The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Chapter 1286 - My King of Hell, You’re Amazing

Chapter 1286: My King of Hell, You’re Amazing
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“But…” Just as Mo Kun was about to say something, Mo Chengliang interrupted him.
“No more buts, we shouldn’t have any doubts when we choose to use a man. Since Qi Yan said that he could cure the elderly head, we should let go of our worries and allow him to have a try!”
Mo Chengliang turned around to look at Qi Yan.
“From now on, we’ll leave the task of curing the elderly head to you. You can decide on which medical personnel to keep or sack, and I would also instruct my men to fully cooperate with you if you need anything else!”
When Qi Yan heard this, he collected his gaze in satisfaction and pointed his long fingers at Liao Fei.
“There, he’s the one. Send two people over and throw him out!”
Liao Fei protested, “I am, I am the elderly head’s doctor-in-charge, you can’t do this to me! I will sue all of you…”
As Qi Yan folded his arms, he cast a sideways glance at him and said slowly, “Go ahead then, let the judge thoroughly investigate how much dirty money you have collected over the years, as well as how many murder cases you were involved in!”
A doctor with no medical ethics is a hundred times worse than a murderer!
Such a person like Liao Fei would receive his karma sooner or later; it was just that Qi Yan had already prepared a destination for him before anyone else could have the chance to deal with him.
When the two bodyguards hoisted him out of Mo Chengliang’s villa, the enforcement officers were already waiting outside to take him back for further investigations.
By the time the bodyguards returned, everyone present was aware that Liao Fei had been taken away by a police car.
Mo Kun’s expression changed slightly. He took in a deep breath, trying his best to remain composed.
The other medical personnel looked at each other and looks of fear could be seen beneath all of their eyes.
“Don’t be afraid!”
As Qi Yan casually placed his hands into his pockets, he walked around them in a circle before his devilish lips curled up.
“I am so good looking and I don’t bite either, it’s just that I don’t have a good temper, neither do I fancy being lied to. If anyone dares to lie to me, I will devour them up entirely! Oh yes, have you all seen my eyes? Did you all realize that the color of my pupils are different? Actually, this is because I am clairvoyant—I can tell right away if anyone is lying, so…”
Before Qi Yan finished speaking, a few of the timid nutritionists and nurses had already knelt down with a thump.
“I really have nothing to do with anything that Doctor Liao did. I, I merely accepted some money from him to cover up what he did. I really did not partake in anything!”
“Me too! Even though I am his assistant, he is a very selfish person and he trusts no one. He merely gave me some money so that I would protect his image…’
“Me, me too. I am actually Liao Fei’s secret lover, but I was forced into being one. He already has a wife and is highly reputable; it wouldn’t be convenient for him to fool around outside, so he forced me to get together with him. He even threatened that he would end my career in this industry if I dared to tell others about it! I have actually secretly hidden some photographs, and I am willing to stand forward to speak against him if there’s a need!”
“I am willing to do it too!”
There was no need for any investigation now.
Liao Fei’s character was abundantly clear.
With a dark face, Mo Chengliang ordered the bodyguards to take all of these people down to the police station to aid in the investigations.
“Such a person actually has the guts to use the status of an expert and swindle others. He is an absolute disgrace to experts!”
Qi Yan brushed his bangs and let out a devilish smile.
“Mr. Mo, don’t be angry yet. When the heart of a human turns dark, they don’t worry about laying their hands on their family, even less patients who are complete strangers to them.”
Qi Yan paused in his words and looked toward Mo Kun.
“President Mo, do you agree with me?”