The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Chapter 811 - Her Body Was More Truthful

Chapter 811: Her Body Was More Truthful

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The way he took his food and ate was like a nobleman. Every action was charming.
Unknowingly, Nian Xiaomu was watching him eat and forgot to drink her soup.
While she was watching, she almost couldn’t resist the urge to touch his face…
When Yu Yuehan turned to look at her, she was startled. She pointed at the red braised pork and said, “Today’s red braised pork is really good. It is so much better than the one being sold in the cafeteria.”
Yu Yuehan looked at the red braised pork she was pointing at and it did look inviting.
The scene of her snatching his dish of meat when she had just entered Yu Corporation, flashed across his mind.
He thought about it and reached out his chopsticks to pick up the meat. He held the meat beside her mouth.
“Do you want to eat it?”
Nian Xiaomu wanted to say that she didn’t want to eat. But her body was more truthful. She had opened her mouth to bite on the red braised pork and before he had even opened his mouth to ask, she already had the meat in her mouth.
She was about to chew, then she heard him ask if she wanted to eat… It was awkward.
Nian Xiaomu was stunned. She ate the entire piece of meat and commented calmly, “It is really good. You should try it.”
Yu Yuehan was looking at her and the devotion was overflowing.
He looked at her anticipating gaze and placed the red braised pork into his mouth.
The taste was not bad.
However, the one in the cafeteria was better. The red braised pork at the cafeteria was snatched from her.
He had watched her get angry and look like she wanted to bite him.
Yu Yuehan’s gaze fell and he didn’t speak. He ate silently and in the end, he ate one more bowl of rice than usual.
After eating, he realized that he had eaten too much.
One and a half hours had now passed since they had entered the dining room.
It was unsuitable to continue eating.
Nian Xiaomu stood up first. “I am going to look at Xiao Liuliu.”
Then, she walked out of the dining room.
Yu Yuehan was still sitting on the chair as he stared at the position where she had been sitting.
She had hardly drunk from the soup. She was probably too full too.
So, she stayed behind to accompany him?
Upon discovering that, he grinned and the coldness in his eyes reduced. He calmly stood up and followed her out of the dining area.
When he reached the living room, he realized that they had both gone.
Only the butler was left in the living room.
“Where are they?” Yu Yuehan frowned. When he realized that he had been abandoned again, his grin had left his face.
“Miss Nian said that Little Miss had just eaten and she took Little Miss out to digest her food.”
Yu Yuehan felt better when he heard that she hadn’t left.
He placed his hands in his pockets and walked out into the yard.
When he reached the door, he saw them both sitting on the grass patch.
Xiao Liuliu’s fever had gone down and she was filled with energy again. She was running around playing hide and seek with Nian Xiaomu.
When Nian Xiaomu caught her, she would run into Nian Xiaomu’s arms and call Mummy.
It was a childish game. However, with Xiao Liuliu’s giggles, it became extra heart-warming.
The sun had set and it was getting dark outside.
Nian Xiaomu was about to call Xiao Liuliu to go back inside when she met with Yu Yuehan’s gaze.