The Royal's Cute Little Wife
Chapter 11

The Royal’s Cute Little Wife – C11 – Little Lamb

After losing sight of each other, Xie Rong and Xie Zhen immediately searched the surrounding area with the Gao Family’s servants. However, they were all scattered by the crowd. They found everywhere but still could not find Xie Zhen and Li Yu.

Xie Rong looked anxious. His serious face didn’t show any expression. He told Stewart Wang to go to yamen and inform Xie Liqing that he was still looking for them.

They just lost a child. Steward Wang said nothing and refused to leave him, either to go back or to stay together.

Gao Xun came forward and said, “You guys go back. I’ll bring people to find Ah Zhen and Ah Yu.”

The ice knife in Xie Long’s eyes came crashing down on him, making his teeth chattered. He knew that everything was his fault. If he hadn’t insisted on taking Xie Zhen out, there would have been no such incident. He was also very regretful. He was also worried about Xie Zhen and Li Yu, so he tried his best.

Finally, Gao Xun and Steward Wang didn’t leave. It was a servant who went to yamen and informed Xie Liqing.

After learning of this, Xie Liqing rushed over, looking anxious. He didn’t bother to teach the child a lesson and led the group to search nearby.

What they did not know was that Xie Zhen and Li Yu had gone in the opposite direction. They had searched for an afternoon and an evening.

It would be dark now, and there might be more danger if he didn’t come back.

Xie Liqing was in a bad mood and didn’t dare tell her wife, Madam Leng. However, in the end, Madam Leng was still able to hide it from her. Most of the information she heard from the servants had nearly passed over her.

What if her precious Little Lamb had lost her, so small and tender?

Xie Zhen had been a bit more delicate than she was. She remembered that she was only four when she was in the Duck Dingguo’s Mansion, and she had been sick for most of the month by Third Sister Xie Ying in the winter. The girl’s body was strong and she didn’t have anything to do with playing with snow. Only her body was the most honest, and if she met a bit of dissatisfaction, she had to show it. If she was cold, she would become ill and her pinch would turn blue.

She couldn’t curse her, but only cherished her in her hands.

Now that their charming daughter had been lost in the street, the more she thought about it, the more desperate she became.

Xie Liqing didn’t know what was going on in his home, and he was still discussing with the others about finding people in Yamen. At this time, they had no choice but to prepare for the worst. If they were abducted, they would search for the teeth of everyone in the Azure Province, and they had to find two children.

Li Xiqing and Gao Qing arrived upon hearing the news. Gao Qing dragged his son to apologize to the two of them. Xie Liqing and Li Xiqingg spoke politely, but they were all extremely worried.

In the twilight zone, as the evening approached, yamen was in a mess, knowing that the Prefect’s daughter was lost.

The sky gradually darkened, and the red sunset glow lingered in the distance. After struggling for a while, it sank.

How can two children stay out for the night? They didn’t know. The light in Xie Liqing’s eyes and Li Xiqing’s eyes gradually faded, revealing a thick sense of exhaustion and helplessness.

Suddenly, the bailiff came in and said, “Sir, there are two children at the door. I wonder if it’s …”

Before he could finish his words, Xie Liqing walked out like the wind.

Li Xiqing hurriedly followed after hearing what he said.

Four lanterns hung in the doorway, and in the dim light two small figures were reflected.

Li Yu staggered over with Xie Zhen on her back. He was weak, almost dragging Xie Zhen. Xie Zhen was lying on his back, talking nonsense. She was clearly unconscious, but she still stubbornly clutched at his back clothes and pressed against him.

Xie Liqing walked up to him and grabbed Xie Zhen from his back. He cried out in joy, “Little lamb, father’s good Lamb!”

He didn’t hold back. He was so shocked that her body was boiling hot, like a fireball, and she was still shivering.

Li Xiqing came over to Li Yu and looked him up and down. He hugged him tightly and mumbled, “It’s good that you’re okay, it’s okay.”

He was so tired that he could barely talk in his arms.

He lifted his eyes and saw Xie Liqing holding on to Xie Zhen anxiously. He rubbed her forehead for a moment and then squeezed her palm. “Little lamb, what’s wrong with you? However, his worries rose to the limit in the blink of an eye. He turned his head and ordered, “Quickly go and bring a doctor!”

Li Yu sighed heavily, then said, “She’s got a fever.”

As they walked along the road, Xie Zhen kept saying that she couldn’t walk anymore and wanted to rest. Li Yu thought that she was acting coquettishly, so he ignored her words. Who knew that she would actually fall down to the side of the road without saying a word, and that made Li Yu be scared. He knew that she was in a fever, so he carried her to the door.

If it wasn’t for the good people he met on the way, he wouldn’t have come here.

Xie Liqing thanked Li Yu several times and even Xie Rong, who was silent, said thank you. He felt a bit embarrassed … He hadn’t been so good to her, and he’d hurt her a few times on the way.

Thinking up to this point, Li Yu looked at Xie Zhen, who was hugged by Xie Liqing and caught the carriage. Her eyes were closed, her small face flushed, her beautiful brows knitted together, and she seemed to be in a bad mood.

“Yu’er, what are you looking at?” Li Xiqing told the people to bring the carriage over to bring him home.

