The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1109 - Embarrass Him To Your Heart’s Content

Chapter 1109: Embarrass Him To Your Heart’s Content
How was this possible?
The dew-like pill medicine was obviously a level higher than his in color, fullness, and fragrance. It didn’t matter if this pill medicine was the Water Spiritual Pill that she was talking about. Based on what he said earlier, he currently felt as if his face was being slapped over and over again.
How was this possible?
How was it possible for Feng Tianlan to know alchemy? He had never heard of her before!
That must be pill medicine that had been taken out by the Demon King and placed there for her to copy. That must have been the case!
“Is that really the pill medicine that you refined?” Weng Yue was forcing himself to stay calm while he raised his head and watched as Si Mobai fed Feng Tianlan with grapes. He couldn’t help the expression that tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Are you admitting defeat and giving up on alchemy?”
She seemed to have rested for a long time. Besides, her Pill Refining Furnace was still sitting nicely at its original spot. It had completely cooled down. She must have admitted defeat and gone for a break instead.
Feng Tianlan pointed at the Water Spiritual Pills. “This is the Water Spiritual Pill which I successfully refined an hour ago. Feel free to ask your master if you don’t believe me. The crowd is my witness.” After saying these words, she turned to Si Mobai. “That’s enough. I will be bloated if I were to eat more grapes. I want to get up and do some exercise.”
Si Mobai smiled gently. “Alright. Embarrass him to your heart’s content.”
Weng Yue looked at Deng Hu who was shielding the pill medicine from the sunlight with his hands. He was extremely cautious as if he were afraid that he might offend the pill medicine. He couldn’t look away, both his eyes fixed onto that pill medicine.
“…” Weng Yue’s eyes turned cold. He shouted, “Master, is this the pill medicine that she refined?”
His master was a pill medicine fanatic. It had been a long time since he had stared at pill medicine like that. However, right now…
Weng Yue felt a sense of crisis immediately. His expression was turning bad.
Deng Hu didn’t raise his head. “That’s right. This pill medicine is refined by her.”
How did she do it? She was actually able to refine a dew-like pill medicine. It was too beautiful. Besides, it also smelled fragrant. Its smell wasn’t too strong and was refreshing to the mind. There seemed to be a faint scent of water vapor as well.
This pill medicine was really a miraculous creation. How did she refine it?
At that moment, Deng Hu didn’t have the time to think about other things. His mind was occupied by thoughts of this pill medicine. He couldn’t wait to study it thoroughly right now.
“Master, I have successfully refined my pill medicine!” Weng Yue said in a cold voice. His master didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying.
Deng Yue just replied with an ‘oh’. His gaze was still fixed on the Water Spiritual Pills. “Refine it again.”
“Master, I am currently having a competition with Feng Tianlan. We have both refined our pill medicine. It’s time for master’s judgment.” Weng Yue couldn’t wait to stuff that pill medicine into Deng Yue’s eye socket after seeing his obsessive behavior.
Deng Hu was stunned when he heard the word ‘competition’. Then, he remembered the original purpose of the event while touching his goatee. However, he still couldn’t bear to take his eyes off the Water Spiritual Pills.
Feng Tianlan walked forward. She raised her head and looked at Deng Hu. “This is a Water Spiritual Pill. If Your Supremacy doesn’t believe its effect, feel free to have one of your disciples with Water Spiritual Force test its effect.”
“I don’t think there is a need to test it.” Deng Hu was staring at the pill medicine. If they were to test it, he would lose this newfound pill medicine. He hadn’t even studied it yet.
Weng Yue was so furious that he couldn’t wait to smash Deng Hu’s head into the porcelain plate. “Master, do you even remember what situation we’re in?”
“Your Supremacy, Alchemist Weng had finished refining his pill medicine. It’s time to choose a winner,” Feng Tianlan reminded him indifferently.
After several reminders, Deng Hu had no choice but to take his eyes off the Water Spiritual Pills. He took a deep breath and thought about the purpose of this competition. He tried to stop thinking about studying that pill medicine. “Put the two pills together so that I can judge.”