The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness
Chapter 1113 - There Was News Of Crown Prince Jin

Chapter 1113: There Was News Of Crown Prince Jin
“Eh?” Si Mobai raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled lightly, “Are you trying to alleviate your husband’s worries?”
“Of course not.” Feng Tianlan raised her eyes and glared at him. “It is more convenient to wear men’s clothing. Furthermore, I don’t think Tianfeng Nation is that simple. Since Feng Yunsheng is the Lady Phoenix of Tianfeng Nation, and we are so alike, if I am mistaken for her, or if anyone knows that I am Shen Qingdai, I will face endless troubles. But if they are out there in the open, and I am hidden in the dark, things will be easier for me.
“Moreover, the competition with Weng Yue today has thrown me into the limelight. It will be too eye-catching and it will not be easy to act. It will be a lot more convenient if I wear men’s clothing and change my appearance into that of a man’s.”
Listening to her explanation, Si Mobai laughed gently as he helped to tuck her loose hair behind her ears. “I will support whatever decision Lan’er makes.”
“Unfortunately, there is still no news about Xi Jin, Yunzhu, or Zhang Tiancheng…” Feng Tianlan sighed. Although they were in the Xuantian Continent, it was not easy to find them in this vast place.
This was because the Xuantian Continent was big with Dongshu Nation and Xiyuan Nation as the neighboring nations. Further north was Shifang City, headed by a gang of ruthless and wicked people. Towards the south…
She was very worried about their safety, but at this point, there was nothing she could do except look for them.
“Don’t worry too much. Everyone has their own life and their own path. With the exception of a married couple, no one can walk together forever,” Si Mobai said gently. He knew that she valued friendship and righteousness. She felt terrible that she could not find them.
Feng Tianlan acknowledged with a light ‘humph’ and raised her head to look up at the crescent moon in the dark sky. As long as she did not find them, she would keep looking for them without giving up!
In the boundless dark night, the blurry moonlight shrouded the earth. A black shadow quickly flashed past and landed in the dark corner of Si Feng Pavilion. If one did not look carefully, one might not be able to tell that a black shadow is a man because the darkness makes him blend into the night.
He looked at the tightly closed door of the master bedroom with deep affection. His most beloved woman sleeping inside but he could not get close. His love rival was in that room too, but he did not hate him. He only hoped that the two of them could live happily and grow old together. He could not bear to see her sad.
Xi Jin placed a letter on the side. Dai’er, hopefully, we will have a chance to meet again and that I can change the so-called fate of heaven imposed upon you so that you can live your life happily and peacefully.
Si Mobai, who was sleeping with Feng Tianlan in his arms, suddenly opened his eyes. He released his spiritual power, probing every corner of Si Feng Pavilion, but he couldn’t detect anything. He could not help but frown. He clearly felt a strange force fluctuation, but yet he did not detect anything. Could he be thinking too much?
Sensing Si Mobai’s spiritual force detection, Xi Jin frowned. As he thought about his own spiritual force, he turned around and left without hesitation, not wanting to cause any more force fluctuations.
Si Mobai did not feel assured so he probed again, but the result was the same, and this made him frown once more. He did not sleep anymore, holding Feng Tianlan close to himself, guarding her.
The next day, as soon as Feng Tianlan woke up, Si Mobai handed her clothes and Azurite hurried in.
“Miss, there is news of Crown Prince Jin.”
Upon hearing this, Feng Tianlan’s spirits lifted up. “Where is he?”
“This is a letter left behind by Crown Prince Jin.” Azurite handed her a letter.
Feng Tianlan did not even care about getting dressed. She took the letter, opened it, and took a quick look. Immediately, the joy on her face disappeared.