Song was probably in a rush at home. Fortunately, the child was fine and came back safely.

Li Yu withdrew her gaze and followed him to the carriage. “I didn’t look at anything.”

Sitting in the carriage, he was probably very tired. He lay on the bed and didn’t even want to move. His hands and feet were both soft and sour. That stinking girl is so heavy, he thought, he’ll never carry her back again.

After a moment’s thought, he closed his eyes and asked, “Why is she feverish, Abba?”

Li Xiqing was in a much more relaxed mood when she recovered her son. He asked, “Which her?” Then, he reacted, “Did you say about Ah Zhen? She’s young and frightened, and the fever is cold today.”

“But I don’t have a fever,” he said.

Li Xiqing rubbed his head with a smile as he earnestly explained, “Ah Zhen is a girl, and the girl is already more delicate than a boy. She can’t be compared to her.”

He asked, “What is the pampered?”

Li Xiqing thought for a while. This question was really not easy to answer, “It’s just natural weakness …” He needed the protection of a man. He was afraid of being hungry, but he was afraid of being hungry. Same as the newborn. ”

Li Yu thought about it seriously and said, “What animal? A lamb? ”

The child normally didn’t say anything, but he remembered the nickname of Xie Zhen. Li Xiqing laughed loudly and nodded, “Right, right, you’re just a lamb.”

He rolled over and curled his lip in disgust.

He was afraid of being hungry… Wasn’t that she? He had seen newborn lambs, but not as delicate as she.

When he returned to Xie Mansion, Xie Liqing hurriedly carried Xie Zhen back to his room and asked the doctor to come forward to diagnose her.

Madam Leng, who has been at home several times, has finally made people look forward to coming back. But I didn’t expect my daughter to be so hot. She stood at the head of the bed and snuggled into Xie Liqing’s arms, crying, “I shouldn’t let her go out with you …” “It’s only been half a day, and that’s it…”

“It’s my fault, it’s my fault,” she said.

After a short while, the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment was completed. When he stood up, he said, “I was shocked. My pulse was unstable. My daughter’s fever is caused by the shock. I have a prescription here, and the old master ordered someone to follow me back to grab the medicine.

Xie Liqing hastily thanked the doctor for the payment and sent a man over to grab the pills.

It was late in the day, and after Madam Leng had taken her medicine, she calmed down. During that time, she was unconscious, and from time to time, she said, “Help me,” Madam Leng’s heart was crushed into a ball. She stayed by her bed all night, not daring to leave.

It was dawn, and the morning light was showing, and Madam Leng felt a deep sigh of relief as she touched the forehead of Xie Zhen. It was a good thing, but it wasn’t hot.

Shuang Yu served up with the juice, and Madam Leng fed it to her. Just as she was halfway through her meal, she frowned and woke up. Her first sentence was actually, “Kill …”

It was only a day before her ruddy little face was drained of color. She bent down to form the shape of a small shrimp, her long eyelashes lowered tiredly, covering the pitch-black eyes of her. After a long while, she finally realized where she was. She turned her eyeballs in confusion and saw the regretful Madam Leng on the bed. She blinked her eyes and thought that it was an illusion.

Madam Leng nodded hurriedly. Anywhere uncomfortable? ”

She’s really her mother!

She ran into Madam Leng’s arms in surprise and held her neck without letting go. “Mother, mother, am I back? Is this my house? ”

Madam Leng said yes and held her in her arms for a while.

At first she was glad, and then she thought of the grievances she had suffered on the street, and that her clothes were wet at the neckline of the Madame Leng’s neck. She whimpered and began to complain, “Our carriage is broken, and we have met bad guys.” Little Brother Xiao Yu bought me preserves and mountain medicine cakes. I bought a hairpin for you, but later on, someone wanted to catch me, and little brother Xiao Yu threw him into the box.

She was incoherent, but Madam Leng understood.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, as long as we’re fine.” Madam Leng thought that if a hairpin could change her daughter’s return, she would rather not wear jade jewelry in her life, and she would make Xie Zhen safe.

After cooling Xie Zhen, Madam Leng continued feeding her the rest of the half-bowl.

The medicine was bitter, but she didn’t say anything this time. She didn’t even eat a drop.

At last, Madam Leng rewarded her with a piece of preserves and smiled. “I’ll let Ah Xun come in with you later, and she came over to argue last night, and I’m afraid she won’t allow it.”

Xie Zhen had recovered from a serious illness and was not in a very good mood. Xie Xun came in and said a few words to her. She mimicked Madame Leng’s head and said, “Sister, I’m sorry …”

She had learned from Xie Rong that she had only come to the streets to buy a hairpin. If it hadn’t been for her, she wouldn’t have lost her fever at all. She wouldn’t have lost her.

Even the servants of Xie Mansion could tell that Xie Zhen was very obedient these few days. He ran to Xie Zhen’s room every day to help his errand boys work. But she was a child, a third girl. Who dared to command her?

She was basically fussy.

After a few days, Xie Zhe finally recovered and returned to his usual vivacious appearance. The Xie Manor once again heard the two sisters’ laughter and laughter.

Winter passed in the blink of an eye. After the end of the year, it would be the The Lantern Festival, and it would be filled with lights.

There were also guests from the capital.