The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1110 - Get Embarrased

Chapter 1110: Get Embarrased
Deng Hu looked at the pill medicine both of them had refined. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he couldn’t deny that the pill medicine refined by Feng Tianlan was indeed better than the one refined by Yue’er. It was better in both color and fragrance.
“Feng Tianlan refined a Grade Four Pill Medicine which is one grade higher than Weng Yue’s pill medicine. Therefore, she has won. However…” Deng Hu’s gaze fell upon the Water Spiritual Pill once again. “I don’t know what kind of pill medicine this is and I have never seen or heard of it before. What if it’s a poisonous pill?”
However, to be able to make a poisonous pill medicine look so good and to be able to refine a Grade Four Pill Medicine at such a young age, she had to be a genius.
Weng Yue, who was standing at the side, became sullen. He was staring at the dew-like pill medicine coldly with his snake-like eyes. When he thought about what he had said earlier, he felt a burning sensation on his face as if he was being slapped brutally across the face twice.
When Weng Yue thought about that, he raised his head and stared at Feng Tianlan. There were indeed no good beauties in this world!
Feng Tianlan frowned. She explained, “This is the Water Spiritual Pill I mentioned before. You can feel the Water Spiritual Force in it without needing to consume it. One who practices Water Spiritual Force will feel closer to it than anyone else.”
“So, it’s a Water Spiritual Pill just because you say so?” Weng Yue raised his head and stared at Feng Tianlan coldly. No one really knew what kind of pill that was.
Feng Tianlan raised her head and smiled at him. She didn’t hold back in her reply, “Alchemist Weng said that I would be the winner as long as I could refine a Water Spiritual Pill. However, you are repudiating the pill medicine before you right now. Besides, I have refined a Grade Four Pill Medicine, which is one grade higher than the one refined by Alchemist Weng. Therefore, you are the loser of this Pill Refining Competition!”
“You…” Weng Yue’s face turned red in anger after hearing Feng Tianlan’s words!
Weng Yue had never lost in pill refining among his peers. This was his first defeat. Besides, he lost to a little lady. He really couldn’t accept it.
“Is Alchemist Weng not satisfied?” Feng Tianlan chuckled. She turned to Deng Hu. “Your Supremacy, please get someone who practices Water Spiritual Force. He can consume the Water Spiritual Pill on the spot. The pill will take effect immediately and will last for an hour.”
Not satisfied?
She would convince them!
Deng Hu looked at that dew-like pill medicine. He couldn’t bear to let others take it. Was it going to be consumed by someone else before he could have the chance to find out how to refine it?
Besides, if all these were true, the effects that she mentioned could only be produced by a Grand Alchemist. It was also Grade Four Pill Medicine. How could she be so generous as to let others take it?
Was Feng Tianlan stupid? Grade Four Pill Medicine with such effects was a treasure. How could she let others take it?
She was recklessly wasting God’s gift!
However, no matter how unbearable it was, Deng Hu still had to prove the effectiveness of that pill medicine. Also, he needed to save his disciple’s dignity. Therefore, he turned to the crowd and asked, “Is there any Water Spiritual Force Practitioner who is willing to come forward to test the effect of this pill?”
Those who practiced Water Spiritual Force raised up their hands immediately. All of them wanted to give this pill medicine a try.
“They aren’t even afraid that it might be poisonous. If it is, they won’t be able to promote to the next stage and would die from poison instead.” Weng Yue sneered when he saw those who were eager to try.
After hearing those words, a few of them tucked their heads and put down their hands. Some were still persistent in trying it out.
Deng Hu picked a young man. He tested his Water Spiritual Force. “Lower-stage Earth Supreme Water Spiritual Force. You are eligible to take it.”
That person looked at the pill medicine with slight hesitation. However, he came to a decision in a short while and consumed the pill medicine. The pill medicine melted in his mouth instantly as if he were drinking water. What happened next made him widen his eyes in surprise…