The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Chapter 1421 - Who Is The Joke? (4)

Chapter 1421: Who Is The Joke? (4)
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“Oh yes! Why did I not think of that!” Zheng Yan’s eyes lit up.
Just as the camera was about to turn toward their direction, she tugged onto Fan Yu’s arm and waved her hands in the air excitedly.
“Mo Yongheng, can you see us? I did pray for blessings on your behalf, you must remember to thank me!”
As Zheng Yan spoke, she dug a piece of paper, that was typically used for making wishes, out of her pocket and wrote Mo Yongheng’s name on it. Then, she threw it into the fire pile.
She was a natural beauty. As she stood in front of the camera, her stunning features seemed to be even more seductive and lively…
Her candid actions brought about a hint of childishness to her overall image as well.
Just like she had made her male classmates who arrived in school late remember her by helping them to confirm their attendance.
Immediately, the comments that popped up on the live streaming were flooded with words like “Pretty sister, you are etched in my mind now”, “Pretty sister, do you have a boyfriend? I am no longer a minor”.
Very quickly, Fan Yu, who was standing behind her, was gradually noticed too.
“Those who asked if Pretty sister already has a boyfriend, hold up. I seemed to have found a creature who seemed like a ‘boyfriend’!”
“Handsome brother is so good looking. Is he a celebrity?”
“The Mo Corporation has flouted the rules, they had promised not to get any celebrities to hold the attention of audiences. There are so many good looking sisters and brothers around, isn’t this simply a line-up of celebrities?”
“Bad! Why is voting by the audience during live streaming not implemented?”
“Sobs, I just fell down and I need a handsome brother to kiss me, hug me, and hoist me up in the air…”
Neither Fan Yu and Zheng Yan could not see the comments popping up on the live stream.
As Fan Yu stared at Zheng Yan, who was praying for Mo Yongheng, he took another piece of red paper and passed it to her after writing her name on it.
“Don’t just be busy praying for others. What about your own wishes?”
With that, the millions and millions of audiences went crazy yet again!
“The country owes me a gentle and considerate boyfriend!”
“The words by the handsome brother are so pretty. Has he practiced calligraphy before?”
“Handsome brother, I want to pray for blessings too. Quickly, help me to get a wishing paper. My online name is, ‘I Am My Partner’s Only Lover Despite The Thousands Of Beauties’!”
“To the lady who previously mentioned that she wanted hugs and kisses, wait for me. I want to fall down with you!”
Zheng Yan was not aware that the pop-up comments on the Internet could get so interesting.
The slip of paper that Fan Yu passed to her was very sincerely folded up. With all seriousness, she placed it in front of her chest to make a wish and finally tossed it into the fire pile.
“What did you wish for?” Fan Yu tucked both his hands into the pockets of his pants and asked indifferently while standing behind her.
“I hope that Xiao Mumu could successfully get rid of Mo Kun this time around and help Mo Yongheng to have his name cleared so that he could be released!” Zheng Yan’s clear voice sounded beside his ears.
She turned around and looked at Fan Yu seriously.
“My wish will definitely come true, right?”
As Fan Yu met her gaze, he reached out to rub her head and nodded his head gently.
“Yes, it will definitely come true.”
Zheng Yan smiled.
Her smile was so sweet that she seemed just like a child who had tasted candy.
At this point in time, the audiences who were unable to hear their conversation had turned so green with envy that they could no longer speak.
They only felt that the whole world stank of public affection and that all evil intentions were directed to the singles!
That included Mo Yongheng, who had specially requested his lawyer to arrange for a session of the live stream as he knew that the fashion show was happening tonight.
He stared intently into the screen at Fan Yu, who had placed his hands on Zheng Yan’s head with his dark eyes.
The smile that appeared at the corner of his lips earlier on when he knew that Zheng Yan was praying for his blessings diminished bit by bit.
The light in his eyes turned dull.
Indeed, Fan Yu was the person whom she liked…
Mo Yongheng moved his hands and closed the live stream. When he met his lawyer’s stunned gaze, he turned around indifferently and said, “I am tired, you can go now!”