The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1111 - Is It Too Late to Back Out Of The Bet Now

Chapter 1111: Is It Too Late to Back Out Of The Bet Now
The Water Spiritual Force Practitioner felt a warm current flowing through his meridians and cleansing them. After a rush, the current poured into his Dantian and made it moist. Then, the feeling of Water Spiritual Force intensified greatly. Without further ado, he sat cross-legged right away and began to absorb a steady stream of Water Spiritual Force from it.
Although the other people watching did not take the Pill Medicine, they could sense the Water Spiritual Force from him. So, they watched the youth with a mixture of envy, jealousy, and hate, all at this time.
“The medicine takes effect so quickly?” Deng Hu was stunned. The youth had only just taken the Pill Medicine only a moment ago and yet he was already cultivating in meditation.
One must know that even the Pill Medicine he refined had to be taken an hour in advance in order for the medicine to take effect. Even a Medicine God required a quarter of an hour. But the pill Feng Tianlan had made was already effective in a blink of an eye?
Deng Hu was suddenly astounded. Pill Medicine refined by more than 50 of his people could not hold a candle to this girl’s, how was that possible?
As time went by and Deng Hu watched the youth cultivating in meditation and observed how the Water Spiritual Force in his body intensified, he suddenly felt a huge blow to his dignity and was mortified.
Weng Yue was also the same. He felt his face prickling with heat as if he were struck hard with a few slaps because his Grade Five Pill Medicine could not take effect so quickly.
Looking at the face of the two alchemists, Si Mobai’s lips curled he peered down to look at Feng Tianlan with pride. He said, “Lan’er, you’re becoming more and more powerful. You prove yourself to be my Lan’er indeed.”
“Don’t boast.” Feng Tianlan’s face flushed bashfully and she felt happy inside. No matter how much Mobai praised her, she could not help but be delighted with one more word of praise from him.
Si Mobai responded gently, “Indeed, I cannot boast. After all, he consumed the Water Spiritual Pill refined by Lan’er like it’s water.”
“…” Deng Hu looked up and glanced at Si Mobai with barely concealed anger. That was even worse than your boasting, okay?
Two hours passed and the youth opened his eyes. He stood up, flexed his muscles, and stretched his bones. He looked at Feng Tianlan with bright eyes and said, “Demon Princess Consort, do you still have more of this Water Spiritual Pill? Name the price and I will buy everything, no matter the cost!”
“He’s actually almost at the Middle-stage Earth Supreme level?” Deng Hu probed and discovered that the practitioner’s Water Spiritual Force was extraordinarily strong. Based on his cultivation speed, he could be promoted if he took another Water Spiritual Pill.
At this, Deng Hu was shocked once again. Other people had to slog hard and cultivate in seclusion for a long time. But he just took one Water Spiritual Pill and he could absorb so much Spiritual Force so quickly?
It was really unfair!
Feng Tianlan smiled. “The United Mercenary Regiment will auction off two Water Spiritual Pills tomorrow. You can go to the United Mercenary Regiment if you have a need.”
“It’s only been two hours and you do not know whether there are side effects. Yet you want to auction them off? Aren’t you being too hasty?”
In the face of Weng Yue’s questioning, Feng Tianlan smiled and said, “Alchemist Weng, you have lost in this competition.”
Weng Yue’s face changed and turned grim. Both his eyes were gloomy and cold as a snake’s as he glared at her. He gave a harsh snort. He did not want to admit the matter!
“Alchemist Deng, it’s time to fulfill the terms of the bet,” Si Mobai reminded kindly as he turned his head to look at Deng Hu, who appeared full of regrets.
At this reminder, Deng Hu suddenly remembered that there was a bet made for this competition. And because Feng Tianlan won, he had to be her Medical Errand Child and servant now…
He did not expect Feng Tianlan that would be the winner, and she won with him completely strung up and beaten. Could he back out of the bet right now?
If he didn’t, he—a Medicine King—would actually become this girl’s Medical Errand Child. It was too humiliating!