The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe
Chapter 418: Infinite Tao

Chapter 418: Infinite Tao
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Although he had a special closeness with Blood Sea by instinct, Minghe was not interested in the various resources and unknown Fated Chances there. Thanks to Hongjun's collections, he would not lack resources for a while. Now, he was in urgent need of the Sky Crystal with Air of the Divine Law. However, the Devil Region was rich in this treasure.
Although other places could produce the Sky Crystal, they were inferior to the Devil Region. Every year, innumerable Creatures went to the Devil Region to obtain countless Sky Crystals. After all, when a man reached the Fate Realm, he would progress slowly whether in the cultivation of Original Spirit or comprehension of the Divine Law. They could only make rapid success when they owned plentiful Sky Crystals.
Although the Devil Region was abundant with the Sky Crystal, it was also a Forbidden Land full of mortal dangers. Apart from endless Sky Crystals and the weird Devil Air, there were countless Devil Beasts, which could be well matched with strong Exotic Beasts like the Giant Beast of Starry Sky and the Ominous Beast of Chaos. In the Devil Region, the Devil Beasts were the most dangerous, as they had devoured so many Creatures going there to search for Sky Crystals.
Being different from the Giant Beast of Starry Sky and the Ominous Beast of Chaos, the Devil Beasts were weird and various, with all kinds of abilities. They had powerful bodies and Original Spirits. Although their bodies were more inferior than those of Exotic Beasts like the Ominous Beast of Chaos, their Original Spirits were most powerful among many Exotic Beasts. However, they were terrifying mostly because of their Original Spirits.
In the Devil Region, even if the Devil Beasts' bodies were destroyed, a man should not drop his guard. For Devil Beasts, bodies were unnecessary. As long as there was enough Devil Air, they could reunite bodies. Moreover, when they lost their bodies, they would choose to revive in a new guise. Many Creatures had died this way.
Minghe was not afraid of the Devil Region and devil beasts. He was in urgent need of the Sky Crystal there, so he had to go. Only with the Sky Crystal could his strength grow faster. Although he had surpassed all Creatures born in the Ninth Period, he still lagged behind those of the Eighth Period, so he had to keep moving till the end.
Unfortunately, the plan was not able to keep up with the changes. Just when Minghe wanted to go out, Jiangwu and Hongquan arrived. Minghe was very surprised about their sudden appearance. Since he came to the Mountain Yunling, they had never met again. They also brought him an unexpected message that the Burial Land had opened in advance.
Ten thousand years ago, the Burial Land suddenly moved unusually. Many forces of the Central Region went to investigate and discovered that the Burial Land tended to open in advance. After hearing the news, Minghe naturally did not go to the Devil Region. Several hundreds years later, the Burial Land finally opened. With most Cultivators in the Central Region, Minghe went to the place of crises and Fated Chances.
The Burial Land was worthy of the name because Minghe saw remains of Creatures of Untainted Land in the preceding periods – Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa and so on. In the land, Minghe plundered Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, including Taoist characters "Time", which represented the Law of Time; "Space", which represented the Law of Space; and Half supreme treasure of Chaos.
All of these were important to Minghe's rapid growth. Having experienced numerous difficulties and dangers, Minghe left the Burial Land safe and sound. Later, he found the three Taoist characters, 'Devil', 'Law', and 'Blood'. The character 'Law' provided him with countless Sky Crystals. In cooperation with the Law of Time and Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe's strength greatly increased periodically.
Within just 10 million years, Minghe succeeded in reaching the Supreme Realm, practiced Eternal Demon Body, and then entered the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. With many valuable treasures, Minghe made rapid progress there. Countless years later, he sensed a very special vital force, which was that of Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation.
The Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation of the Ninth Period was about to begin. Minghe had to leave the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, because he would have no chance to leave the battlefield after the Ninth Period, unless he could become stronger than the Great Way. This time, when he left the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, he still had his own plan – a very insane plan.
He planned to devour the Deva-loka. After Minghe reached the Supreme Realm, "Selfcentric Separation" Musen and "Evil Separation" Red Lotus Taoist also reached the Supreme Realm. However, only Heaven and Earth Taoist was still A Half Step to the Supreme Realm. The World of Heaven and Earth inside his body only could develop to the Peak of great trichiliocosm. Even if it infinitely approached the World of Chaos, it could not transgress the boundaries.
After breakthrough to the Supreme Realm, Minghe achieved an unprecedented powerful strength. He was powerful enough to sweep away the Four Chaos, with 49 Blood God Doppelgangers of the Fate Realm and countless Clone of Blood God of the Zenith Heaven Realm of Chaos. As the Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation came down, Minghe sent out all Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of Blood God to the Four Chaos to collect the Origin of Deva-loka.
A few Creatures of the Ninth Period could withstand Minghe and his Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of Blood God. Even Untainted Land became a stepping stone for the growth of the World of Heaven and Earth. After devouring Deva-loka, Heaven and Earth Taoist finally made a breakthrough, where the World of Heaven and Earth turned into the World of Chaos. Although it could not compare with the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the World of Heaven and Earth could develop to the extent one day.
When he returned to Untainted Land, Minghe saw the two figures who were deeply embedded in his heart. They were Chang Xi and WangShu. When he comprehended the Law of Time, he discovered that he never forgot them. After countless years, he finally realized his promise made when he was innocent, which was to reunite with them in the Lunar Star.
Having experienced countless years and crises, he finally stood at the Peak of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. It was then that he discovered that he was still a person of a narrow view. Supreme Realm was not the end of cultivation, and the Great Way was not the most powerful existence. The boundless Chaos and Battlefield of Gods and Demons just trained new warriors for a stronger world.
With the arrival of Immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation, Creatures of each period had to make a choice, which was to enter the Battlefield of Gods and Demons or be destroyed. After entering the battlefield and stepping into the High Layer, one could really know the truth of the battlefield. Above the High Layer, there was another layer, which was the real Battlefield of Gods and Demons. The Burial Land of the Medium Layer was just a debris of the real battlefield.
Each period, countless experts in the High Layer of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons broke into the top layer of the battlefield to fight for a place of the top 100. With this position, they could enter a stronger world. In this world, they could become stronger, get rid of the Great Way and enjoy real freedom.
In the earth-shaking battle, Minghe fought his powerful rivals alone. He also discovered one of his fatal weaknesses – the imperfect Original Spirit. Then, the Original Spirits of his Three Separations integrated into Minghe's once again, to make him reach a realm, which was equal to the Great Way. Moreover, he practiced the Eternal Demon Body to perfection. When both came together, the general situation was determined by one combat.
After the fight, Magical Tao Mirror, Taoist characters like 'Wu'... would be useless after entering the Primordial World. Instead, they should be left in the world to wait for other pre-destined men.
When he completed the arrangement, Minghe resolutely stepped into the Primordial World. A broader stage was waiting for him there. Nobody knew what kind of legend he would leave there. Minghe himself also could not foresee it. Only time would tell...