The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1112 - Accept A Medicine King As A Servant

Chapter 1112: Accept A Medicine King As A Servant
Si Mobai did not need to press Deng Hu further. He looked at Feng Tianlan tenderly. The voices of the onlookers filled their ears, asking for more Water Spiritual Pills, saying Deng Hu should fulfill his side of the bet, commenting that Weng Yue’s skills were inferior, even saying that he exaggerated and looked down on Feng Tianlan first. There were even people who said they felt embarrassed for him!
Those words were like needles jabbing at Deng Hu and Weng Yue’s ears. It stung badly and their faces burned hot. It was as if they had simply offered up their faces for the crowd to slap them left and right, and oh how the beating hurt!
“I’ll keep my word!” Deng Hu looked at Feng Tianlan and declared, “I’m not worthy to be Ya’er’s master since I can’t even avenge her. Consider my vengeance taken with my finger broken today.”
Feng Tianlan had not yet reacted when she saw Deng Hu raised his hand and used Spiritual Force to abruptly break off his left pinky finger. Blood dripped onto the ground and his broken finger laid on the pool of blood. The smell of blood filled the air.
“You…” Feng Tianlan did not know what to say, because even though Deng Hu sided with the wrong person without checking properly, it was rather bloody based on this rash move.
Deng Hu merely used Blood Clotting Powder to stop the bleeding. He walked up to Feng Tianlan and knelt on one knee with both hands cupped together. He simply said, “I, Deng Hu, pay my respects to First Miss.”
He always kept his word! It was what a man was supposed to do.
“Rise.” Feng Tianlan saw that he was very reluctant, but still abided by the terms of the bet. She admired him for it. To be able to subdue such a man was really of great benefit to her.
She would not let a good person slip away. But in any case, as long as he followed her, she would never treat him shabbily.
“Even though I, Deng Hu, have become your Medical Errand Child and servant, it has nothing to do with my disciple. He is still his own man and will not become your servant as I did.” Deng Hu took a glance at Weng Yue, protecting him.
Feng Tianlan gave Weng Yue a glance and acknowledged with a nod. “Of course.”
Weng Yue looked like a venomous snake, lying in wait, ready to pounce and bite at any time. This kind of person was too dangerous.
At the thought of Deng Hu’s two disciples, Feng Tianlan could not help but be on her guard. His judgment when choosing disciples did not seem to be particularly good, each of them more dangerous than the one before.
Si Mobai embraced Feng Tianlan’s slender waist and said, “It’s getting dark, let’s go home for dinner.”
Feng Tianlan smiled and nodded, letting him hold her. And so, they left amidst the raucous crowd. The back view of the couple departing like a pair of lovebirds made people look on with envy.
“Master, are you really going to be her servant?” Weng Yue gave a sinister glance at the direction that they left in. Although he was not her servant, his status would be lowered by a rank if his own master became another person’s servant.
Deng Hu calmly picked up his broken finger from the ground and kept it away like it was a piece of treasure. He said, “I told you before that a man has to keep his promises. Since we looked down on them in the beginning and made such a bet, then it has to be fulfilled. Also, this is not a bad thing after all.”
He was still curious about the Water Spiritual Pill.
“You’re right, Master,” Weng Yue replied, with a quick glance at him before he bowed his head reluctantly.
Deng Hu raised his left hand to take a look at the broken pinky and gave a long sigh. He did not let Ya’er down and also lived up to his own conscience.
After dinner, Feng Tianlan and Si Mobai took a stroll around the courtyard of Si Feng Pavilion to aid digestion. They observed the moonlight spilling across the white orchids like they were plated with a layer of silver. It was beautiful.
“Mobai, I want to wear a man’s disguise when I enter the Shang Institution,” Feng Tianlan said, looking down their interlocked hands.