The Surgeon’s Studio

The Surgeon’s Studio

The Surgeon’s Studio
Chapter 496 - Sudden Panic

Chapter 496: Sudden Panic
On the high-speed train, there were not many people sitting in the first-class seats.
The journey was less than an hour, and the tickets for first-class would cost a few dozens of dollars more. Most people would think it was not worth it.
Su Yun was quite satisfied with Gao Shaojie’s arrangements. He listened to music, played with his phone, and occasionally looked at the scenery from outside the window.
The high-speed train left the Provincial Capital. Zheng Ren leaned against the window and quietly looked outside. No one knew what he was thinking.
“Boss, are you thinking about Liu Tianxing’s condition?” Su Yun asked with a teasing expression as he moved closer to Zheng Ren.
“Yes,” Zheng Ren answered. He did not try hard to hide what he was thinking.
“When did you become so sentimental? Liu Tianxing wants to kill you. Don’t you hate him?”
“I did think so too in the beginning.” Zheng Ren put his right index finger on his lips and looked out the window. His voice sounded a little erratic. “But recently as technology becomes more advanced, I’ve been less and less interested in Liu Tianxing.”
“Oh, so you still actually think about people? You talk as if you can do anything.”
“I grew up in an orphanage.” Zheng Ren smiled. “I was bullied. If I didn’t fight back, more people would bully me. In the end, I’d be worse than a stray dog.”
Su Yun did not have such life experience and was stunned.
“The hospital is only a part of society. To a large extent, the ways of the world are the same. Liu Tianxing wants to kick me out of the General Hospital. I’ve told you this in the Capital. I can’t let this go.”
“Hey, my uncle has resigned.”
Zheng Ren did not answer Su Yun. He looked out the window like a philosopher thinking about the future and tomorrow.
“Others treat me well and I want to repay them. With a drop of kindness, a gushing spring returns.”
“Is this like how you refuse to resign because of Chief Physician Pan?”
Zheng Ren nodded. “If others want to mess with me, I have to take revenge. Otherwise, if everyone sees a soft persimmon, who wouldn’t want to step on it?”
“For the first time, I think you’re right.” Su Yunshen agreed. Just like school bullies, entering society has never changed. It’s just that there are some changes in the way they do it.”
“But today, I saw Liu Tianxing raise his head on the stretcher. The moment our eyes met, do you know what I thought?” Zheng Ren asked.
“You don’t actually want to operate on him now, do you?”
“Yes, I do.” Zheng Ren sighed. “I’m afraid of this thought.”
The teasing look on Su Yun’s face disappeared. It was rare for him to not poke fun at Zheng Ren.
“The Medical University’s level of surgery is not as good as mine. I have a thirty percent chance of helping him recover but why would I want to operate on him?” Zheng Ren was very confused. This was the first time Su Yun had seen Zheng Ren reveal his true feelings after meeting him. He revealed the contradictions in his three views.
“Boss, let me tell you. Is there a problem with the point you’re focusing on?” The two of them were silent for almost a minute. Su Yun’s face revealed a familiar expression. After he finished speaking, he blew at his fringe. The hair on his forehead fluttered about as he silently said, “Why am I so handsome?”
“Huh? What problem?” Zheng Ren did not understand what Su Yun meant.
“What happens on the tenth of December?” Su Yun asked.
“It’s the date for the Nobel Prize award,” Zheng Ren answered without hesitation.
“Hey! You said that you weren’t coveting the Nobel Prize. Are you actually looking forward to getting the Nobel prize?” Su Yun returned to normal and said this to him sarcastically.
“Everyone knows. It’s common knowledge.”
“You’re a heartless man.” Su Yun clicked his tongue and said, “Don’t you know that the tenth of December is Little Yiren’s birthday?”
Su Yun’s words successfully diverted Zheng Ren’s attention.
Liu Tianxing, the sparks created by the fierce collision between curing a patient, and saving a life… All of these were not as important as Xie Yiren.
“Boss, is your fickle nature a natural part of your personality?” Su Yun asked.
“I… I…” Zheng Ren stuttered.
“Instead of thinking about Liu Tianxing, why don’t you think about what gifts to give your Little Yiren on her birthday and how to celebrate it with her? Girls need to be coaxed with gifts,” Su Yun said earnestly.
Zheng Ren was dumbfounded.
He had yet to figure out how to visit Xie Yiren when her parents were coming back.
Su Yun was at least at the level of a master when it came to coaxing girls, while Zheng Ren was at the standard of a five-dregs Warrior.
However, no matter how hard Zheng Ren fought, he knew the importance of Xie Yiren’s birthday.
He knew it, but he did not know what to do.
Su Yun was overjoyed when he saw Zheng Ren’s steady hands begin to tremble slightly. Su Yun was very happy to see this guy panicking.
He pretended to be a big-tailed wolf every day. He even gave Su Yun free access to his scientific research, and it was award-winning scientific research too. He looked calm and cool. Su Yun had been complaining about this for a long time.
Su Yun was someone who was experienced with bragging about his capabilities. He did not expect that he would now have to witness others doing the same.
Zheng Ren…
He had suddenly panicked.
The two of them did not continue talking. They both pondered their own things in the silence.
Zheng Ren lowered his head and kept thinking about things. Even when he got off the high-speed train, his expression was still the same.
After getting into Feng Xuhui’s car, an idea seemed to cross Zheng Ren’s mind. He slowly asked, “Su Yun, I have a plan. Do you think it’ll work?”
“Huh? Do you actually have a plan? I thought you were going to ask me what to do.”
“I’ve come up with a plan myself for her birthday since it’ll make it more sincere. Besides, I think your experience is too impetuous in regards to this. You don’t look beautiful,” Zheng Ren said.
Su Yun was angry. Just as he was about to retort, Zheng Ren whispered the plan into his ear.
“Boss, that’s far too difficult.” After Su Yun heard that, he frowned and thought aloud, “Not to mention how much it’ll cost. Your plan… The key is that the people I know are basically in the medical circle. There are no similar technical talents.”
“I remember there’s a patient who does this. I’ll ask him if he can do it.” Zheng Ren racked his brain and came up with a difficult plan. He had to contact the relevant people. This was probably the only thing he could come up with.
Zheng Ren flipped open his phone and started to search for a number.
It looked like he was trying to recall the details. Su Yun also knew that this guy usually never remembered people. To be able to have the patient’s contact information was already considered out of the ordinary.
“Old Cui, I’m Zheng Ren.
“You’re welcome. Have you been discharged from the hospital?
“Oh, please take care of yourself then. There’s no hurry to come and see me.” After a few pleasantries were exchanged, Zheng Ren cut to the chase. “Old Cui, I heard from you at the airport that you work in electronics?”
“I have something to consult you about. I’m checking to see if it’s feasible.”
Zheng Ren then told Cui Heming about the huge plan.
Cui Heming did not directly answer Zheng Ren’s question. Instead, he said to contact the relevant personnel and discuss it after consulting them.
Zheng Ren put down the phone and closed his eyes.
Then, as if just remembering something, he picked up his phone again and made another call.
“Chief Physician Pan, Su Yun and I are back.
“Well, don’t worry. Have a good rest tonight.
“Okay, then I’ll hang up. Goodbye.”
Su Yun snickered. Zheng Ren had not forgotten to cancel his leave with Chief Physician Pan even under such circumstances. He could definitely be considered someone who was meticulous.