The Surgeon’s Studio

The Surgeon’s Studio

The Surgeon’s Studio
Chapter 890 - A Boring Life Has No Meaning At All

Chapter 890: A Boring Life Has No Meaning At All
Early the next morning, Zheng Ren was woken up by the alarm on his phone.
After sleeping for a few hours, he was still a little tired. However, as a chief resident who had just come out of the emergency department, this period of rest was enough.
He ate breakfast and rushed to the hospital.
Today was Chief Kong’s first day back at work. No matter how tired he was, he still had to go.
Zheng Ren arrived at the hospital early in the morning. He first went to do ward rounds of the General Surgery Department and the Department of Digestive Medicine to take a look at the postoperative patients from yesterday as well as the urgent test results from this morning.
By the time he returned, it was already close to the morning shift.
Just as he entered the Department of Interventional Medicine, Zheng Ren heard a commotion. Could it be a medical disturbance? Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment.
There was often no serious illness in the department. As Zheng Ren walked past, the patients in the other wards also casually glanced at him. There were no misdiagnoses.
Although Zhao Yunlong had a faint hostility toward Zheng Ren, the fellow’s skill level was still very high.
There could not be any problems. Zheng Ren was slightly puzzled, but the hospital, whether it had trouble or not, had nothing to do with the quality of the treatment.
When he came to the office, he saw a white-bearded old man pointing at Chief Kong’s nose and scolding him. Chief Kong had a gentle smile on his face. Not only was he not angry, but he kept asking the old man to sit down and talk.
From the looks of it, Chief Kong was afraid that the old man would get sick from anger.
However, there were still many perfunctory elements in his smile.
Zheng Ren was just about to enter when Su Yun walked out directly. His shoulder bumped into Zheng Ren’s chest and he said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”
“…” Zheng Ren was stunned.
He did not know that old man. Could it be that he was here to cause trouble for him?
That was impossible.
However, when Zheng Ren was faced with such a situation, he did not foolishly grab Su Yun at the place where the incident happened and ask him about it.
The two of them walked out quickly. Zheng Ren followed behind Su Yun and felt that he was being sneaky. He thought about it all the way, but he could not remember which patient he had provoked.
He only performed a few TIPS surgeries, and the patients in front of him were all discharged. He had done it yesterday, and he had just finished seeing the patient today. Some of the patients’ family members understood, and they almost praised Zheng Ren to the heavens. Those who did not understand could not praise him to that point, but they all had smiles on their faces.
It was strange.
However, looking at Su Yun’s expression and the way he walked, Zheng Ren was in a daze.
He did not walk through the front door, but through the back door.
Walking out of the back door, he saw a row of poplar trees. It was mid-spring, and the buds had just sprouted. The weather today was not bad. The sky was blue, and there was not much wind.
Walking out of the back door, Su Yun stood still, turned around, and asked seriously, “Boss, something big has happened to you.”
“…” Zheng Ren recalled repeatedly that he had not had any big events recently.
He looked at Su Yun in shock. He was not afraid, but just curious.
Seeing that Zheng Ren’s expression did not change, Su Yun felt bored and said, “What a boring person.”
“Then what should I do? Should I be scared to death by your news?”
“You shouldn’t be so calm,” Su Yun smiled and said. “Come on, guess. Who was that old man?”
“He can’t be a patient’s family member. I think there’s something wrong with Chief Kong’s expression,” Zheng Ren said.
“Cui Lao. Do you know this name?” Su Yun asked.
“Uh… Is he the leader of the Emergency Department? The academician of the Academy of Engineering?” Zheng Ren recalled that when he was in Sea City, Old Chief Physician Pan once gave him an invitation card with the words ‘Sea City station’ written on it.
At that time, Old Chief Physician Pan said that it was a lecture tour organized by Cui Lao, the national academic leader, and that he was invited to participate.
Because he had accepted Professor Pei’s invitation to come to the Imperial Capital to participate in the research of prostate interventional embolization, this matter was delayed.
“That old man is Cui Lao?” Zheng Ren was surprised.
First, he was surprised that Cui Lao came and wondered why he was pointing at Chief Kong and was scolded him. Second, he was surprised that Su Yun sneakily took him away.
“Boss, you’re too popular, you know that? Cui Lao is here asking for someone.” Su Yun was also very helpless. He took off his white coat and threw it on the stone steps. He took out a carton of 95 Supreme and handed one to Zheng Ren.
Zheng Ren immediately knew what happened after he said that, but there was no logic to it at all. He frowned, lit the 95 and took a puff.
“I don’t like the taste. Yunyan smokes better,” Zheng Ren said.
“This is luxury. What do you know? In a while, you will start smoking Cuban cigars. Otherwise, you will go abroad to give academic lectures and smoke Ziyun. It’ll be so embarrassing,” Su Yun said.
“Why did Cui Lao come to see me?”
“It’s all because of you!” Su Yun said with a smile, a gloating look on his face. “You still remember the child with Fabry disease, right?”
Of course, Zheng Ren remembered. Although he did not remember what the child looked like, his name was Wang Dong. He clearly remembered the hemangiokeratoma on his ear, the turbid cochlear cornea in his eyes, and the note he wrote.
“The child’s test results came back the day before yesterday. It was confirmed that it was indeed Fabry disease,” Su Yun said. “Therefore, Cui Lao targeted you. It just so happened that Chief Kong came back yesterday when he came to find you.”
“…” Zheng Ren was speechless.
Just seeing a doctor could cause such a big trouble? But what did Cui Lao mean?
Su Yun was like a worm in Zheng Ren’s stomach. He guessed what he was thinking. He inhaled his cigarette and said, “Cui Lao said that your diagnostic ability is a waste of God’s gift if you stay in the Department of Interventional Medicine.”
Zheng Ren laughed. He really did not know what to say.
If it was possible, he would not want to go back to the Emergency Department for the rest of his life. This was Zheng Ren’s true thoughts. How great was it now? He could perform a few slow-motion surgeries every day, and his heart rate would not soar to more than 120 beats per minute when he was called.
However, Zheng Ren understood Cui Lao’s thoughts. Emergency departments were often short on people. It was not just the 912’s Emergency Department that was short of people. All the hospitals in the country were short of people in their emergency departments. They could not really lower the threshold and use people who were not capable enough to make up the numbers.
If that was really the case, it was a tragedy.
However, he also had things to do. The Nobel Prize was a big project. Zheng Ren found a reason for himself. He was determined not to leave the Emergency Department.
“I think Chief Kong will definitely not let you go,” Su Yun said. “I’ll pull you out. You’ll be free today. Do you know how to play billiards?”
“How about arcade games?”
“I’ve never played that before.”
“Bowling. You’ve done that, right?”
“I’ve never played that before.”
“Boss, your life is a f*cking tragedy.” Su Yun sighed and said, “Tell me, what do you know how to play?”
Zheng Ren was stunned by Su Yun’s question.
‘What do I know how to play? In the past, I used to be on the go every day to keep myself alive. Who would have the time to play. As for now, the Nobel Prize for 3,000 surgeries is on the side. There are still five to six surgeries to be broadcasted live tomorrow. There were still missions left to be done in the System space, so there was still no time to play.’
“A boring life is completely meaningless,” Su Yun said. “And you don’t even drink. Boss, go back to China and end yourself. Anyway, your life has already been turned into a complete tragedy by you. Other than the Nobel Prize, there’s no meaning at all.”