down next to me and gave me a candy ball . 「Hm」(Chrome)
「Ah, thank you」(Arge)
It will be rude to refuse so I take it and put it in my mouth . I can taste the sweetness and aroma .
As I enjoyed the taste similar to the tortoiseshell candy in my previous world, Chrome-chan also chewed the same thing,
「That child, she called for you, right? Don’t you need to go now?」(Chrome)
「No, I just woke up, I still need my fill of napping before going」(Arge)
「…ain’t that right?」(Chrome)
Chrome-chan lays down in the open as if convinced with my reply .
「I’m not good at dealing with children ……」(Chrome)
「Chrome-chan seems to be the same age though」(Arge)
「Haa!? I’m already 18!
Don’t lump with such a child!」(Chrome)「Eh, you are 18 with that body…!?」(Arge)
「Where did you look at me when you said that? I will kill you, you hear me?」(Chrome)
I didn’t want to be killed, so I kept silent without saying that I was looking at her breasts .
Chrome-chan clicked her tongue, shook her hand, and started leaving .
I just messed with her for fun but she seemed to be angry so I decided to leave her alone .
I slowly swallow the sweetness in my mouth as it melts